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"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."
~ Oscar Wilde

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by Karen Winkelman Thursday, February 1, 2018

Picture of a woman praying; the words Make Peace with Yourself, February's 2 vibrationMake peace with yourself? Really? You gotta be kidding me.

What the hell do you mean by that anyway, Karen?

Well, the short answer is that you begin to make peace with yourself when you start accepting all the cool and uncool bits of you.

The things you like, as well as the things you can't stand... and everything in between.

I’ll go into this more below. First let’s cover the numerology piece for February.

All of 2018 we are immersed in the 2 vibration of Relationships, Cooperation, Collaboration, Teamwork and Partnerships,

which means February is doubling down on that delightful 2 vibration, nudging you to pay attention in the relationship department.

This month (and all year long) it is essential to make time to focus on your relationship with you.

Why is this so important?

Because your outer world reflects your inner world.

Create more peace, harmony, balance, acceptance and appreciation of yourself. Love and value who you are… even a teensy bit more.

All these are positive components of your inner world.

They raise your vibration and ripple out into your life.

As a result, you receive more of those positive vibes reflected back to you in the outer world.


Of course, the opposite is also true.

The more conflict, impatience, judgment, irritation, frustration, and resistance you have inside of you

(whether it is directed at you or others or both),

the more others mirror that denser vibration back to you.

Crappy feelings beget more crappy feelings and so on and so forth. Shit.


February is a 2 vibration in Numerology.

The essence of the 2 vibration is about relationships…

with people, places and things;

with your past, present and future too.


And since 2018 is a 2 vibration year, the energy this month is there to help you create a better relationship with yourself and learn how to make yourself and your needs a priority.

This is not selfish! It is essential self-care!

Make YOU a priority in your life.

Check in with yourself each day:

  • “How do I feel?”
  • “What (emotions/feelings) am I feeling right now?”
  • “How does my body feel?”
  • “What do I need (physically, emotionally, and spiritually)?”
  • “What do I want?”
  • “What would make me feel lighter, happier or more centered today?”

Then acknowledge how you feel.

Sit with it, BE with it.

Let it move through you.

If you can give yourself whatever you need or want each day, do it!

If it requires assistance or support from someone else, askand be willing to receive!


Along with Relationships, the other major themes this month and 2018 are:

Duality, Cooperation, Collaboration, Balance, Peace and Patience!

If you’d like a refresher on the energy of 2018, you can read about it here:


The Angels tell me that the primary aspect

of relationship-energy this month deals with

making peace with who you are and where you are.


The more you can become comfortable in your own skin, the lighter you will feel and your relationships with others will begin to shift in more supportive ways.


So what do I mean by Making Peace with Yourself?

Well, for starters, being able to look at yourself in a mirror without making a funny face or throwing a snarky judgement at your image…

either silently or out loud...

is a good step in being more at peace with yourself.

And if you have trouble even looking at yourself in the mirror, you most definitely are not at peace with who you are, where you are, or what you look like.


Generally, making peace with you involves

taking a good look at your feelings, emotions, actions, thoughts, beliefs,

body image, health, personal power, judgments, conditioning, old wounds,

and interactions with others.

It might include other things, such as your work, career, and creative expression. 

Honesty, self-awareness, forgiveness, acceptance and a willingness to change are vital ingredients too.


Making Peace with Yourself is about accepting who you are

and letting go of the judgments and negative beliefs

that you are holding onto about yourself.


This means accepting that you really do feel denser emotions such as anger, resentment, fear, shame, blame, and maybe even rage, but that you stuffed them because it didn’t feel good or safe.

And maybe you were taught that expressing heavy emotions was unacceptable.

Coming to peace with those feelings, means acknowledging them, owning them, and moving through them in healthy and supportive ways.

The first step is acknowledging them with no judgment.

Feelings are what they are, no right or wrong, good or bad.

Your feelings are valid because it is how you felt about the specific issues and situations in your life as they were happening to you.


Another area to begin coming to peace with is wherever you are still holding yourself hostage to something you did (or didn’t do) or something you said (or didn’t say) in your past.

What actions, habits and behaviors are you still beating yourself up over?

Understand you did what you did for a reason.

You did it.

Yep. You did.

And it's OK.

Accept that as fact and begin to shift it, heal it, and remove the stigma from it.

Release the judgment and punishment you are inflicting on yourself.

Call a truce and make peace with these things

and the version of you that did them.

