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"Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth."
~ Benjamin Disraeli

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by Karen Winkelman Tuesday, June 7, 2016

spoon filled with LOVE and the words apply healthy doses of loveAfter the crazy energy of May it is time to apply heaping doses of love to every area of your life… and especially to you.

May was a rough month for so many. And 2016 has been an extreme roller-coaster ride for many as well (including me).

Things are changing or screaming for change.

Did you make some needed changes in May?

Or did fear kick you into to avoidance, struggle, resistance and checking out?

Procrastination and distractions?

Donuts, ice cream, cookies, carbs by the boatload?    

Or are you a salty snack person?

Or do you dose yourself with some other substance to numb out?

(a Tom Petty song lyric comes to mind – probably because Pandora played it a few times this weekend – “So let's get to the point, let's roll another joint… You don't know how it feels to be me…”  Here's the song if you'd like a listen You Don't Know How It Feels )

BTW, there's a great truth there "you don't know how it feels to be me" - we may think we know how another feels, and yet, we all experience things and feel things our own ways.


This month we switch to what, on the surface, feels like a gentler vibration of love and peace and beauty.

Unless, of course, you are refusing to love and accept yourself, trust that peace is an inside job and that beauty is not measure by superficial means!

June cries out for love.

Where are you rejecting love, denying love, refusing love, restricting love, needing love?

In numerology, the month of June is a 6 vibrational energy.

The 6 vibration is about Love, Harmony, Responsibility, Acceptance, Family, Community, Service, Beauty, Creativity and Peace.

It is the first number where love moves from the sensual or the self to the expansion of a more humanitarian love, as it evolves into unconditional love.

The 9 vibration begins to teach unconditional love.

The Master number 33 teaches by example of living unconditional love.


the light side of the 6 vibration

The 6 loves family and community and being.

The 6 loves to feel connected and that they’re a valued contributor.

The 6 can manifest money.

The combination of love and creativity are attractive to the energy of money.

The 6 also loves being of service.

And for all you caregivers, healers and generous heart givers…

there is a danger in service that kicks you down the stairs to servitude if you are seeking to serve as a way to be loved and accepted and appreciated.


The message this month prompts you to love who you are and where you are. Years ago, Ada, my NY astrologer, used to tell me to “love yourself warts and all.”

Loving yourself warts and all requires you to drop the judgments

and self-criticisms and begin to see yourself as whole and OK

and beautiful in all your glorious imperfections.

Part of loving yourself warts and all is learning to accept yourself as you are right now. 

Acceptance is so important!

And the cool thing is that acceptance ultimately leads to appreciation which in turn leads to love.

As you practice self-love and self-acceptance, judgments about you and others dissolves.

As you treat yourself with more love and compassion and acceptance, others treat you the same way...

... and you treat others with more love and compassion as well.

I’d say that’s an all-around win!


How June's 6 vibration may be working with 2016's 9 vibration to help you grow...

The 9 (letting go/completion) and 6 (love/harmony) working together ask you to rethink how you view love, define love, express love... 

and what stories you are telling yourself about love...

and who you think you have to be and what you think you have to do to get love or feel love.

Also look at where your life is lacking harmony and boundaries. 

There’s things that may need to shift in order for you to realign with the energy of love.

Check out my June video here or on my homepage if you haven’t seen it yet.


The Darkside

The shadow aspects of the 6 vibration can pack a punch. The shadow side of the 6 vibration

Some of them are:

jealousy, vanity, extravagance,

selfishness, self-centeredness, meddling, manipulation, nagging,

self-righteousness, condescension, over-giving, martyrdom, 

and feeling unloved, unappreciated and unfulfilled.


The 6 likes to be of service and give, give, give.

The problem here is a tendency to over-give, slip into resentment and feeling like a martyr.

The shadow may bring up feelings of guilt or you may find yourself trying to rescue or fix other people.

Stop it! Rescuing helps no one unless they are literally drowning and you have a rope to pull them to safety. (Or other life-threatening situation where you can actually jump in and help)

Meddling is another way the shadow of the 6 pretends to come from heart-centered service, but is really coming from a need to control.

Meddling may actually feel like you are helping someone.

