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"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."
~ Oscar Wilde

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young girl with the words Nurture your relationship with your inner child, March's 3 VibrationMarch whispers… come out and play… Yes, it’s time to reconnect with that beautiful, sparkly kid within you.

We’re in the 2 energy of relationships all year long.

Last month, February (also a 2 vibration) was suggesting (strongly) that you start cultivating a better relationship with yourself.

Become your own best friend.

Be kind and patient with yourself.

Now we slide into March and the delightful 3 vibration.  Ahh, that number 3 energy beckons to the child within us all.  

The number 3 is associated with Self-Expression, Self-Nurturing, Artistic Creation, Joy, Light-heartedness, Fun, Humor, Enthusiasm, Having a good time, Pleasure and Passion, Pampering, Communicating, Socializing, Sensuality and being in your Body.

Being in your body is so important.

Not just this month, but every month, every day!

Yes, really being present in your body, experiencing pleasure, receiving messages from your gut and heart, being grounded, igniting your connection to your creative expression…

and your inner child.


Yet you might want to escape being in your body because of judgments you have or feeling uncomfortable with how you feel.

I get it. Sometimes it is really hard to be in your body.

Emotional pain, physical discomfort, traumatic memories, incessant comparison… they all take a heavy toll on your capacity to thrive and fully express yourself.

And yet…

Your Inner Child is your portal to your creative essence and to the potentials and possibilities that await you.

These things do not come from your beautiful head.


The innocence and wonder of the inner child is a wide open connection to your Source and your authentic self-expression.

Uninhibited and unedited.


The domain of your inner child is the gut area of your body.

The seat of a powerful source of intuition: instincts and gut feelings.

And you miss out on its bountiful contribution to your life if you aren’t present in your body.

The Inner Child I am referring to here is the pristine inner child of your soul template. You could imagine it as an archetype if that helps, or a younger version of you who is still filled with wide-eyed enthusiasm and for the world and its mysteries.

True, your inner child might lash out in dysfunctional ways, or make decisions for you when you do things on auto pilot. Especially if you’ve shut down your relationship with this inner kid.

Really, what kid wants to be ignored or made to sit quietly?

The wounded child does exists. That part of you could definitely use some nurturing, reassurance, love, and acceptance.

When you nurture your relationship with your inner child, you begin seeing with new eyes again.

You can let go of having to be right, or fearful of failing or judgment, and instead, be open to exploration and playing with different ideas.

Your Inner Child also remembers what you wanted to do before a boatload of crap got shoveled onto your sensitive psyche!

Your child within can help you reconnect to more authentic parts of yourself. Things you might have forgotten or thought you lost along the path of growing up.

Nope, they are still in there, waiting for you.

So I invite you to experiment with ways you can reconnect with and nurture your inner child. Double dare ya!

Then, please share your favorite things to do that inspire your inner kid in the comments below!

Have fun!

Wanna play with another cool tool?

Play the “Wonder Game”

This is one of my favorite ways to engage my Inner Kid and also open myself up to the possibilities that exist.. and I am totally unaware of.

It is so easy to do. In fact, I often start my morning this way to lift my energy up.

Especially if I feel in the crapper that day…

I can either Wallow or Wonder.

Some days I do feel like wallowing (yep, human)...

Most other days I decide to Wonder instead.

Even when I feel like shit and dig my heels in and don't wanna do it. Once I drag that first "wonder statement out of me... well more and more start tumbling out till my energy shifts and a smile darts across my face.


The point is to just send these wonderings out to the Universe. And then be open to noticing the Divine Breadcrumbs that show up.

Your Inner Kid is excellent at noticing and following these hunches and glimmers. So pay attention ;)

Start with “I wonder what…”

  • I wonder what happens today that totally delights me. (And something always does when I wonder this!)

  • I wonder what I do differently that opens up great new opportunities for me.

  • I wonder what my soul would like to express through me today.

  • I wonder what I create today.

  • I wonder what my creative spirit might like to play with today.

  • I wonder when this fabulous new job shows up.

  • I wonder who I meet today.

  • I wonder what I do to enjoy my work more.

  • I wonder what happens that I get to have more fun today (or in my life).

  • I wonder what happens that allows me to receive more joy (or good, or love or money) in my life.

You get the idea.

Play the wonder game this month (and might I suggest every month thereafter?) and see what starts showing up for you. 

Invite your Inner Child to play with you and poke you when they notice something that you’re not seeing because you’re not expecting miracles.


Oh, another cool game similar to the I Wonder game is the “What If” game.

It helps me when I get stuck in a rut or belief about something.

“What if the opposite is true?”

"What if things are actually working out for me, even if I don’t see it yet?”

“What if the miracle I seek is right around the corner?” 

“What if there is an easier way? I wonder what that might be.”

(Hehehe, I just combined the two games!)


Another theme of the 3 vibration is communication and self-expression.

If you want to write or communicate in some way, this is a good month to dive in.


Mercury Retrograde Alert

Since we will be living with planet Mercury playing with us in March, might I suggest that whatever you want to create, communicate or express is something you had thought about doing before now.

This is because Mercury Retrograde periods frown on starting new things.

Mercury is the planet of communication. It is named after the Roman God who was the winged messenger. In addition to messages and communication, Mercury was also considered to be the patron god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence, travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves.

Hmmm, not sure about the last two.

So when the planet Mercury goes retrograde, it seems like it is going backwards to us on Earth.

Things slow down, communications and technology glitch, plans get messed with, delays happen, and confusion pops up.

It is a great time to revisit things and rest.

Take it slower than usual.

Cultivate patience.

Double check stuff and take care with your communications of all kinds.

Mercury will be in Retrograde from March 22 to April 14. Yep, right through tax time, so take some extra care there as well.

Now although the full effect kicks in around the 21st of March, you will be under the influence of the Shadow of the Retrograde beginning on the 8th.

The shadow effects are in place for a couple of weeks before and after the actual Mercury Retrograde period. So you might want to make note of this in your calendars!

  • Mercury Pre-Retrograde Shadow: March 8 to 21; slowdown begins

  • Mercury Retrograde: March 22 to April 14; exercise caution in communications, with your electronics gear, and with any large purchases or legal dealings

  • Mercury Post-Retrograde Shadow: April 15 - 30

If you want the full calendar of Mercury Retrogrades and Shadows and the dos and don’ts, check out my friend and astrologer Debra Anne Clement’s take on the whole shebang here.


OK, now back to the essence of March:

Lighten up. Be silly. Go play.

Connect with and nurture your sparkly, brilliant, wise and playful Inner Kid.

Be creative.

Sing, dance write, draw, express yourself any way you can.

Do thing that you enjoy.

Take time to hang out with people that make you feel good.

“I Wonder” and “What If” your way through your day.

Do things that are fun.

Laugh, giggle, imagine, become inspired and feel alive.


From my inner kid to yours,

Lots of love with awesome sauce and fairy sprinkles.



Thanks in advance for liking and sharing my posts if you feel guided to!

PS. I'd love to hear your thoughts... you can share in the comments area below!


PPS. Note: Parts of this blog post appeared on my monthly numerology post on Sunny Dawn Johnston's website.


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