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by Karen Winkelman Sunday, December 31, 2017

Splash of water with the words 2018, Diving Deep into RelationshipsTeamwork and Cooperation and Collaboration, Oh My

Balance and Duality and Patience, O. M. G.

Yep, buckle your seatbelts. Remember to Breathe.

We’re going in deep this year.

Why you ask?

Because we jump from the 1 vibration of 2017 to the 2 vibration of 2018.

Not just any ole 2 either…

this one has the 11 “Visionary Teacher Master Number” riding shotgun, offering some colorful assistance and running its own programs in the background to liven things up!

I'll get to this in a minute. First, a quick recap of the exiting year, 2017...

Last year, the new beginning 1 vibration of 2017 also kicked off a new 9-year cycle (from 2017 to 2025).

The focus was primarily on you. Who are you, what do you want.

The ball was placed in motion for you to meet the different parts of you who weren’t really in alignment with your core being… your Soul, your Spirit, your Creative Essence.

It was time to start claiming you and shed all the “not you” bits.

It was time to choose you.

Be you.

Let your freak flag fly high.

No excuses or apologies for being you anymore.

Step one on the path of self-actualization, self-mastery and self-sovereignty.

We evolve in a spiral, rather than a straight path. In numerology, each cycle builds on the previous one.

On a larger scale, 2017 was about creating, innovating, fresh start, individuality, expansion, determination, organization, and planting seeds for a better 9-year cycle than the previous one (2008-2016).

Here’s the thing though, to create and build something new, you gotta tear down and destroy the old for the new creation to be stable and sustainable.

If you just bolt new things onto old things, the foundations give way and crumble. Eventually it all comes crashing down. There are only so many cut and pastes you can do before the whole thing turns from a thing of graceful beauty into a cumbersome mess.

There comes a time when you have to let it go

and start with a clean fresh canvas.

There were a lot of wonderful things that sprang up in 2017.

And there were a lot of Shadow Elements running rampant creating havoc and drama: posturing, didactic proclamations, bossiness, needs justifying the means, inflated egos, my way or the highway thinking, unfeeling, tactlessness, need to be right, dominating, bullying… plus being hypersensitive and depressed.

We saw all of this play out on the world stage and home front.

If you were paying more attention to your own shadow elements and working through them, you may have had less turmoil in your outer world than those who steadfastly refuse to look within.

Yes, it is all and always an inside job.

Inner world gets reflected by outer world.

Not saying any of this is easy, by no means! Just saying it is necessary.

And may require help when the going gets too rough to handle on your own.

So what has last year’s craziness have to do with this bright and shiny new year?



If you haven’t decided yet what you want… or came any closer to understanding who you are... this year will be helping you choose who you are and what you want through your relationships.

Yeah. (shudder)


If you have decided (even sorta decided) what you want and who you are (and who you are not or no longer willing to act like) 2018 will help you get clearer and refine these things… again, through your relationships.


If you are really clear on who you are and what you want, 2018 will be helping you develop a better relationship with yourself so you can walk your path with more ease and grace.

It might bring you wonderful opportunities to collaborate and build stronger support networks and communities.

It will help you maintain your boundaries with others, instead of falling into people pleasing and keeping the peace at all costs by compromising yourself.

2017 was a foundational year.

Now Comes the Plunge into 2018

Immersion into the 2 Vibration Infused with the Master Number 11


Traditionally, a 2 vibration year is a more laid back year than the 1 vibe year.

In a 2 year, you can usually expect to see and receive some of the results from the seeds you planted and doors that you opened in the previous year (in this case, 2017). Some things will naturally take longer to bear fruit, and even so, you can still see some results of your efforts.

However, we have moved out of the Traditional into the Transitional.

While you may indeed be reaping rewards and seeing results this year, it is not a chillax year by any means.

To really ace this year you must, must, must find a way to establish your own sense of balance and peace.  

My guides tell me we shifted trajectory (right on schedule) in 2012. We are still in the process of creating a new normal on planet Earth. This will take a while.  Quite a while.

The old ways aren’t working well, and some are cracking at the foundations. Sands are shifting, sometimes daily. Because this is a transitional time period. The old making way for the new. The old guard is not peacefully relinquishing control.

Even so, we are being asked to anchor more and more light into the world.

And one powerful way to do this is by developing a fantastic relationship with yourself... honor yourself, integrate your shadow and shine your light from a place of inner peace and balance.


Hell no! It isn’t easy.

It is necessary.

