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"You're not too late. You're not too old. And yes, you do, too, deserve it."
~ Samantha Bennett

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by Karen M. Winkelman Friday, October 2, 2015

eye looking trhough a spiral with the words Who are you at your core?The energy of October is about new beginnings, creativity and individuality.

This October - the Angels tell me - is also about reconnecting to your true self.

Get in touch with who you are at your core, your authentic self.

Who you really are.

Who you came here to be…

before all the 3D programming and life circumstances convinced you that it wasn’t safe or acceptable to be YOU.

Do you remember when you stopped showing up fully as you and hide behind the masks and cloaks that you believed you needed in order to be love, approved of and accepted?

When did you begin to show up as something other than your true self?

If you were following the energy of September you spent time in reassessing what was working and what wasn’t working – what was sort of ok, not so ok – or yeah, it’s a keeper.

Dropping what no longer fits to make room for what is emerging.

Who you were gives way to who you are becoming.

Now October is prodding you to identify and strip off the masks and let go of who you thought you were and who you thought you should be… and choose to become who you really are.

October’s energy is asking you to look at this becoming, this BEing-ness

– your sense of individuality –

and begin to embrace your true self again.

Rediscover your core being, your Spirit, your truth.

Reconnect to this.


You know in heart who you are.

Reclaim this knowingness.

And release any judgment you hold about who you are, or thought you needed to be.


Who are You Being? Who are You Really?

When you judge yourself as wrong, broken, unworthy, undeserving for being who you are, your ego and personality will do things to keep you safe by not allowing you to be who you are.

You are not broken – you are perfect in your imperfection just like every other aspect of nature.

You are a child of the divine. The Divine lives in you. The Divine lives through you.

Take that in for a moment.

The Divine Lives Through YOU!

You are worthy and deserving.

Reclaim that spark of the divine as part of who you are.

Own it. Rock it. Take back your Power.

You – Are –OK – as is.

In fact you are better than OK. You are fucking amazing.


How would that change your life and your world if you believed you were worthy of deserving what your heart desires?

How would that change how you act, what you will no longer tolerate?

What small thing or act can you do to put you back in touch with who you are?


Pick two or three things that remind you of who you are and keep them around you.

One of the things I choose to remind me of who I am is dragons. I was born in a dragon year. And I identify with the fierce protective and magical power of dragons.

Seriously, what’s not to like about them? They are so cool. They can even FLY!

So I have dragons around me. I have dragon art. Dragon jewelry. Dragon mirrors. Dragon rugs. Dragon statues and ornaments. In my house, my office and my back yard.

Stars are another thing that reminds me of my true cosmic nature. So I have them around me too.

So what helps you remember who you really are?

Keep something with you like a talisman, to help you remember your truth when you get caught up in the day-to-day crazy.


October’s 1 vibration is here to help you…

According to numerology, October is a 1 vibration.

The number 1 is about Individuality, New Beginnings, Leadership, Creativity, Ideas, Inventions, Innovation, Organization and Independence.

Think of this whole month as if it were new moon energy. What do you want to create?

Here's my October Energy Update video if you want to learn more and also hear more about what guidance the Angels were giving us for this month!


Metaphysical and Celestial Aspects to be aware of:

Light Side of the 1 vibrationThe 1 vibration is a great time to start or launch something new. Think of this as new moon energy... what do you want to create?

First two weeks of October, create or recreate from the past, as Mercury is still in retrograde. With the retrograde, the something new would be most successful if it is something you had wanted to do but for whatever reason hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

Once Mercury goes direct, you’ll have the green light again for your new ideas and creations.

The balance of the month is fine to create and focus on new ideas and to bring in that next stage of what it is that you would really like to do.

The Shadow Side of the 1 VirbrationOn the shadow-side, the 1 is often hasty in decisions, wanting things a certain way, needing to control.

When you find yourself wanting to control or pushing to make something happen, you are in your ego.

Put your hand on your heart and take three deep centering breaths and reconnect with your Spirit before taking the next move or making a decision.


Some other key dates:

  • New Moon on the 13th – great time for birthing those new ideas, new ventures, new relationships, new you

  • Full Moon on the 27th – great time for releasing what no longer works, letting go of the past, forgiveness work, completions

  • Mercury Retrograde Ends on October 9th. Yay! – May the tech Gremlins go on vacation for many moons!

  • Uranus is still retrograde till December – rebel planet still messing with everything on planet Earth. Stirring the pot of change… change that is needed, change for the betterment.


And as with manifesting anything – especially in the 8 year – allow Spirit to play a leading role! Your ideas, innovation and individuality and leadership plus your intuitive or Divine guidance illuminates a clear path for you to follow.

Following your heart and your spirit will keep you on track and open doors for you that you didn’t know existed.

As the energies amp up on the planet to help you drop your baggage so you can raise your vibration, your identity will be called into question this month:

  • Who (or what) do you think you are?

  • How do you define yourself?

  • How would others define you?

  • What box do you keep yourself in to stay safe?

  • Who are you really?

  • Who do you pretend to be? Why?

  • Who would you like to be? Why?

  • Who are you evolving into?


Some Other Questions to Ponder or Journal About...

  • What do you want to create?

  • What ideas have you been playing with?

  • Who do you want to be?

  • Who do you pretend to be? Why?

  • Who or what do you think you are? Why?

  • Who are you evolving into?

  • Who are you really, under all the layers of cloaking?

  • How can you connect with (or reconnect with) your sense of identity and individuality.


  • When and where do you subjugate who you are for what your think others want you to be?
  • What things remind you of who you really are or who you are becoming?

  • What actions can you take this month to align with your authentic self?

  • Where are you being asked to step out of your comfort zone and be seen?

  • Where are you being guided to lead?

  • How might you step into more of a leader role in your work, your family?

  • How can you better organize your life, work to have it run more smoothly for you?

  • Where do you want to express more of your individuality, your uniqueness?


Bottom Linepeaceful ocean sunset with the words: Be at Peace with and love who you are

Angels tell me that this month it is really key for you to get in touch with who you are at your core. Your authentic self.  

Do this without falling into judgement.

Be at peace with and love who you are… at your core. Embrace Your Individuality!

Focus on your thoughts, dreams and ideas.

And while you are at it, love yourself through this and add in hefty doses of kindness and compassion!

with my love & blessings and gratitude,



PS. I'd love to hear your thoughts... you can share in the comments area below!

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Posted by Karen M. Winkelman on Friday, October 2, 2015 9:15 PM
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