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by Karen M. Winkelman Thursday, November 20, 2014

November-2 vibration, pumpkins and people on a seesawDo you feel like you are riding a seesaw, going up and down?

Or maybe you find yourself walking a tightrope in your relationships.

Or you could be fence sitting, holding off (or avoiding) making a decision.

Well welcome to the 2 energy of November!


[Quick aside… I apologize for not getting this post up at the beginning of the month as I planned.

I’ve been dealing with some family health issues and took some time out. I also took time to honor my need for some extra rest.

So here’s the written November update, hopefully you already watched the November video update earlier in the month so you knew what to expect!]

Numerologically speaking, November is a 2 vibration with undertones of the 11 (because it is the 11th month of the year).

This means that while November is indeed a 2 vibration, it is a different flavor of 2 than the month of February is.

Themes this month are around compromise, duality, cooperation, collaboration, partnerships, relationships, balance, patience, and creating win-win scenarios creativity, vision, justice, confidence, and diplomacy.

The short list for the month:

Focus on your relationships, duality, and forgiveness!


Let’s Start with Relationships

These fall into 4 major categories:

  • Your relationship with Others:

family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and other people you come in contact with

  • Your relationship with Yourself:

your past (who you were/what happened to you),

your present (who you are and what’s going on with you inside and outside… including your body, health, diet, etc.)

and your future (who you want to be, what you want to do)

  • Your relationship with your Spirit:

your connection with your spirit/higher self, God, the Universe, Angels, and any spiritual practice

  • Your relationship with your Environment:

your home, your workplace, your community, your place of worship, nature

While all of these are important, the most important one to pay attention to this month may be the relationship you have with yourself!

Whatever relationships (including the one with yourself) jump into the spotlight this month or poke at you continually, the key to working through the bumps in the road is to come from a place of benevolent outcome...

“What the heck does she mean by benevolent outcome?!?”

Well, benevolent is compassionate, loving, generous, and giving.

It doesn’t favor one person over the other.

It provides a solution that is beneficial to both parties.

While it may feel empowering, winning at the sake of another having to lose does not build you up. It is a false ego boost.

When both parties can reach a win-win solution, that solution will honor and elevate both equally.


Now let’s look at Duality (sometimes referred to as polarity)

We live on the amazing planet Earth, which is also a world steeped in duality. Duality is one of the major ways we learn on this blue orb.

Good – Bad

Right – Wrong

Positive – Negative

Yes- No

All are simple examples of duality or polarity. And as a result of duality and polarity on this great planet, we have Judgment.

We are constantly finding things to judge – in others as well as in ourselves, in our situations, in the world at large, and in every aspect of life.

Yet as quantum physics demonstrates clearly, the Universe functions more like “this and that” rather “than this or that.”

Which means something isn’t good or bad, it is good and bad… and going one step forward, it simply is.

Yeah, that’s a tough one to wrap your brain around.

I get it.

That’s why the lesson in the 2 on duality is so important in helping you open to another perspective.

At its core, the 2 vibration understands duality and seeks to find a common ground, a balance, so peace and harmony can be restored and win-win situations are found.

Since we are in the 7 vibration all year (2014) and learning to balance head and heart, logic mind and intuition, this is a great month for finding a creative solution that works for you and attaining a harmonious collaboration between head and heart.


A few words about Forgiveness

The third major theme this month (and all year) is Forgiveness. FOrgive Yourself

Not just for the big things, like “they did me wrong so I can’t forgive them”...

but for the smaller things we judge ourselves for...and keep piling up as proof that we’re not so terrific after all and deserve whatever crappy thing happens to us.

The “small” self-inflicted injustices are where the angels are telling me we need to start forgiving ourselves.

These are essentially a conglomeration of emotions, feelings and beliefs we hold onto that keeps us stuck, sucks our energy, acts like an albatross around our neck, and keeps us firmly rooted on the punishment wheel.

