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"Give the world the best you have, and the best will come to you. "
~ Madeline Bridges


I think everyone can benefit from mentoring.

Having someone you can trust to see what you’re not seeing and help you through challenging times is a huge help. You don’t need someone to sugar coat things, you need someone to tell you the f-ing truth and not believe the BS you may be telling yourself. That’s why I have a mentor or two that I go to when I’m so caught up in my stuff that I can’t see the way out.

And that’s why I offer mentoring to beautiful beings like you. I love mentoring. It is one of my favorite ways to work with people. And the clients I mentor love the wonderful results they get when they commit to doing the work.

Over the years in my corporate jobs as well as in my private practice I’ve come to realize that I easily slip into the role of mentor. I’d mentor my employees, co-workers and even a boss or two over the course of my corporate life.

Maybe because I’m a really good listener… and am told repeatedly that I am wise. Even as a child I was told that I was “wise beyond my years.” Which makes perfect sense because I’ve always known I’m an old soul and I guess I’ve learned from my experiences from many lifetimes and acquired knowledge, insights and wisdom that helps me help others.

Mentoring is one of my gifts

I hear you. I see you. I listen to what you say, how you say it, the words you choose. I read the energy in your emotions and feelings and pick up on what is really going on. What the issue really is. How you keep sabotaging yourself. The mind games you play with yourself. I receive input from your higher self, your angels and guides, your past lives, your energy field, and my own awesome Spiritual Advisory Council (angels & guides).

I hold loving space for you to shift the shit you are dealing with, that keeps you stuck, unhappy, lost or confused. If you are willing to show up and work with me, we’ll uncover the wounds and hurts to be healed the beliefs to be recognized for what they are and how they are running the show. Then we’ll lovingly dismantle, release and heal that crap so you can let go of what is holding you back, getting in your way and keeping you spinning in circle. Let it go and thrive.

Mentor with me

There are three, yes three, different ways that you can mentor with me.

  • Private Personal Mentoring: This program is customized for your specific situation and needs; 3-month and 6-month options available… or longer if you’d like.
  • Safe to Be Me Mentoring Group: This 3 month program will focus on ending the fears, beliefs and self-sabotage that keeps you stuck in yuck so you can reconnect with your true self without worrying what others might think, do or say.
  • Embrace and Embody My Business (and thrive doing so) Mentoring Group: This is a 6-month program for light-workers, healers, holistic practitioners, and creative who have a business or starting a business. We’ll clear out some of the blocks you are dealing with that cripple your business and personal growth, abundance and expansion so you fall back in love with the work you do and thrive doing it.

You can read more about each of them by clicking on the links to their page.

Ready to get out of your way and soar?

I invite you to get mentored… either with me or someone else.

“With your guidance and support I grown so much and that is great thing. And remember you sent me a long email? It is still with me and every time I am facing a big wall, I look at the email. It was so nice and kind of you to do that thank you. You looked after me a lot, I will never forget.”

~ Kumiko, Japan

“You are right on the money about life. You have so much insight that reaches right to where the issue is!”

~ Lynn P., AZ

“I am so grateful for the awareness’s you brought me today. The Universe so graciously has been trying to tell me that and I have not been listening or paying attention to the signs along the way until we talked today.”

~ Robin, AZ

“Thank you for bringing all of your gifts, and love, and talents, and intellect and humor each and every time we meet.”

~ Kathryn, AZ

“I wanted to tell you how much you have helped me in my journey!!”

~ Tona K, AZ

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