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Picture of a wave with the words Surfing The Waves of Change, accessing the potential of 2015's 5 vibrationWelcome to the Wonky Energy of the 5 Vibration that will be in play (or playing with us) all 2021.

Yes, according to Numerology 2021 is a 5 Year. Smack in the middle of a 9-year cycle that began in 2017.

The 5 vibration is the playful change agent. The 5 likes to shake things up, upset the status quo, color outside the lines, and have some fun. It also encourages artists and communicators of all kinds to get their work out there.

If you are an artist writer, musician, actor, or creative of any kind, this year the energy can amp up your MoJo. It’s like a B-12 shot to your creative essence. Tap into it and liberate the work that you hold inside of you. Set it free in the world where it might make a difference in someone’s life.

If you are a teacher, speaker or communicator of any kind, this 5 energy also assists you in doing your work in the world.

The 5 vibration invites you to travel (physically visiting new places, or even simply armchair travel watching movies about other cultures), embark on an adventure of some kind (big or small), and perhaps add some spice to life with a romantic encounter (or reading a romance novel or watching a romantic movie).

Be sure to allow for flexibility in your schedule and plans and learn to go with the flow. The 5 vibe can be unpredictable at times. And while you’re at it, be flexible with the things that show up in your life, as long as it isn’t encroaching on your boundaries or affecting your well-being.

The last time we were immersed in the changeable 5 vibration was in 2012. Do you remember what that year was like for you? If not, no worries. This version of the 5 year is likely to be different!

Why? Because you are (hopefully) a bit different, your situation might be a bit different, and the world has moved on its own interesting journey since 2012. That was 9 years ago. Nine years is a long time for something to remain fixed in place. Change is inevitable.

If you aren’t changing you aren’t growing.

Hmm, that bears repeating, huh!

If you aren’t changing you aren’t growing.

If you aren’t growing, you aren’t evolving.

You are holding yourself in a sort of stasis, probably in a misguided attempt to keep you safe. Which basically equals STUCK.

So if you have been resistant to change in your world, or resistant to making necessary changes in your life, well here is your invitation to Embrace Change this year.


1) Because as Star Trek and the Borg taught us: Resistance is Futile

2) Because What You Resist Persists… meaning the weight of the stuff you are trying to ignore and avoid doing something about keeps getting bigger and heavier and pokes at you at inopportune times.

3) Because Change Isn’t As Scary as you tell yourself it will be. (Our stories are designed to keep us safe, even if that means safely stuck in yuck.)

The Primary Players This Year

The main positive traits of the 5 Vibration are:

  • Change and Adaptability,
  • Freedom and Flexibility,
  • Adventure, Romance, and Travel,
  • Communication and Creativity,
  • Curiosity and Versatility,
  • Free-spirited and Playful,
  • Lively and Active

The primary shadow aspects of the 5 vibration are:

  • Bright-shiny-object syndrome: easily distracted, or using distraction as a form of avoidance or procrastination, inability to focus
  • Resistant, bored, disinterested, lazy
  • Impulsive, inconsistent, scattered,
  • Unpredictable, volatile, envious

Like a child, the 5 wants to feel light-hearted and free and gets bored quickly with anything repetitive, stagnant, confining, or tedious.

Allow a change of scenery – take a trip, play more, create and have fun.

Now when I say create I don’t mean only the arts (art-music-writing-film-theatre, etc.). Bake, whip up different meals, create space in your life for more enjoyment, plant a garden, experiment with something… the possibilities are endless.

Use your imagination!

What encourages your lightness of spirit?

What lifts you up?

What makes you smile – inside and out?

Change and Choices

Learn to adapt to the changes going on around you that are beyond your control. Know what you can change and what you can’t change.  Adaptability is a strength. It makes you resilient.

Remember, Adaptability and Acceptance DO NOT mean Approval or Agreement!

It simply means you are adapting to the energetic landscape or the current situation, and accepting the fact that “this” is what is. This becomes a place of empowerment for you.

From this place of adapting, you can make choices and decisions to shift things for the better. Rather than the ineffective states of wishing and hoping or whining and complaining, you stand in an empowered place of choice.

