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"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."
~ Oscar Wilde

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by Karen Winkelman Friday, July 13, 2018

Picture of space; dealing with eclipses, retrogrades and wonky energy, with the Divine Feminine and TricksterFor the next month we'll be operating under the influence of Eclipses, Retrogrades and Wonky Energy…

along with the Divine Feminine and Trickster tossed in for good measure.

Just in case you were afraid that it might get a bit boring!

Normally I don’t write about astrological influences, well…

because I’m a Numerologist not an Astrologer (said in my best impersonation of Star Trek’s Dr. “Bones” McCoy). 

It’s not for lack of trying though.

I’ve studied astrology for years and have a ton of books on the topic. Alas, while Numbers stick with me, astrology details fall out of my brain while I sleep.

So I must consult my books or an astrologer on all things planets related. Except where Mercury retrogrades are concerned. For some reason I get it and it stays with me!

OK, I digress.

I wanted to share with you about the crazy ass, wonky energy blasting us right now.

If you are like me and some of my introverted-empathic friends, you pretty much want to hole up in a cave somewhere away from others!

Wanna know why?

Well we’ve been in a retrograde stew for months… multiple planets/asteroids. Retrogrades often impose a slowdown of some kind.

But that "wake me when it's over, retreat from the world" response isn't gonna work... even with the cosmic slowdown...


We are in eclipse season, with one that just happened with the new moon on July 12th and 2 more over the next 4 weeks. That's 3 eclipses in a 4-week period!

  1. New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer, Thursday, July 12, 8:47 PM Mountain Daylight Time

  2. Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse (Moon in Aquarius / Sun in Leo), Friday, July 27 2:20 PM Mountain Daylight Time

  3. Leo New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse, Saturday, August 11


Eclipses are interesting creatures.

While full and new moon influences hold power for about 2-3 days before and after they occur, eclipse energy might be niggling you for weeks or months after.

They are on a mission!

A solar eclipse, plus a new moon (like the one we’re experiencing now) opens the door to previously unseen possibilities and new opportunities.

You might want to check your chart to see what house this current solar/new moon eclipse in Cancer sits, to feel into the potential that is waiting for you to tap into.

While you're at it, you might want to think back to July of 2010, since it is my understanding that we had the same type of eclipse at that time. So maybe something unresolved back then will show up for you to deal with now or deal with differently this time around.


Here’s my distilled take on the Wonky Energy Emanating from the Cosmic Realm:

Over the next 4 weeks (and probably all this year!) you will be working on and with your oldest dysfunctional or outdated patterns, programs, conditioning, beliefs, relationships and your self-imposed limitations.

Holy shit balls!


This is brought about by a combo of cosmic influences (eclipses, retrogrades, astrological aspects, etc.) plus the numerology for 2018 and the 9-year cycle we are in guiding us toward self-mastery and beyond… to self-sovereignty.

2018 is a 2 vibration with the Master Number 11 (visionary teacher) riding shotgun.

The Number 2 deals with relationships, polarity, perspectives/points of view, balance, peace and collaboration.

Most of your dysfunctional behavior will show up in your relationships with others (personal and professional) as well as your relationship with yourself.

If you’ve not dealt with your mommy or daddy issues (or any family of origin issues) they are coming front and center for you to address.

They may be disguised as a crazy co-worker or a bullying boss, a co-dependent client or a narcissistic boyfriend, or a myriad of other personality types.

Look beyond the surface to the dynamics of the relationship.

What does it feel like?

What is familiar about it?

Who does it remind you of from your youth?

What trauma or drama have you not dealt with yet?

Well, Sunshine, it is time!

The Universe is saying drop the baggage, let it go!

Feel the emotion. Get the message. Allow yourself to heal and move on.

It’s time to cut your anchors to the past.

Keep the memories if you like.

Embody the learning.

Transmute the crappy experience into wisdom and move on.

The past repeats until we get the lesson.


This summer and this year is truly about transformation on a deep scale.

(for tips on moving through some of this check out my blog on Who is the Matter with You)


From my own experience, it is way more compassionate to go in, process the pain and then let it it go… on your own time, in your own way.

Otherwise, a higher power (or higher version of your beautiful soul) steps in and narrows your choice down to the simple and often messy place of

let go or be dragged!

