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"You are not a realist until you believe in miracles!"
~ Anonymous
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Guiding Healers, Holistic Practitioners, Creatives and Heart-Centered Women to get clear, take back their power and craft the life that their heart desires.

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Life Crafting is about Consciously Creating the life You want to Live, Honoring Yourself (and your talents and your gifts), Standing in your Truth, and Reclaiming your Power.

Life Crafting is also about transforming your deepest wounds into your greatest strengths and gifts. When we heal those parts of ourselves that we often hide, sometimes in shame, we help others heal as well.

My mission is to encourage and inspire more people to believe in themselves, love and accept themselves, cease playing victim and take back their power, follow their heart, and dare to make their dream a reality.

My passion is helping heart-centered professionals, healers, holistic practitioners, and creatives of all flavors (writers, artists, performers, speakers, etc.) discover and embrace their uniqueness, get out of their own way and let their Spirit Soar.

The world needs you and your gifts!

If you’re ready to claim, take back and stand in your power, reconnect to your dreams and desires, see the possibilities that exist all around you, gain a new perspective on life, or craft a strategy and plan to create what you desire and spirit calls you to do…

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Karen's Latest Posts
It’s February and it’s time for your “Relationships Checkup”… That means the Universe is providing you with opportunities to Re-visit and Re-examine and Re-evaluate ALL Relationships this month! Traditionally when you think of relationships you think of you in relation to other people, often family members. However, your relationships cover more than friends, family, coworkers and other people. You have a connection with pretty much everything in your life.   Examine your relationship with yourself......
Ready or not, here comes the Year of the 9 Vibration! According to Numerology we move through the spiral of life in 9-year cycles, on a “universal” level (for our planet, not the entire universe) and on a personal level (based on our birthdate). We’ve just entered the home stretch for the current 9-year universal cycle. We begin a new cycle in 2017.   I call the 9 vibration The Great Liberator.   The 9,...
Place your arms around you and give yourself a big hug. You did it. You made it through this year of ups and downs and inside-outs. You deserve a huge hug. Seriously.   Now imagine that you are receiving a great big hug from me too.   This was an intense year for just about everyone. At least everyone that I connected with this year had some weird shit and intense situations pop up and...
The energy of December resonates with self-expression and joy. This month practice connecting to your joy  (or a feeling close to joy) and letting joy be your guide. If you are faced with making a decision on something, choose the one that feel more joyful or “lighter.”    According to numerology December is a 3 vibration month. The 3 vibration is about: Self-Expression, Sensitivity, Enjoyment, Joy, Nurturing, Social Activity, Fun, Pleasure, Enthusiasm and Passion. The...
                              Winter Solstice Blessings to my friends in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer Solstice Blessings to my friends in the Southern Hemisphere! May your inner light guide you true no matter what the circumstances are. Sending you my love, blessings and gratitude,
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