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by Karen M. Winkelman Friday, September 12, 2014

lizaed clinging to a stick - what are you clinging on to?The energy of September is about letting go.

Not only of things and relationships, but also outdated programming and beliefs that no longer serve you.

September is a 9 vibration according to numerology.

The 9 vibration is about Truth, Integrity, Wisdom, Compassion, Inspiration, Caring, Empathy, Forgiveness, Completion, and Letting Go of what no longer serves you.

In numerology, the 9 also signifies and end of a cycle, completion.

The number 1 signifies a beginning, the start of a cycle if you will and the 9 is the completion phase. In October a new mini-cycle begins.

So October will be a good time to launch something new, while September is perfect for letting go and releasing, or completing things.

Are You Ready To Forgive?

This year the angels are telling me that forgiveness is a big part of this month’s energy.

In fact they've been telling me all year that forgiveness is needed.

The forgiveness that needs to occur to liberate you may be for others… and most likely it will be for yourself.angels - forgive

It is time to really take a hard look at what you are still clinging to that holds you down and keeps you in a place of blame, shame, guilt, resentment, and hurt.

All of those feelings keep us stuck in judgment of ourselves.

And when we are in judgment we tend to punish. Allow forgiveness to dissolve all these old feelings that are weighing you down and shackling your soul.

And if someone has wronged you, perhaps it is now time to finally let it go, rather than drag that hurt around with you every single day.

You. Are. NOT. Your. Pain.

When we hold onto the wrongs and injustices, we allow that to continue within us every day… even though it is happening in your unconscious.

And when we hold onto these things we keep the denser energy in our own energy field, acting like a receptor, often attracting more examples to prove to us that on some level we think we deserve to be treated this way.

Even though our conscious mind wants to be treated in a loving and compassionate way, clinging to the hurts (consciously or unconsciously) keeps the wound open and invites more pain in.

You are not your pain!

You deserve to be loved and appreciated!

Forgive yourself for all the things you think you did, said or didn’t do, didn’t say.

Forgive yourself for any hurt you caused yourself or others, whether it was intentional or not.


Love yourself enough to find it in your heart to forgive.

Let it go. Move on. Thrive!

September is a perfect time for inner work and self-awareness.

Learn to relinquish the need to control trust the flow of life. Practice Surrendered Trust in a higher power!

Some questions to ask yourself or journal about:

  • Where do I feel stuck?
  • Who am I still holding on to? Why?
  • Where am I blaming myself or someone else?
  • What am I unwilling to forgive?  Why?
  • Who am I unable to forgive? Why?
  • Where am I holding on to past hurts?

If you are ready and willing to let go, September’s 9 vibration can assist you.

Light Side of 9Shadow Side of 9










For more on September's energy, please watch my video here.

Time to Clear Clutter

Another focus for September is on clearing clutter.

This includes evaluating what is working and what isn’t in every aspect of your life.  Letting go of people, things and behaviors that no longer serve you, taking care of your health, learning what is true for you, and standing in your integrity. 

Release people and things as well as including thoughts and habits that are not in alignment with who you are now and are in the process of becoming.

Be honest with yourself:

  • Does it bring you joy or weigh you down?
  • Does it feel heavy or light?
  • Does it feel expansive or restrictive?

As you consider your life, your home, your relationships and your work – past and present and where you’d like to be – evaluate each thing from the perspective of:

  •  Do I love this?
  •  Do I want this?
  •  Does this “fit” who I now am?
  •  Does this serve my highest good?
  •  Does it make me happy?
  •  Is it healthy for me?

If you get a “no” answer, it is time to let it go.

If you are unsure, then keep it for now. 

Ideally, the lesson the 9 brings is to only keep the things that resonate with a strong “yes.”

However, we are all “works in progress” and if we can just let go of the things that give us a strong “no”, we are doing fine.

The sun sign of Virgo rules much of September. With Virgo at the helm, letting go of stuff and especially the need to control, could present a challenge!

Now Virgo can certainly help you let go of clutter and get organized… it craves organization and order. However, as you start to let go of more and more, Virgo may feel its security is being threatened. Since Virgo is an earth sign and likes to feel in control, safe and secure.

If you are changing and shedding a lot of things supported by the energy of the 9 vibration, your mind might draw on Virgo’s energy to restore a equilibrium of sorts. Ignore it.

This is simply growing pains as you are following your Soul’s desire for evolving and raising your vibration. Your beautiful Mind that you are safe and you are answering to a higher power… your Spirit!

Recognize and Celebrate Your Accomplishments

On the 23rd we will celebrate the fall equinox. This signifies the harvest and ties in neatly to the energy of the 9 vibration… reaping what you sow.

Celebrate all that you have experienced and allow yourself to let go of the things that are no longer able to bear delicious and nourishing fruit for you.

Around the same time of the Equinox we move into Libra which will shift some of the emphasis to your thoughts… especially around just and unjust, right and wrong.

Libra is the scales trying to achieve balance. So notice where you are seeking balance in your life. Notice where you feel the need for justice and truth.

Other questions to ask or journal about this month:

  • What habits and behaviors no longer serve me in a positive way?
  • What thoughts and beliefs no longer serve me in a positive way?
  • What people no longer resonate with me?
  • What activities no longer make me happy or feel good to me?
  • What organizations or groups have I outgrown?
  • How can I simplify my life?
  • What possessions do I no longer enjoy or want?
  • What kind of work would I rather be doing?
  • What kind of experiences would I like to attract?
  • What kind of people would I like to meet or hang out with?
  • What changes would I like to make in my living space so it feels more like who I am becoming?
  • What kind of things would I like to do more of?
  • What kinds of things would I prefer to do less of?
  • How do I want my life to look like and feel like going forward?
  • What else might it be time to let go of?

If you are ready to let it go, then take some steps to do so.

Create and exit plan for whatever is no longer working for you.

Choose what works for you and be willing to release – or consider releasing -- the things that don’t make your heart sing.

Allow the powerful energy of the 9 vibration to help empower and liberate you!

Create a compassionate and liberating month!
Love & Blessings,

PS. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences on dealing with the energy of September and letting go and forgiveness ... feel free to share in the comments area below!

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Posted by Karen M. Winkelman on Friday, September 12, 2014 12:00 AM
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