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by Karen M. Winkelman Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Trust and Discernement - Navigating the Deep Waters - JulyJuly builds on the inner work you may have been doing in June as we move from the 6 vibration of Love to the 7 vibration of Trust, Wisdom, and Introspection.

Before diving into the energetic waters of July, how did you handle June’s love vibration?

What kinds of things showed up to mirror where you might need to do some inner work in the love department?

Were you able to show yourself some love each day?

If you were able to embrace the love vibe, great. If not, the love journey is timeless, so start wherever you are.

And yes, July will give you another opportunity to go within and shift that shit that is getting in the way of you loving and trusting and believing in yourself!

July is a 7 vibration

In numerology, the month of July vibrates with the energy of the number 7. And for all of 2015 we are learning material mastery thanks to the 8 vibration that is in effect all year long.

The 7 vibration resonates with the essences of Wisdom, Trust, Introspection, Discernment, Openness, Spirituality, Mystical, Philosophy, Investigation, Intuition, Logic, Learning, Awakening and Exploring and Understanding the Unknown.

So this month, the journey is within.

The outside world will reflect where you are stuck in judgment, needing to know and withholding trust (from self & others!)


Intense Energy is Activating and Triggering Us

The energy on the planet is intense at this time. Everyone is feeling it. It is part of the light-body ascension process.

We are in a recalibration and shedding process as we raise our vibrations.

But even knowing what is going on doesn’t make it any more comfortable.

This is a letting go and clearing of all the old gunk and patterns and programming and karma, as they are no longer serving your highest path. The denser energies must leave so your vibration can rise (aka “ascend”) to 5D levels.

You may be exhausted (I know I’ve been feeling this), no worries, you’re recalibrating your body on a cellular level.

My July video may help you make sense of what is going on and provide you with validation and some guidance.

While all of this wonderful stuff is going on behind the scenes, it might look and feel like your life is coming apart at the seams.

Try not to fight it so much. Fighting it keeps the energy stuck. 

Take a step back. This month can help you do this.

Dive deeper into the emotional, mental and spiritual waters of your being.

More aspects of the energy of July

The Light Side of the 7 vibrationJuly is a 7 vibration month and supports us with the energy of trust, wisdom, discernment and introspection.

The 7 vibration is logical and intuitive. So there may be some see-saw action going on between your head and heart.

The 7 wants to know why… why… why… why!  Turning things over, picking them apart, and examining them from every angle.

What did she mean by that?

Why didn’t I get the job?

Why did they do that?

Why didn’t he call?

What does this mean?

Why is this happening?

and on and on and on and on…

While analyzing something from every possible perspective can lead to amazing breakthroughs, it also can be used to keep you in and endless loop or worry or gathering more information. This is especially true in an 8 year.

And since 2015 is steeping us in the 8 vibration all year long, be aware when you start spinning your analytical web. You're dancing with the shadows of the 7 and 8 vibrations. Analysis paralysis is ego using logic to hogtie you.

Analysis paralysis is the 7-8 shadow dance…

ego using logic to hogtie you.


The Shadow Side of the 7 vibrationOther ways the shadow of the 7 shows up:

  • You may find yourself living in your head more often

  • Or not trusting your intuitive guidance

  • You may find yourself doubting your decisions

  • Or you may insist on having the facts or evidence before you are willing to do a blessed thing

TRUST your inner guidance system!

Learn to discern the difference between a legit message or intuitive hit and your mind telling you what to do.

If it feels heavy or fearful or talking trash to you, it isn’t higher guidance.

How does Spirit speak to you…

How do you receive your messages?

  • Knowingness?
  • A feeling or sensation?
  • See visions or hear messages?
  • Songs, symbols, people, dreams, numbers, cards, words in a book?

How can you practice improving your intuition?

What spiritual practices can you introduce or commit to doing more consistently?

Spiritual practices and exploring the unknown are also strong in the 7 vibration.

You’re being asked to pay attention to your intuition and still use your beautiful brain.

Stellar Assistance this Month:

Full Moon - we’ve got 2 of them this month!  

The first is the Full Buck Moon on July 2nd in Capricorn - According to my friend and colleague, Tara Sutphen

“This Capricorn Moon is asking us to develop skills and master our abilities. To truly be able to take care of ourselves on the earth, and give a helping hand to our loved ones.

We must have a game plan on how to make money and secure our life. It’s time to move into action toward. Have a strategy and skill to guide you and others into growth and abundance.

Use your intuition and psychic ability to move your career. Give yourself positive affirmations, and begin to shift your mind from failure to what you might gain. You want to create hopefulness within your psyche. Stop thinking you can’t or won’t, motivation begins with doing something we haven’t done before.”


Second Full Moon is July 31st – a Blue Moon.

Remember, full moons are a great time to release some of the stuff that you are processing now.

What are you ready (or almost ready) to let go of: person, place, thing, belief, habit, behavior, addiction?

You can even do a burning bowl or other ceremony.

Write a letter to it (the thing you are releasing, not the moon!), bless it and release it. Safely burn it if that makes sense.

Or just go outside and state: "I am now willing and ready to release and let go of _________________. "

Create your own little full moon ceremony around letting go to give it some power.

A full moon is also a good time to reenergize yourself and your crystals. Sit them outside for the night to soak up that moon energy.

And why not join your crystals in soaking in that magical moonlight? 

There is a New Moon on the 16th  -- an ideal time for planting "seeds" of what you wish to create in your life. 

Mercury is Direct! Yay!

We are also – thankfully – out of the crazy Mercury retrograde energy. This one packed a punch in May and June. It even had a lingering effect. You can breathe a sigh of relief (at least until September when the next one rolls around)!


Some questions to ask or journal about:

Where or what are you trusting?

Where/who are you afraid to trust?

How can you trust and have Faith in the Divine?

Who do you judge?

What situations cause you to be in judgement? Why?

How can you practice discernment?

What steps can you take to listen to and trust your inner guidance system?

Where are you out of balance between listening to your head and heart?

How can you spend quiet time in nature?

What would you like to explore or understand better?

What pattern or belief would you like to dissolve?

What would you like to learn?

Where are you being shy or aloof?

Where are you being too much of a lone wolf?

How can you be more self-reflective and go deeper in your inner work?

What wisdom would you like to share?

Man diving into water with the words Dive Deeper into the waters of your beingBottom Line:

This is a great month to go within… perhaps go on a retreat. The energy is working with you this month to do some serious inner work and start shifting outdated programming.

Be aware when you slip into judgement and switch to discernment instead.

Explore the mystery of you… apply discernment and wisdom to move into personal mastery.

Happy Independence Day (aka 4th of July) for those in the US! Declare your independence from whatever is holding you back in life!

Continue to show yourself some love each and every day.

With Love & Blessings,

Karen & stars

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the different aspects of the 7 vibration and the intense energies on the planet... You can share in the comments area below!

PS. Please share and help me spread my message… Thanks a bunch!

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Posted by Karen M. Winkelman on Wednesday, July 8, 2015 7:51 PM
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