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"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence."
~ Anonymous


For your viewing pleasure: On this page you’ll find a collection of videos that might interest you and will also give you more of a feeling for what I am like – as a person, a teacher, a speaker, a guide.

Some of the videos were part of my monthly numerology/energy updates, providing you with insights on what the “theme” of the month will be from an energy perspective. As well as provide some tips to help you move through the month with more ease. Although most of these are from previous months, there is always a nugget of wisdom that applies to you right now, if you choose to watch the video.

Other video clips from speaking events and classes will be added as they become available.


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August 2017 Update: Stand in Your Power

The angels tell me that this month the primary focus is on your personal power: taking your power back, standing in your power, and owning your power. The first step is noticing your relationship with your power… where you feel strong in it and where you tend to give it away. Then go deeper and uncover where, when and why you give your power away. Call your power back to you. Begin taking steps to reclaim your power and stand strong in it. This means taking responsibility and releasing blame.

August is an 8-viibration month according to numerology. The 8 vibration is about Abundance, Power, Appreciation, Wealth, Prosperity, Fame, Recognition, Leadership, Success, Problem-solving, Organizing, Potential, and Material Mastery.

The 8 teaches that true success and abundance comes when you allow yourself to be guided by spirit. The 8 brings together the resources of heaven (spirit plane) and earth (material plane). The shadow aspects of the 8 vibration are control, egotistical, materialistic, inconsistent and financial instability.

Because we’re in a 1 vibration year and the start of a new 9-year cycle, it is an important part of claiming your true self, deciding what you want in life and then going for it. If you are wobbly about owning or holding onto your power, your dreams may sift like sand through your fingers. Take your power back.

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