Self-love and self-appreciation and self-acceptance calm the angry beast and feed the light.

Self-deprecation, self-judgement, self-sacrifice and martyrdom feed the angry beast and the dark.

Fear of any kind feeds the anger and hostility… and the darkness.

Love is the antidote.

And love, real love, begins with you learning how to love yourself… and reconnecting to your true essence which is love. The more you are able to love yourself, the more love you are able to hold in your field and radiate out to others.

You begin to move into Love as a vibratory frequency.

Love as a state of being.

Instead of love as an emotion or love as a thought construct. And each itty bitty step you take in this direction produces results on a quantum scale.

A little goes a long way. So get out of your head about having to perfect this state of being love. Teeny tiny steps are fine and good. OK?!

One way to start is by being nicer to you.

Say kinder things to yourself.

Show yourself compassion instead of beating yourself up.

Do things that make you happy or feel good.

When you shift the relationship you have with yourself to one that is even slightly better and more supportive of you, you begin to shift all the relationships in your life in a positive way.

BTW, that doesn’t mean everyone will be all honky dory with the changes. You may need to agree to disagree and walk away.

That’s an Act of Power. That’s you taking your power back.

And that is you showing yourself some love, respect and support.


Now in addition to relationships of every kind, here are the other major energetic themes the 2 vibration mixed with the 11 vibration will be immersing us in:

Courtesy of the Number 2: Duality, Cooperation, Collaboration, Balance, Peace and Patience! 

1) Duality and it’s kissing cousin Polarity

Awareness of each of these help you learn about and understand Balance and Cooperation from different perspectives

  • Duality is two sides to everything, different perspectives and points of view; Duality is fundamentally inclusive - “This AND That” – and expansive


  • Polarity is opposites like good/bad, right/wrong, up/down, balck/white, North/South; Polarity is fundamentally exclusive – “This OR That” – and limiting 


  • Polarity can be thought of as the shadow side of Duality:

    • Duality is open, collaborative and cooperative providing room for possibilities and expansion/growth;

    • Polarity is narrow-minded, limited perspective, judgmental, divisive, and promotes constriction and limits potential and possibilities.


  • Recognize that when you are being triggered and polarized you are constricting your energy flow and limiting your options.

  • What if there was no absolute good or bad, right or wrong?

  • What if it is simply a point of view, a perspective, a conditioned response based on a belief and not truth?


2) Cooperation and Collaboration

These traits are wonderful ways to help you to grow and thrive this year. Contribute to others and be willing to receive ideas, suggestions and assistance from others.

There is an African saying that speaks to this quite graphically:

Banning together, the ants ate the elephant.

What his means is united in cooperation and collaboration even the most daunting and challenging situation may become more manageable… and fun too! And nourishing!


3) Balance, Peace, Patience

Believe it or not, these are all interrelated.

A major strategy for thriving in any situation is being centered and accepting that your sense of balance and peace comes from within you… not from the outside world.

You create your own balance and peace.

Yep, You create this.

So find it, grow it, and maintain it.

If you don’t know how, find someone who can help you do this.

When you do, you can indeed remain calm and peaceful in the eye of the storm.

2 cats waiting. The words Practice PatienceAnd seriously, develop patience…

with yourself and with others.

Breathing is a great way to flip the switch off stress.

When you find yourself getting impatient (especially you drivers!), stop and take 3 or more deep breaths. Choose from this space.

You might ask yourself why you feel this way and if it is really your impatience you are feeling.

  • Does it come from someone else?

  • Is it a learned reaction from your childhood?

  • Who in your family acts out in bursts of impatience?

  • Is your impatience tied to your self-esteem and sense of self-value in some way?

  • Whose voice do you hear being impatient with you?

You really don’t need to everything… and all at once!


Courtesy of the Master Number 11: Creativity, Vision, Integrity, and Confidence

What does this mean?

Simply, sprinkle these elements into anything you are doing.

Let them be foundational aspects of any collaboration, partnerships, and relationships.

Invite creativity and vision (intuition, big picture, ultimate dream, inspiration, hunches) to guide you in seeing possibilities and opportunities.

Make decisions and choices that are in integrity with who you are and your values.

Have confidence in your work, your decisions, and your intuitive guidance.

woman with arms raised and the words "Confidence, you can fake it till you find it"You can fake it till you find it with confidence too, you know.

Deep breath, stand tall, take a step… a perfectly imperfect step.

You can always course correct.