Here are the most common culprits that we hold on to and need to forgive ourselves for:

Anger, rage, hate, blame, shame, guilt, resentment, bitterness, hurts & wounds, prejudice, unworthiness, undeserving, unloved or unlovable, unacceptable, unaccepted, and disliking yourself or your body, beating yourself up or being really hard on yourself.

Can you let yourself off the hook for at least one of these things this month?

  • Are you ready to forgive yourself for being angry or feeling shame or guilt?
  • Can you forgive yourself for needing to blame others for what happens in your life?
  • Can you forgive yourself for being so hard on yourself?
  • Are you ready to forgive yourself for thinking and saying unkind things about yourself and/or your body?

Give yourself the gift of forgiveness this month.


More About the 2 Vibe

The 2 is usually a lighthearted number, preferring friendly interactions with others rather than going off by itself.

The 2 vibration supports any type of partnership or collaboration, as well as helps you find agreeable compromises in your relationships.

However, the shadow of the 2 is complacent, co-dependent, people-pleasing, and impatient. So just be aware if you feel yourself or others drifting down those paths.

Be open and receptive to finding alternatives and be willing compromise without giving up yourself and everything you hold dear.

November is the 11th month of the year, so the master number 11, is also operating in the background all month, adding emphasis to the 2 vibration as well as taking it off in a different direction.

The 11 is a visionary number, a master teacher, creative and intuitive. The 2 is the diplomat and the student. So you may find yourself vacillating between teaching or guiding and learning.

The shadow of the 11 brings illusion and delusion to the mix. So be careful that you aren’t buying into a story or belief that simply isn’t true.

The Light side of the 2 vibrationThe Shadow side of the 2 vibration












We start November in the water sign of Scorpio, so you may find that it’s the emotional side of things requiring the peacekeeping and compromise efforts and relationship focus this month.

We shift gears to the fire sign of Sagittarius the third week of November, so you might be feeling a bit impetuous or adventurous and playful. Most likely you’ll want to jump into some action or activity.

In the US we also celebrate Thanksgiving this month.

So practice gratitude every day and see how your life shifts!

Questions to ask or journal about:

  • Where are you being impatient?
  • Why do you feel this impatience?
  • How is polarity or duality showing up in your life?
  • Where else is polarity or duality showing up in your life (thinking one thing but doing the other; you think one way, they think the opposite)?
  • What do you need to forgive?
  • Who do you need to forgive?
  • Where are you willing to forgive?
  • Where are you not willing to forgive… and why not?
  • How can you allow the gift and blessing of forgiveness into your life?
  • What are you expecting that might not be realistic?
  • Where are you rejecting asking for support or receiving support?
  • Where are you trying to please others at the cost of yourself?
  • Where are you feeling out-of-balance?
  • How can you invite more peace and understanding into your life?
  • Who might you wish to collaborate with and on what?
  • Where in your life would it be helpful for you to find a win-win solution or compromise?
  • What ideas come to mind to turn that situation into a benevolent outcome for all parties?


Bottom line

Be open to compromising and collaborating this month. Look for ways to find a middle ground or benevolent solution to things that don’t diminish anyone in the process. Create win-win solutions.

Strive for balance and peace without succumbing to people-pleasing and codependency.

Be aware of any polarity or duality and learn to find a middle ground or balance.

Learn to tell the difference between judging and discerning.

Judging comes from the "either / or" position of duality (good or bad, right or wrong, etc.).

Discernment is coming from a higher place of observations and objectivity, and deals with "what is" without assigning a judgment around what "it should be” instead.

Be open to forgiveness.Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for you.

Practice gratitude

And, as always, be patient and gentle with yourself!

Wishing you an abundant month filled with blessings and gratitude,


PS. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences on dealing with the energy of relationships, duality and forgiveness in November...and what shifted for you by practicing gratitude!

You can share in the comments area below!

PPS. Share the love… if you like what you read, please like it and share it on your favorite social media sites. My heartfelt appreciation in advance!

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Posted by Karen M. Winkelman on Thursday, November 20, 2014 11:14 PM
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