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"You're not too late. You're not too old. And yes, you do, too, deserve it."
~ Samantha Bennett

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by Karen M. Winkelman Monday, January 12, 2015
I love exploring past lives... mine as well as my clients Past life "therapy" has been one of the quickest ways I've found to shift something that has kept me stuck on spin. That's one of the reasons that I choose to study past life regression and become certified as a master hypnotist specializing in past life regression and spiritual hypnosis. And I can aslo "see" past lives of others... sometimes quite literally! For instance,...
Categories: Healing, Past Lives, Self-Awareness, Empowerment, Transformation Read Full Post
by Karen M. Winkelman Wednesday, July 23, 2014
June was intense. Anything that was out of alignment with the love vibration jumped up and shouted for attention. That means if you had some fears operating in your life – consciously or subconsciously – those particular boogiemen were lurking around to shake you into awareness. You see, fear is out of alignment with the vibration of love. And in June, fear showed up for me too. Not only was I dealing with some serious...
Categories: Healing, Past Lives, Self-Acceptance, Self-Care, Beliefs, Self-Awareness, Empowerment Read Full Post
by Karen M. Winkelman Wednesday, April 23, 2014
One of my favorite tools in my spiritual tool box is past life therapy. If you are anything like me, you are probably dealing with past life baggage too. We drag the emotional wounds and relationship dynamics around with us from lifetime to lifetime. Often repeating the same pattern and struggles until we find a way off the merry-go-round. Past life therapy, readings and explorations can help you resolve the issues once and for all. ...
Categories: Healing, Past Lives, Gratitude, Love, Energy, Self-Awareness, Transformation Read Full Post
by Karen M. Winkelman Tuesday, April 15, 2014
This is a question I hear many people asking… friends, clients, colleagues, and strangers alike... What is going on with the energy?  This question gets asked in the various groups I belong to, the classes I teach, networking events I attend, grocery stores, restaurants and on Facebook posts. Just about every place I go I hear some version of this question: What is going on? What the heck is going on with the energy on...
Categories: Past Lives, Love, Self-Acceptance, Energy, Self-Awareness, Empowerment, Transformation Read Full Post
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