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"Never, Never, Never Quit!"
~ Winston Churchill
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Guiding Healers, Holistic Practitioners, Creatives and Heart-Centered Women to get clear, take back their power and craft the life that their heart desires

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Life Crafting is about Consciously Creating the life You want to Live, Honoring Yourself (and your talents and your gifts), Standing in your Truth, and Reclaiming your Power.

Life Crafting is also about transforming your deepest wounds into your greatest strengths and gifts. When we heal those parts of ourselves that we often hide, sometimes in shame, we help others heal as well.

My mission is to encourage and inspire more people to believe in themselves, love and accept themselves, cease playing victim and take back their power, follow their heart, and dare to make their dream a reality.

My passion is helping heart-centered professionals, healers, holistic practitioners, and creatives of all flavors (writers, artists, performers, speakers, etc.) discover and embrace their uniqueness, get out of their own way and let their Spirit Soar.

The world needs you and your gifts!

If you’re ready to claim, take back and stand in your power, reconnect to your dreams and desires, see the possibilities that exist all around you, gain a new perspective on life, or craft a strategy and plan to create what you desire and spirit calls you to do…

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Karen's Latest Posts
What’S Triggering You? Read More
People are getting triggered. Sometimes by the simplest thing. Sometimes in surprising ways; ways that are seemingly out of character. Over-reacting, getting hot and bothered, feeling unseen, unheard, ignored, or dismissed. Angry, pissed off, hurt, resentful or frustrated. Let down. Powerless.   Clients, friends, family, and colleagues seem to be experiencing an uptick in relationship difficulties, worries and concerns... communications have been going a bit sideways, or the streams are crossing, causing misunderstandings and sparks flying. Yeah, I...
Are Your Relationships Throwing You Off Balance? Read More
Yeah... figured. It just may be the influence of the 2 vibration of February stirring the pot. It seems like everyone I speak to is having relationship stuff poking, simmering, or exploding. Plus there have been soooo many communication glitches. Some may have been courtesy of the Mercury retrograde we were already immersed in when February started. At my house we’re seeing it with communications going sideways. My husband and I normally understand each other...
The Power Of A Word Read More
A Suggestion for Creating Your Year Ok, so how many of you came up with a list of New Year’s Resolutions? How many of you created your goal or business plan and perhaps labored over creating S.M.A.R.T. goals if you are ensconced in a corporate environment? How do they feel? (Yes, this is insanely important and yet often overlooked. Stop right now and feel into your goals, your plans your resolutions. Yes, do it. For...
Time Traveling For Fun And Enlightenment Read More
I love exploring past lives... mine as well as my clients Past life "therapy" has been one of the quickest ways I've found to shift something that has kept me stuck on spin. That's one of the reasons that I choose to study past life regression and become certified as a master hypnotist specializing in past life regression and spiritual hypnosis. And I can aslo "see" past lives of others... sometimes quite literally! For instance,...
Fueling New Beginnings And Possibilities Read More
Happy New Year… and happy new cycle! January is a 1 vibration and starts a new cycle into a 8 vibration year. For 2015 we move from the 7 vibration of logic and intuition, spiritual growth and deeper understanding to the 8 vibration of abundance, power, money... January fuels this new cycle with the powerful energy of the 1 vibration. The number 1 is about Individuality, New Beginnings Leadership, Creativity, Ideas, Inventions, Organization, Independence, Self-focused,...
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