And what makes you think everyone else is rock solid in their own confidence?

They may be more like you that you realize!



The Shadow Side of the 2 and 11

For all you empathic, intuitive, sensitive souls, the shadow aspects in play this year may leave you feeling a bit like a peeled grape.

  • You might find yourself feeling oversensitive, and overemotional.
  • You might resort to disconnecting from your true feelings, from others and even yourself.  
  • Seeking to become comfortably numb. I totally get this one!

Forewarned is forearmed. 

So ground, center, and maintain your energy.

Stop slipping into rescuing, fixing, over-giving, people pleasing, acting like a doormat, and trying to keep the peace at all costs.

You are paying for this with your own well-being. 

Ask for help if you need it (and be willing to accept it!).

It is ok to choose you and take care of your own well-being.

Really, it is!


You may find making decisions is a challenge because there may be too many options and you don’t feel clear about what you really want or need.

Or no option feels like it’s the right one, so you get wishy-washy, indecisive, or apathetic.

What do you need to do to get clarity?

You might need some help with this.

You can also try journaling on any and all options.

You can even rate their pros and cons. See what shows up.


Impatience may be a default setting this year.

Just be aware and do what you need to do to restore some balance and build your patience muscle.

Reread the section on patience above!

On the relationship front, become aware of any clingy, co-dependent, superficial behaviors and decide to create boundaries or even be willing to walk away from them.


On a world stage, we might see episodes of anger, self-righteousness, fanaticism, unfairness, injustice, prejudiced behavior.

Again find your peaceful center to ride out the storm without feeding into the energy from your own fear.

If you feel called (in your heart, not your head) to become an advocate of some kind, explore this path. 

Send love out to the world.  


With the influence of the 11 in play, you might hit moments of feeling creatively blocked, choosing delusion or illusion over truth, and retreating into a fantasy world.

The truth may not be pretty; even so it can help you face things within yourself that you really don’t like much.

Allow yourself to have fun, laugh and pay in some way to connect with your inner child and begin the creative flow again.

As spiritual teacher and author Matt Kahn says, “Whatever Arises, Love That.”


Bottom Line... The key things to remember this year

The focus is on relationships… the more you improve your relationship with yourself the better all your relationships become.

Patience and Balance are survival skills.

Collaboration and Cooperation are thrival skills.

Duality expands and Polarity limits your perspective and possibilities.

Be aware of the shadow affects in play and ground, center, and maintain your energy every friggin day!

May 2018 fill your heart with song and enrich your life in wonderful ways.

Create a year that delights you!

My love, appreciation and deep gratitude for you,


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PPS. If you'd like to know your personal numerology forecast for 2018 or if you'd like some support with whatever stressors you are dealing with, I'd love to work with you if we're a fit. You can contact me here


Note: Parts of this blog post appeared on my monthly numerology post on Sunny Dawn Johnston's website.

Posted by Karen Winkelman on Sunday, December 31, 2017 10:36 AM
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On Thursday, January 4, 2018 at 1:38 AM
Kim said...
"Hi Kareninteresting stuff about the 11. Thanks for all your work and have a fantastic year!Btw, don't you do vids anymore? Always loved them. Miss your smile."
On Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 8:08 AM
Darcy Davis-Beghein said...
"Karen, this was a powerful article with great explanations about what is happening numerologically! So much meaningful content and helpful ideas to navigate the energies of the year ahead! Thank you so much! ??"
On Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 12:57 PM
Jennifer L Metro said...
"Really great stuff Karen. Thank you for everything you do."
On Monday, January 29, 2018 at 5:39 PM
Karen M Winkelman said...
"Hi Kim, You are most welcome. Thanks for your kind words and good wishes! May they return to you a thousand-fold. Ah, yes, you noticed the lack of videos of late. I took a brief hiatus from the videos. Well the good news is, more are on the way. I hope to get some new ones up early February. Stay tuned ) Wishing you a wonderful year ahead. with love & appreciation, Karen"
On Monday, January 29, 2018 at 5:41 PM
Karen M Winkelman said...
"Hi Darcy, I am deeply touched by your words. Thank you! And I'm glad you found the content on 2018 meaningful and useful. May this be a phenomenal year for you! with love and appreciation, Karen"
On Monday, January 29, 2018 at 5:43 PM
Karen M Winkelman said...
"Hi Jennifer! Thanks a bunch for taking time to comment! And you are most welcome. May 2018 fill your heart with joy and your life with abundance. with love and appreciation, Karen"

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