If they didn’t request your assistance, or if you think you know what’s best for them, you are probably meddling and have an underlying intention to be liked in return for your help… or are trying to “manage” (aka control) the other person or situation.  

Nope, it doesn’t work that way.

Notice where you are slipping into blame and not taking responsibility…

... it may be you are visiting the victim-zone. Take your power back.

If you find yourself over in the shadow of the 6, just be aware that fear and judgements are blocking the flow of love.


To help shine a light into the shadow and illuminate your path out...

Do something creative,

Appreciate something (like you, for instance – appreciate the heck outta YOU!),

Accept what is,

or find the Humor in the situation (laugher can be the best medicine!) 



Cosmic Influences for June

Mercury (thank the gods and goddesses) went direct on May 22nd… although you might still be feeling its shadow the first week of June.  

I know I have and others in my circle and Facebook friends have still been experiencing the Mercury whiplash effect the last week of May and into June.

In fact Mercury retro style tech weirdness showed up this month while we were shooting the June video! Got everything set up just so and the camera battery died. The backup battery was dead (seriously!?!) and when we found an extension cord and plugged in, the camera dumped all the settings. Yeah, really. The sound didn’t want to record on my laptop or hubby’s MacBook. By the time we did the video I think we were on plan Z! Technology is not for wimps.

Thankfully my husband is an IT Geek and Tech Whisperer… and amazingly resourceful!

May was one of the more challenging Mercury Retros I’ve gone through in a long time.

It might have been amplified by the other planets that were also in retrograde, sun flare activity, and the power of the 9 vibration doing its damnedest to bust you out of whatever jail you created for yourself.

It was wicked and unpredictable and packed with surprises that were probably good but felt kinda sucky.

You may want to mark your calendars because the next Mercury retrograde is 8/30- 9/22.

This one happens in Virgo, so your neat orderly world may be shredded like confetti and you must relinquish the controls or be dragged!! 

(The one we just survived was in Taurus, so creature comforts, finances, beauty, stubbornness and how we expect the world to work was tossed in the air and may still be settling down to a new normal.)

New Moon on June 4th  in Gemini – what do you want to start or create?

Full Moon on June 20th  in Sagittarius – what do you want to complete or let go?

Summer Solstice is also on June 20th in Northern Hemisphere. (Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere). Great day to do a ritual or ceremony to celebrate the new growth and potentials opportunities.


Some questions to ponder, ask or journal about:

How can you show love to the parts of you that annoy you?

How can you show yourself more love?

Where are you expressing love in your life?

How can you apply more love to a situation?

What simple things can you do to bring more beauty and harmony into your home and/or work environment?

How can you create a sacred space for yourself to connect with your Spirit?

What would you like to create?

How can you honor your creative side (or creative inner child)?

How are you being of service? Is that still working for you?

How do you wish to be of service?

Where do you over-give?

Where do you give in order to feel better about yourself, liked or approved of?

Where do you need to work on receiving more?

Where are you being responsible for more than your share?

Where are you feeling resentment?

Are you asking for help or support? If not, why?

Where do you have wishy-washy boundaries… or no boundaries?

What steps can you take this month to create or strengthen you boundaries?

What are you afraid will happen if you do this?

Where are you feeling unfulfilled? What can you do now to change this?

How can you feed your Spirit more?


Bottom Line:

Let Your Love Light Shine… Especially on Yourself!

Create and maintain healthy boundaries.

Practice coming from a place of love in all that you do.

Practice loving and accepting yourself “warts and all.”

Apply heaping doses of love everywhere in your life, especially in the places where you feel triggered.

Give AND Receive. You need to make it a complete cycle for the energy to flow in a natural way.

Appreciate yourself and the things you have and the world around you.


And yes, the energy on the planet continues to be intense. Crazy may be the new norm! So please get extra sleep and resort to extreme TLC!


Did you know that I now have a monthly numerology blog post on Sunny Dawn Johnston’s blog? Here’s June’s post: Open to Love – The Gift of the 6 Vibration (there are some additional tips there in case you’re wondering!)


with love & blessings & appreciation for you,

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Posted by Karen Winkelman on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 6:14 PM
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