Being dragged sucks big time.

Been there, got dragged through it, have the scars to prove it!


Sitting in the Void

Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Learn to be OK with not knowing.


We are being immersed in the Divine Feminine.

She can play nice… or not. Your choice!

The Feminine aspects of you want you to go within. Her realm is the Void. Creation comes from this place.

She whispers "It is time to reclaim your personal power."

Feminine Power is so very different from Masculine Power.

Feminine requires being. Masculine requires doing.

You probably have "doing" down to a science and use being busy as an excuse to avoid simply "being."

Time to stop that.

Nope, it's not easy. We’ve been trained to act this way.

If you’re always doing, how can you connect to the inner world of you… your truth, your identity, your creativity?

If you are always keeping yourself busy, how will you process all the unacknowledged shit you’ve walled up for decades?

How will you liberate yourself and reclaim your power?


The journey now is within.


To reclaim your power you will have to let go of beliefs or habits that disempower you.

This year, the 2 vibration encourages you to look at and see things from different perspectives.

See things with "new eyes."

Insights arise there. And solutions too!


Back to the Retrograde Influence

We have 5 planetary objects in retrograde: Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron

Jupiter just went direct on July 10th, but is acting as if at a standstill until if starts moving forward again… from our perspective here on Earth.

The planets don’t actually reverse their orbits or stop moving. That would be chaos on a grand scale!


Mercury will retrograde on July 25th… but we’re already under the influence of it’s shadow.

If you want to know more about Mercury retrogrades in general, here’s a blog I wrote about it a while ago.

Uranus will be retrograde right after the total lunar eclipse on August 8.


According to Astrologer Patricia Liles, we are in ‘Trickster’ energy.

The trickster archetypes are many, but my favorites are Coyote, Loki, and Kokopelli (who is also a fertility deity... which I also find interesting - shake it up to create fertile ground!). You can look them up if you want a deeper understanding of the role of the trickster.

Tricksters are brilliant pattern disrupters.

They are intelligent, sneaky, playful and have access to secrets and deeper knowledge.

Their mix-it-up, mess-with-your-head energy can crack open your protective shell so light filters into the dark.

It disrupts the ordered, controlled and dysfunctional patterns in your life so you can begin to see the truth and folly in them.

They poke and prod you to see things from a different perspective.

And hopefully inspire you to make the required shifts and allow the transformation from your old or current self to a more self-empowered version of you.

Strip away the not you bits to reveal more of the true you.

“But it’s only from darkness, that we are able to SEE.

Paradoxically, it’s only in the space of nothingness that we can see things in a new ‘light’ – our inner light.

It’s only from nothing that new beginnings can emerge.” 

- Astrobutterfly


Bottom Line

Things are not as they appear.

Question things, including your beliefs.

Look inside. Look even deeper, tap into intuition. Ask for guidance.

Look at it from a different perspective.

Play with these questions:

  • “Is it true?”

  • “What if the opposite was true?”

  • “Where did I get this idea?”

Your unresolved past issues might be making a house call!

These may take the form of old relationship issues resurfacing so you can deal with and heal them…

“We may feel a pull to the past or the past resurfaces in the form of old issues or people from the past, or issues not truly resolved may arise again. 

With retrograde motion, planets appear to slow way down and the energy is compressed and strengthened, so we feel a pressure cooker intensity on the inside even if our daily lives are working well on many levels. 

Something is going on behind the scenes, below the surface.”

– Astrologer Patricia Liles

Ground yourself/

Focus on strengthening your inner self/your core identity, be flexible and unattached.

Learn to find your own balance in the Cosmic swirl.

Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and not knowing!


If you’d like to explore more… here are two astrology blogs you can check out that I found informative:

New Moon Update 7-12-18 (includes sections on both July eclipses)

Solar Eclipse In Cancer – Close Your Eyes The Eclipse Of Darkness (I thought this blog had an interesting take on the dark, the void and creating)


Wishing you a smooth sailing and clear paths on your journey within!

with love and appreciation for you,



Thanks in advance for liking and sharing my posts if you feel guided to!

PS. If you'd like some support moving through these stressful times, I'd love to work with you if we're a fit. You can contact me here

Posted by Karen Winkelman on Friday, July 13, 2018 5:37 PM
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