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by Karen M. Winkelman Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ducks flying; Are all your ducks lined up?If not, then April’s 4 vibration is telling you that it is time to get your ducks all lined up and organized!

Quite a different energy than March’s desire for play, joy, socializing and self-expression, April is saying ‘break’s over, time for work.’

Not just any work or work for work’s sake, but PURPOSFUL work.

April’s energy prompts you (and can also prod you) to work on building a more sustainable way of being and working.

The 4 wants a stable and sustainable life and feels pulled to plan and prepare for the future. Allow spirit and intuition to guide you in this.

Although logic and intellect are truly helpful, they can only show you what you’ve already learned from your experiences.

Intuition brings in possibilities from a higher perspective.

2015’s 8 vibration can help with the strategy and problem-solving aspects, so the 4 vibration can get busy on laying the foundation, making plans and plowing ahead.

With Aries in play for the first few weeks of April, the fire sign might be lighting a fire under your butt to make things happen NOW.

Don’t get carried away.

Dashing full speed ahead is not what’s called for.

Instant gratification is not creating sustainability.

Make your plan and work your plan is more the message of April.

The 4 says it’s time to focus and pay attention to the details. Don’t skip steps or gloss over stuff. The 4 wants things running like a well-oiled machine.Woman at white board making a list: Instead of creating a mile long to do list be practical & realistic

And while you’re doing all that, remember…

Done is better than perfect… so don’t over work yourself this month.

And be sure to schedule in some R&R!

You have some great energy this month for dealing with the 8 energy of 2015. That’s because the 4 and 8 are BFFs. They support each other and cheer each other on to success.

And they can also feed into each other’s shadow and cause a feedback loop of trying to control and make things happen, perfectionism, and being very critical.

The 8 vibration is about money, power, recognition, material mastery, abundance. One area that shows up this year is your relationship with money and the material world.

The Lesson of the 4 Vibration

The 4 vibration is the money manager, building a solid foundation for life and work or career.

Use April’s energy to get in touch with your financial situation.

April advises you to manage your affairs.

Get organized.

Become a better steward of your money.

Build a more stable foundation for your life.

But instead of creating a mile long to do list, be practical and realistic!  


The light side of the 4 vibrationThe 4 vibration is teaching us about

Stability, Focus, Process, Security, Detail, Organization, Concentration, Precision, Practicality and Dedicated Effort.

So whatever is going on in your life, April lends you the staying power face it and deal with it.



The downside? The shdow side of the 4 vibration

Well... overworking, being impatient and hyper-critical is how the shadow of the 4 shows up.

And you may be unrealistic in what you think you can accomplish….

After all, you are still in a human existence!

Make time to enjoy your life.

Next month will inspire a more playful mood.

Meanwhile, focus on what needs to get done, and take time-outs to chill.


If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch my April numerology and energy update video to get even more information.


Other Opportunities

Full moon and lunar eclipse on the 4th -- a great time to release what no longer supports your highest good.

And the energy of the new moon on the 18th can help you with what you wish to create, change, or begin.

April 20th we move in to Taurus, an earth sign, so the 4’s element of safety and security and having a comfortable home, and savings account will be front and center.

Earth Day is on the 22nd The Angels tell me that it is really, really, really important for you to reconnect with nature and feel grounded.

When you are grounded and connected to the earth it helps you with your spiritual connection.

It allows the energy cycle to complete: Heaven and Earth / the Spiritual and the Material working together.


Some questions to ask or journal about:

Where do you need to focus your energy and efforts now?

What details do you need to pay attention to?

How can you get better organized?

Where does your financial security fit into your plans?

What steps are you taking regarding your finances?

Where do you feel driven to succeed?

Where are you working too hard?

Where are you being hard on yourself or others?

What are you trying to control?

Where are you feeling out of control?

Are you being self-reliant?

Where do you feel secure?

Where is your security being threatened?

What is currently stable in your life?

Where do you wish you had more stability?

How is perfectionism showing up and getting in your way?

What foundations do you need to strengthen or build in your own life and work?

Where do you need to work harder and apply yourself to get results that you want?

Who are you trying to fix or help?

What injustices are bothering you?

Where are you being logical and overriding your intuition?

Where are you being argumentative?

Where are you being hard on yourself or others?

Are you be stubborn about something? If so, what and why?

Where are you repressing yourself?

What do you do to ground yourself each day?

How can you stand in your power without over-stepping your bounds?

Where do you need to be more practical?

Where do you need to be more patient?

Where do you need to stand firm?

What can you do to balance hard work and focus with fun and enjoyment?


Bottom Line

Pay attention to your finances.

Focus on building a more stable life for yourself. 

Get organized at home and at work.

Spend some time planning what you want to achieve and create. Then break it down to bite size chunks so you don’t burn yourself out.Girl working: Stop be a tought taskmaster

Drop the idea of perfection. Strive for excellence instead and compromise with “good enough.” Yes, done is better than perfect.

Stop being the tough taskmaster – come from a place of love and other possibilities show up that you didn’t know existed.

Be practical and focused without being inflexible.

Make time for R&R!

Celebrate Earth Day by reconnecting with the delightful energy of the Earth. Spend some time in nature. Ground yourself… daily!

May your holidays be blessed and peaceful. May your work flow with joy and ease and grace.

Love & Blessings,


My April 2015 video has some more insights on the month and the 4 vibration.

And if you'd like more insights on 2015 you might want to watch my 2015 video update too.

PS. I'd love to hear your experiences on dealing with the energy of April... You can share in the comments area below!

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Posted by Karen M. Winkelman on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 12:10 PM
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