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"Yesterday is a cancelled check; tomorrow is a promissory note; today is the only cash you have - so spend it wisely."
~ Kay Lyons

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by Karen Winkelman Friday, May 27, 2016

Butterfly on a flower; A perfect opportunity to change - the gift of May's 5 vibrationWhy does May present a perfect opportunity for change?

Because May is a 5 vibration according to numerology. The 5 vibration teaches us about Change, Freedom, Flexibility, Adventure, Travel, Communication, Romance, Curiosity, Adaptability, Versatility and being Free-spirited.

In addition to the urge for change and flexibility, the 5 vibration reveals your desire (that and may or may not be acknowledging) for something different and better in your life.

This desire for an upgrade can be centered on your career, relationships, home life, finances, what you think, how you are being and what you are doing… or any combination of them.

You may feel a simmering deep inside that you want your freedom back and you want to blow up whatever box or confining situation you feel trapped in.

Before doing anything rash, take time to get in touch with what is going on and what you really need.

Since there are 5 planets in retrograde this month, the message is to take things slow and find patience. Mercury is one of the retrograde influences, so plan, prepare, double-check and go with the flow!

If you’d like to know more about the overall energy of the month, you can watch my May 2016 Energy Update & Numerology Forecast video on the 5 Vibration or on my video page any time.

If you’d like a reminder on what’s up for 2016, you can watch my 2016 forecast video here (and on my homepage too).


Why else is this a perfect opportunity to make some much needed changes?

Well, 2016 is a 9 vibration year. The 9 vibration (letting go/completion) and 5 vibration (change/freedom) are working together this month. Thus you have a fabulous climate to support you in make some major changes now.

Are you willing to seize the opportunity and make the necessary changes?

Ahh, yeah, that’s the Big Scary Question, isn’t it?!

Are you willing to make changes?


Followed rapidly by its kissin cousins:

What will happen after I make those changes?

Am I making a mistake?

What if it all goes sideways or totally fubar?


Underneath all the scare tactics lives judgment or the fears of rejection, loss, failure, feeling stupid and being wrong.

Yeah, I know you need a guarantee that all will be fine, you’ll be fine, and you won’t feel like a fool if you make the changes you need to make.


However, the only guarantee you have is it will most likely be different than you expect.

Resisting change causes immense pain and misery.

And what if the thing you’re afraid to do,

but know in your heart that you need to do,

will miraculously shift your life into the Goldilocks zone of just right?

You won’t ever know if you don’t make the changes.

Use the powerful energy you have at your disposal this month (the 9 and 5 at work) to liberate yourself from some of that crapola you’ve been hanging on to for ages.

Bust out of the prison or box you built for yourself.

Or at the very least, knock down a wall or cut a doorway in it so you can let some of the pressure out and breathe more easily.

This month is also about connecting with your inner child. Making peace with this precious child within is important, since they can have you reacting to things from a wounded place, whether or not you are aware of it. I’ll tell you more about this inner child and why she is so important in a series of future posts.

May is also ideal timing for inner child work because Mercury is retrograde which favors things from the past. And your inner child is a blast from the past that is still working the remote controls on your life.

The Light Side and Shadow Side of the 5 vibration














The shadow aspects of the 5 vibration may show up for you as bright-shiny-object syndrome, resistance, boredom, impulsiveness, distraction, and envy.

Please check out my guest blog post Are You Ready for Change on Sunny Dawn Johnston’s blog – it will give you in-depth look at what other ways the 5 vibration may show up for you, what to do about it and additional ways you can work through it .

BTW, I now have a monthly blog post on Sunny’s website, combining the numerology of the month with ways you can use it to detox your life. Check it out, you’ll find my posts under guest blogs. Cool, huh!


Celestial Influences this Month

Mercury retrograde alert: April 28 through May 22

This one has been intense. Mischief, miscommunications and misunderstandings may pop up out of nowhere… Prepare, have patience, plan and let go of what you think it needs to be.  Remember the shadow of the retrograde is operation a week to 10 days before and after the retrograde dates.

New Moon May 6 and Full Moon on May 21


Some Questions to Journal on or Ponder

  • What do I need to change in my life?
  • What changes am I afraid to make? Why?
  • What changes am I resisting? Why?
  • Where am I too rigid in my thinking?
  • Where are you feeling bored or restricted?
  • Do I need to be more flexible? What steps can I take?
  • Where, when or why do I feel bored?
  • How can you invite more romance and lightheartedness into your life?
  • How can I be more adventurous?
  • What am I curious about?
  • How can I explore my curiosity more?


Bottom Line

The 5 wants to feel light-hearted and free and gets bored quickly with anything stagnant or repetitive. Allow a change of scenery – take a trip, play more, create and have fun.

Allow for flexibility in your schedule and plans and learn to go with the flow.

Let go and make (or take steps to make) some much needed changes in your life.

And yes, the energy on the planet continues to be intense and crazy at times. So please be gentle with yourself and get help if you need it. It doesn’t have to be a struggle.

with love & blessings,


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Posted by Karen Winkelman on Friday, May 27, 2016 5:43 PM
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