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"Most successful people enjoy their work. The real issue is not what's "hot" but what you like to do. "
~ Jeffrey Allen
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Guiding Healers, Holistic Practitioners, Creatives and Heart-Centered Women to get clear, take back their power and craft the life that their heart desires.

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Life Crafting is about Consciously Creating the life You want to Live, Honoring Yourself (and your talents and your gifts), Standing in your Truth, and Reclaiming your Power.

Life Crafting is also about transforming your deepest wounds into your greatest strengths and gifts. When we heal those parts of ourselves that we often hide, sometimes in shame, we help others heal as well.

My mission is to encourage and inspire more people to believe in themselves, love and accept themselves, cease playing victim and take back their power, follow their heart, and dare to make their dream a reality.

My passion is helping heart-centered professionals, healers, holistic practitioners, and creatives of all flavors (writers, artists, performers, speakers, etc.) discover and embrace their uniqueness, get out of their own way and let their Spirit Soar.

The world needs you and your gifts!

If you’re ready to claim, take back and stand in your power, reconnect to your dreams and desires, see the possibilities that exist all around you, gain a new perspective on life, or craft a strategy and plan to create what you desire and spirit calls you to do…

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Karen's Latest Posts
OK, so I meant to post this blog Celebrating Moms of all kinds closer to Mother's Day. Then. Life. Happened. You've all been there no doubt.  Best laid plans and good intentions nonetheless...   when Life Happens, depending on the intensity of the shit that's going down, other stuff falls by the wayside. Much of May was like that for me. In my next post (Goodbye to a beloved friend), I talk about one of the major Life Happenings...
May’s energy is asking you to make some needed changes in your life… Trust your guidance on what changes you need to make now. Perhaps your thoughts, beliefs and habits need a change. Perhaps your job, relationships or living arrangements could do with a few tweaks. Perhaps a fresh approach in how you view a situation, event or problem that has been bugging you will reveal an opportunity or solution you didn’t know existed. A...
The subject of value and self-worth has been an ongoing theme for many of us here on this beautiful blue planet. I see it in show up in my beautiful clients, in my classes, in groups I belong to, in my family, in me, with my friends and with people I don’t even know. Value. What is it? Why are so many of us resisting our true value and deciding, instead, that we are somehow less...
This is a wakeup call for all you helpers, healers, rescuers, people-pleasers and over-givers. Yes, you care, you have a huge heart and it pains you to see people you love (and possibly total strangers as well) struggle and sink into their personal pit of despair. You are also quite possibly an empath, so you feel everyone else’s shit acutely. As if it were your own at times. It makes you feel so uncomfortable... that......
If not, then April’s 4 vibration is telling you that it is time to get your ducks all lined up and organized! Quite a different energy than March’s desire for play, joy, socializing and self-expression, April is saying ‘break’s over, time for work.’ Not just any work or work for work’s sake, but PURPOSFUL work. April’s energy prompts you (and can also prod you) to work on building a more sustainable way of being and...
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