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""Don’t believe everything you think.""
~ Marci Shimoff

Introduction to Numerology

Numerology, like astrology, is an ancient technique of understanding who we are and why we are here. While astrology relies on the position of the sun and planets at the exact date, time and location of our birth, numerology is based on the combination of the date of our birth and our full name.

Numerology is based in the understanding that every number and letter has a specific vibration. Every letter of the alphabet has a number associated with it, based on its energy vibration. Your birth date and name provide insights to help you understand more about who you are, why you're here and the lessons that you’re here to learn.

I first started playing with numerology as a teenager. I remember buying my first numerology book at a supermarket checkout stand. It was one of those tiny pocket books that were popular at the time. I was more interested in numerology as a way to see if a boy I liked was compatible with me than using it to really understand more about me and what made me tick.

That changed as I began to go deeper into exploring numerology. By my mid-20s I was hooked, and became a serious student of the craft. Although I also studied astrology, it was the numbers that really spoke to me. I get them on an intuitive level. I even get messages in numbers. The more I learned the more I saw just how powerful a tool numerology could be.

Two Primary Schools of Numerology

Just as there are several different kinds of astrology, there are several “schools” of numerology as well.

The two major numerology methods in use today are the Chaldean/Kabbalah and Pythagorean.

The primary differences between the two systems are the number vibration attributed to each letter of the alphabet and the use of both the compound numbers and single digit numbers in creating a person’s or entity’s numerology profile.

The oldest forms of numerology appear to be the Chaldean and Hebrew Kabbalah versions which use the same numeric alphabet. This numeric alphabet was also used by the Essences and Gnostics. Many numerologists feel that the Chaldean system is more reliable than other forms of numerology, because the number value assigned to each letter is based on the vibration of the sound of the letter.

Today, the more common versions of numerology being practiced are based on the Pythagorean numerical alphabet. Yet, variations exist in both schools. As with anything in life, each person adds their own unique approach to something while on their path to mastery.

This is true for athletes, performers, or spiritual and holistic practitioners… and everything in between. While on the surface two people may appear to do the same thing, on closer look you’ll see they’ve incorporated elements of insight and understanding to make it their own.

The reason I mention this is to let you know that you will probably find subtle differences among the other numerology books or reports that you read or use as a resource. One area that may get confusing is the different labels used to describe the same thing.

Some numerologists refer to the total of your birthdate as the “Destiny Number” and others use “Life Path” -- yet they refer to the same number. Another is the use of “Secret Desire,” Heart’s Desire,” Soul’s Desire”, and “Soul Urge” for the total of the vowels in your name.

There are a couple of different ways to identify your numbers which may also cause confusion for some people. Numerologists may use different ways to identify your numbers or find some numbers in your chart more important than others. Just keep in mind that numerology, like astrology, is a system where practitioners use different methods to create a chart for a person, as well as add in their own intuitive and interpretive skills.

The art in astrology and numerology is really in interpreting how the planets or numbers work together. On their own they mean one thing, but when take in concert with other aspects, their meaning might alter slightly. To use an everyday food example, chocolate taken alone has a very unique and definitive taste. Yet if you mix chocolate with other ingredients, like chilies or vanilla ice cream, the chocolate takes on a slightly different flavor as a result of the other ingredients.

So while some superficial wording and methods may be different, the underlying basics in numerology systems are pretty much the same. Each number in a numerology chart represents an area of our human and spiritual awareness and identifies specific lessons we decided to learn for our Soul’s growth and evolution.

Your Numerology Chart

By determining your birth numbers and your name expression (the numbers associated with your name) you will have a snapshot of your personality, purpose, gifts, talents, lessons and challenges. This is similar to the information you would receive in a Natal astrological chart.

Your name reveals your innate nature, while your birthdate shows you the lessons, challenges and opportunities that will present themselves during the course of your life so that you can evolve spiritually and personally.

In addition to the numbers associated with your birthdate and name, you can learn about life cycles and the challenges that come with them. If you know in advance what they are, you can be prepared… or experience an “aha” moment when you see where you’ve gotten stuck in a pattern and can dissolve its hold on you.

While you can’t change your birth number, you can use numerology to determine if altering your name can enhance your birth vibration and help you meet challenges and lessons more easily.

You can also see how by changing your name, spelling it differently, using a nickname , adding a middle name or initial, or getting married and changing your last name, will have subtle and sometimes striking changes in your name vibration.

This affects how you act in the world, how others see you and what kinds of new challenges or lessons you may face. It also affects how you approach the gifts and challenges present in your Destiny/Life Path numbers.

Change Your Name, Change Your Life…

For instance, say you have a number three (3) birth name expression which results in you being optimistic, a good communicator and very social. However, when you get married and change your name it results in a new name expression of seven (7) and you suddenly feel like being alone more and being more introspective.

You might feel a bit confused as to why you no longer seem as interested in the things you used to enjoy. And people around you might notice subtle shifts in your personality. If it is a significant shift in your personality, you might even question what is going on with you.

If you also have a Destiny/Life Path number of one (1), which may be steering you into a leadership position of some kind, you may suddenly feel at odds with yourself. How can you lead if you just want to hole up in your house and research and learn? You can see where this would present a new set of challenges for the person.

By understanding your numerology profile, you’d know that a name change can bring a new vibration into your life and with it, new experiences and growth opportunities. You would be better equipped to deal with the “new you.”

Guiding By Numbers

In addition to understanding how your numbers affect you personally. Here are other ways where numerology can help guide you:

  • Numerology can show you what you are working on in a given year
  • It can be used to determine compatibility between two people and provide understanding of the challenges and strengths of these relationships
  • You can use Numerology to select a fortuitous name for a business
  • Numerology can even be used to select a good date for a special event, such as a wedding or the launch of a business or product.

As you can see, numerology is a versatile and useful tool to add to your metaphysical or spiritual toolkit!

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