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"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence."
~ Anonymous

Karen M. Winkelman

Mystic, Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, Speaker and Writer

Karen skillfully blends intuition, wisdom and metaphysical and spiritual teachings with practical guidance, compassion and humor to empower healers, holistic practitioners, creatives and heart-centered professionals to get unstuck, take back their power, own their gifts, and craft the life their heart desires.

She specializes in helping people get out of their own way, discover or rediscover their path, reawaken their dreams and live their life on purpose. She gives people permission to be their true self… and to learn to fully love and accept themself… exactly how they are… right here, right now.

One of Karen’s favorite quotes comes from the author, Richard Bach: “Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself.” This is something she strives to embody in her own life and encourages others to do the same.

Knowing firsthand what is like to let other people decide what’s best for you, Karen’s mission is to help more people follow their heart, believe in themselves, reclaim their power, and make their dream a reality… and in the process become a better and more fulfilled version of who they truly are.

Karen grew up feeling different. Her psychic ability flared up when she was a child. She learned that what she did was somehow wrong and spent many years trying to be normal. Her acting ability came in handy here. She could pretend to be someone else if it meant she might be loved and accepted by others.

She learned to hide her gifts – or even deny them for a while – and only share them with a couple of people she felt she could trust. Thankfully she decided to embrace her uniqueness and her gifts. To continue to do otherwise was simply crazy-making.

Karen believes that everyone is intuitive and that we all have a special gift to offer the world. She encourages people to connect with and learn to trust their IGS (Inner Guidance System). A corporate renegade, she waved goodbye to that lifestyle (for the second time) in 2008 and started her own company: The Life Crafting Guide. This time, there is no going back.

Now her passion is helping other intuitives, healers, holistic practitioners, creatives, and heart-centered women uncover and embrace their uniqueness and learn to love and accept themselves. She knows what it feels like to lose yourself in a relationship and career, just like many other caring, sensitive people do, because they try to do so much for others and neglect themselves in the process.

People-pleasing that began as a coping mechanism may become a way of life when you do it long enough. That’s one of the reasons that Karen is intent on empowering people to accept responsibility for themselves and let go of all the “shoulds” that get in the way of them fully enjoying life.


A wise, passionate and expressive teacher and speaker, Karen is a lifelong spiritual seeker and student of metaphysics. She has helped hundreds of people in the US and internationally. She blends her deep and diverse training with her sense of humor and practical approach to spirituality into everything she does – whether it is at home, in a classroom, auditorium or private consultation.

Karen is a Numerologist and Past Life Therapist, and a Wisdom guide experienced and certified in many different metaphysical and spiritual areas including past life regression, spiritual hypnosis, Tarot/Oracle cards, energy reading/healing, Reiki, astrology, mediumship, animal communication and spiritual counseling. She has studied and trained with some of the best in the business: Dick Suthphen, Sunny Dawn Johnston, Sonia Choquete, Tara Sutphen, Linda Goodman, Mary K. Greer, Ruth Montgomery, Jess Stern, Elyse Hope Killoran, Dan Millman, Lynn Andrews, Gerrie Tulley, Carol Gurney, Baeth Davis, Pamelah Landers, Edgar Cayce materials and several teachers at A.R.E., and many other masters of their craft.

Her spiritual tool box and ability to connect with her own angels and guides, as well as the angels, guides, and higher-self of the people she works with, allow her to assist others on their spiritual journey. She is indeed a Pathfinder and Life Crafting Guide, because she’s walked this path herself and she knows what to expect along the way.


Aside from her deep dive into metaphysics and spirituality at a very young age, Karen’s rich history also includes: acting, directing, singing, dancing, writing, artistic expression, working with animals, teaching junior high school math and science classes, teaching grade school arts in education programs, stints in the high-tech corporate world, and gardening. Living in Phoenix, AZ, she really misses being able to grow her own organic fruits and vegetables like she did in California and New York. Except for the pink grapefruit tree that flourishes in her back yard, she hasn’t yet managed to grow an edible garden in Phoenix. Perhaps the dry heat bakes them before they have a chance to grow!

In addition to the obvious skills she picked up during her extensive background in corporate marketing, public relations and advertising, Karen became skilled in mentoring people.

Along with intuitively working with you, she presents realistic steps for people to take to get them closer to achieving their goals... whether that goal is to write a book, stop self-sabotage, let go of past life trauma or heal karma, get clear on what they want, improve relationships, unleash their creativity, build a business or just plain old ‘get unstuck’ from whatever is keeping them from doing what their heart long s to do.

Karen loves music and is an avid reader. Her taste in music, films and books is eclectic, to say the least. She loves science fiction and fantasy. She also loves science, space exploration, and learning more about quantum physics and how things work. And of course she continues to explore many topics in the spiritual and metaphysical realm. Her reading pile currently has a couple of inspirational books, esoteric teachings, holistic health books, the latest novel in one of her favorite series (the Dresden Files), and a book by Gregg Braden. Music ranges from classic rock to classical, ragas to reggae, sitar to Spanish guitar, Gregorian chants to Indian Chants, Native American drums and flutes, show tunes, folk music, ultra-lounge, and the list goes on.

When not exploring new ideas, sharing resources, working with people, reading or writing, dancing around the house or singing in her car, Karen can be found at home with her husband, Steve, and usually surrounded by her eight cats (Seuss, Dexter, Smokey, Spike, Willow, Clara and the warrior princesses Xena and Valeria)… some of whom participate in the healing work when permitted!

Karen is available for private consultations, classes/workshops and speaking engagements.

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