For example: Say you planned to go for a walk at the park on Saturday. Saturday comes and it is raining. You could wish it wasn’t raining, you could complain that it always rains when you want to do something, or you could adapt to the situation and choose something more empowering:

1) You could put on a raincoat and take an umbrella, and go for a walk in the rain. You get to appreciate the park from a different perspective.

2) You could reschedule the walk in the park for the next non-rainy day, and be spontaneous about it.

3) You could decide a rainy day is perfect for taking a nap, or reading a book or pulling out a puzzle or hobby that you enjoy.

The path of complaining makes you feel bad and contributes more ammo to a disempowering story you tell yourself. The path of adapting puts you back in the driver’s seat and provides options.

What Needs to Change?

Here are some of the common areas that you might consider making changes… or at least making a few tweaks

1) Your thoughts and beliefs

2) Habits that don’t support you

3) Your self-talk

4) Your job, work, career or business

5) Relationships

6) Living arrangements

7) Health

8) Diet

9) Sleep (you probably need more!)

10) The project you say you want to do but haven’t done anything with

Trust your guidance on what changes you need to make now.

And don’t try to tackle too many things at once!

Pick one. Make a positive change in it. Then pick another.

Yes, I know you want to know that it is all going to work out OK before you make the decision to change something, or doing anything important. The specter of the UNKNOWN trips us up and prevents us from taking even baby steps.

If you are the kind of person who needs a detailed step-by-step game plan and a full guarantee that everything will be perfectly safe and fine BEFORE you are willing to start something or make the decision, well it ain’t gonna happen that way. One step at a time maybe. Follow the “spiritual breadcrumbs” (listen to you intuition). Call it a lesson in building Faith and Trust (in yourself and in the Divine).

Feel all the Feelings

Another way you can use this energy of change is allowing yourself to feel the emotions that are coming up for release instead of trying to ignore them or push them away.

That is positive change anyone can make. Ignored and stuffed feelings get stronger in the dark. Feel what you feel, and it will pass through.

And yes, it can feel scary and stressful. And it also passes through and energy shifts.

I can attest to this as a reformed emotion stuffer. And sometimes you have to delay the expression of the feeling. Just don’t forget about letting it come out.

Last year a pile of heavy emotions I stuffed a couple of decades ago finally made it back up to the surface. At first it felt a bit overwhelming. Then I took a few deep breaths and relaxed into it. Sure I cried. And when it was over, I felt so much lighter.

And yes, the energy on the planet continues to be intense and crazy. This is the new normal. It is part of our evolutionary path… individually, collectively and planetary. So please be gentle with yourself and get help if you need it. It doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Bottom Line:

Change is inevitable, if you embrace it and adapt to it, it will support you.

If you resist it and fight against it, it will drag you along (and add to your frustration levels.) Practice going with the flow.

Being flexible and adapting to change are your best friends this year!

Lighten up, have fun, tap into your creativity, explore and be adventurous. Do more things that make you feel free and alive.

Connect with your inner child and let your creative essence flow!

Some Questions to Journal on or Ponder

  • What do I need to change in my life?
  • What do I want to change in my life?
  • What changes am I afraid to make? Why?
  • What changes am I resisting? Why?
  • What do I want to write about?
  • How can I devote more time to my writing?
  • What would I like to create?
  • How can I devote more time to my creativity?
  • Where, when or why do I feel bored or restricted or boxed in?
  • Do I need to be more flexible? What steps can I take?
  • How can I invite more romance and lightheartedness into my life?
  • How can I be more adventurous?
  • What am I curious about?
  • How can I explore my curiosity more?
  • Where am I acting rigid in my thinking?
  • What am I taking too seriously and need to lighten up about?

And if you'd like to  know how 2021’s 5-Vibe Influences Your Personal Year, here's a post on that

Above all, treat yourself with compassion.

with love and appreciation for you,


PS. Do you have something you'd like to share about making changes?  I'd love to hear it. Share in the comments area below!

If you'd like to know about your personal Numerology this year, or would like some support in shifting the shit that is getting in the way of you being fully YOU and creatively expressing yourself, I'd love to work with you if we're a fit.

You can contact me here

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