It was all part of your journey in becoming who you are.

See it as a growth opportunity; part of your spiritual evolution.


And please, please, please understand that acceptance of a challenging person or traumatic situation does not mean approval of whatever happened and how it made you feel.

Acceptance brings the situation to a place where it can be healed.

When you accept something instead of resisting it or wanting it to be something other than what it is, you cannot access the truth of it and move through it.

When you resist or refuse to accept something that happened, you hold the energy of it alive within you as if it is still happening.

In a way, it's like constantly picking the scab off a wound to look at the injury and focus on the rawness of the wound and the pain it caused you, instead of letting it heal.

Sometimes we do things like this because we want the person who hurt us to apologize or admit wrong-doing to make us feel better.

And that works, um, never!

Recognize that this is a form of self-punishment. You're not hurting them by hanging on to the pain, you are hurting you!

And as if that’s not enough, you heap self-blame and judgements onto the pile of shit you’re holding onto.

So I invite you to experiment with accepting the pile of shit (for a change),

acknowledging that it is there,

it happened,

and it made you feel certain things.

In the wise words of Byron Katie:

“To argue with reality is to argue with God, and I lose every time.”


Acknowledge and Accept.

Breathe into it.

Be willing to let go of these things.


You can ask Angels for help with this. Or seek out a trusted healer or counselor to assist you.

I often call on Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame to help me transmute the denser energies.

Then I call on Archangel Chamuel to replace all that gunky energy with the beautiful pink light of unconditional love.

In fact, I invite you to work with both of these powerful Archangels all year long to build up a more loving, supportive and compassionate relationship with yourself.


“Ask for peace first, and you will clearly see your next step.”

~Alan Cohen


Some supportive steps you can take to create a better relationship with you:

  • Amp up the Self-care
  • Show yourself more love and support
  • Feel (and express) gratitude for your body and all it does for you
  • Nourish yourself with healthy foods
  • Get more sleep and/or rest
  • Pay attention to your health and your stress levels
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Stop over-giving
  • Let go of the need to control everything
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Identify toxic relationships and come up with a plan to shift or release them
  • Stop tolerating bad behavior
  • Be kind and compassionate to yourself
  • Find ways to restore you balance and peace of mind


And now the a few words from Shadow Side of the 2

The biggie this year is impatience

with others, with yourself, with the world, with the Powers-that-Be, with every fucking thing. Remember we’re in a 2 month, and we’re also in a 2 year, so this plays out all year long!

Followed ever so closely by the peeled grape syndrome:

being over-sensitive, over- emotional, and feeling every little thing so intensely that you might want to curl up inside your cocoon. Maybe with a pint of ice cream or a chocolate bar or glass of wine.

The next shadow area highlights the dysfunctional side of relationships:

codependency, trying to keep the peace at all costs (usually at a high cost to yourself and self-esteem), indifference, and resentments.


Just be aware when these elements show up. Explore what they are trying to show you.

  • Is there a belief about who you are and how you deserve to be treated that is simply not true?

  • What baby steps can you take to make the necessary changes to improve your relationship with yourself?

  • What can you do to make peace with the Shadow elements within you?


Bottom Line

The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself, because all your other relationships reflect this back to you.

Making Peace with who you are and where you are on your journey is a key step in creating a healthier relationship with you.

Each rejected piece of you that you make peace with and reintegrate into your being makes you more and more whole.

It returns your power to you as well.

Every tiny step you take in the direction of loving yourself, honoring yourself, accepting yourself and approving of yourself is a major step towards Making Peace with You.

It also comes with a nifty bonus:

Your improved relationship with you is reflected back to you by the new-and-improved-way others begin to see you and treat you.

With that in mind, how about you give yourself a Valentine gift this month and do something special for yourself this Valentine’s Day!


Would you like some assistance in the Making Peace with You department?  

I'd love to work with you if we're a fit. I invite you to contact me and schedule a brief chat so we can decide if we’re a good fit and would enjoy working together.


Meanwhile, create a month that brings more Peace to your heart... and your life!

With love, peace and appreciation for you,


Thanks in advance for liking and sharing my posts if you feel guided to!

PS. I'd love to hear your thoughts... you can share in the comments area below!


PPS. Note: Parts of this blog post appeared on my monthly numerology post on Sunny Dawn Johnston's website.

Posted by Karen Winkelman on Thursday, February 1, 2018 12:00 AM
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