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"Follow your bliss and be what you want to be. Don't climb the ladder of success only to find it's leaning against the wrong wall."
~ Bernie Siegal

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by Karen M. Winkelman Wednesday, April 8, 2015
If not, then April’s 4 vibration is telling you that it is time to get your ducks all lined up and organized! Quite a different energy than March’s desire for play, joy, socializing and self-expression, April is saying ‘break’s over, time for work.’ Not just any work or work for work’s sake, but PURPOSFUL work. April’s energy prompts you (and can also prod you) to work on building a more sustainable way of being and...
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April says it’s time to get back to work, focus and pay attention to details. Yes, we are switching gears from the lighter playful atmosphere of the 3 vibration in March to the seemingly heavier vibration of the 4 for April. In numerology, April is a 4 vibration. The 4 vibration resonates with the characteristics of Stability, Focus, Process, Security, Detail, Organization, Concentration, Precision, Practical, Responsible and Dedicated Effort. The 4 is one of the...
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by Karen M. Winkelman Friday, March 15, 2013
The theme for the past month or so seems to be Slow Down. While life may be hectic, and situations may be making you feel totally overwhelmed and confused, and you may be stressing out on how are you ever going to get it all done…      the Universe is saying slow down, this isn’t a race. I’m not saying to abdicate your responsibilities and plop on the couch and eat chips and watch TV.  Instead,...
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by Karen M. Winkelman Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Clients and others I meet keep asking me about grounding and protecting their energy: what does it mean, how do I do it, when do I do it, why do I do it, and is it something they should consider doing too. So here is the first in what may turn out to be a series of posts on grounding. 1) What does grounding mean? Grounding is a simple way to connect your energy to...
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