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"Your value is in who you are, not what you do. "
~ Christine Kloser


For your viewing pleasure: On this page you’ll find a collection of videos that might interest you and will also give you more of a feeling for what I am like – as a person, a teacher, a speaker, a guide.

Some of the videos were part of my monthly numerology/energy updates, providing you with insights on what the “theme” of the month will be from an energy perspective. As well as provide some tips to help you move through the month with more ease. Although most of these are from previous months, there is always a nugget of wisdom that applies to you right now, if you choose to watch the video.

Other video clips from speaking events and classes will be added as they become available.


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February 2017 Update: Relationships and Inner Balance

Relationships are the focus of this month, especially the relationship you have with yourself. Find the balance in your relationships. Find your own inner balance.

February is a 2 vibration. The number 2 is about Partnerships, Relationships, Balance, Peace, Cooperation, Collaboration, Teamwork, Duality, Polarity, Patience, Diplomacy and Compromise.

Since we are in a 1 vibration this year, maintaining your identity in your relationships is important. The 1 and 2 are not always on the same page. The 1 wants it their way, the 2 wants peace and harmony (can’t we all just get along?!). The compromise here is learning how to maintain your unique individuality while still being in relationships. Stop losing yourself in relationships or giving up bits of you to be in a relationship.

The 1 vibration this year is also teaching you to show up for yourself and be more supportive of you… and to take back your power from all relationships and situations. The 1 is urging you to create a life you want and be more of you, bring more of you to all that you do. That includes showing up fully as you in relationship and not allowing others to dim your light!

Finding and creating a sense of inner peace and inner balance is critical to develop now. The world is swirling in duality and polarity and all kinds of crazy drama going on. By maintaining your inner balance you can avoid being sucked into the drama around you. Create a practice to develop your relationship with Spirit/Source. Perhaps meditate or spend time in nature. Do something to create a better relationship with yourself too. What can you do to show yourself some love and support? What relationships are diminishing you and what changes do you need to make?

May you find your inner balance and begin creating a better relationship with yourself!

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