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"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."
~ Oscar Wilde

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by Karen Winkelman Monday, August 28, 2017

Stand in your power. Picture of someone looking out over foggy waterThe angels tell me that this month the primary focus is on your personal power: taking your power back, standing in your power, and owning your power.

What does standing in your power mean?

It requires trusting yourself, having confidence in what you know to be true for you.

When you stand in your power, you’re not negating anyone else or being swayed and sucked into their drama.

August is a powerful month ripe with possibilities and pure potential. That’s because it is an 8 vibration, according to numerology.

The 8 vibration is about Abundance, Power, Appreciation, Wealth, Prosperity, Fame, Recognition, Leadership, Success, Problem-solving, Organizing, Potential, and Material Mastery.

The 8 teaches that true success and abundance comes when you allow yourself to be guided by spirit.

The 8 brings together the resources of heaven (spirit plane) and earth (material plane).

And if you tip the 8 over on its side, you’ll notice it is an infinity symbol. Another clue to the power of the 8 vibration.

Here’s my video on the energy of August and the 8 vibration


Last month, the energy of July was a 7, and the overall message was one of trust. Trusting Spirit, trusting the Divine, trusting your intuition and gut feelings, and trusting yourself.

This month the energy moves from learning trust yourself and your higher guidance to taking your power back, standing in your power, and owning your power.

Take a moment and breathe in these words:

Take back your power.

Stand in your power.

Own your power.

Sit with them for a minute or two and notice what comes up for you.

How do you feel?






Be honest with yourself.

There’s a clue in whatever emotion or thought came in as you sat with the idea of taking back your power, standing in your power and owning your power.


August’s 8 vibration can also help you get organized, see problems as puzzles and have fun solving them, come up with systems and routines to support you. 

The 1 vibration of 2017 and the 8 vibration of August are very supportive of each other and are both action-oriented and goal or success focused.

The positive aspects of the 1 and the 8 vibrations complement and build on each other.

Of course, it stands to reason that the Shadow-side of the 1 and the 8 will build on each other too!

So accentuate the positive aspects.


Some ways the 1 (2017) and 8 (August) vibrations may show up for you this month are:

Personal Power:

The angels tell me that this month the primary focus is on your personal power. Where you feel strong in it and where you tend to give it away.

Because we’re in a 1 vibration year and the start of a new 9-year cycle, it is an important part of claiming your true self, deciding what you want in life and then going for it.

If you are wobbly about owning or holding onto your power, your dreams may sift like sand through your fingers.

The first step is becoming aware of your relationship with your power… where you feel strong in it and where you tend to give it away. Then go deeper and uncover where, when and why you give your power away.

Notice where you give your power away and why. Some common ways are:

  • Perhaps you’re over-giving to others to the point of depletion

  • You might also feel compelled to help, fix or rescue others as a way to avoid taking care of your own needs

  • You might be trying to keep the peace at all costs, usually to “protect” yourself in some way

  • Co-dependence in your relationships; this might be a learned behavior, acquired childhood coping skill, and default setting for you. And it zaps your power.

  • Perhaps you like to play victim in some (or many) areas of your life. This way you can blame someone or something for what’s going wrong in your life and you don’t have to be responsible and do something about it.

  • People-pleasing and Being Nice. Aside from lowering your self-esteem, you’re coming from a place of fear (being alone, rejected, hurt, or judged) and lack (not good enough as is, unworthy).

  • Maybe you don’t generally give your power away, but you have one or more power leaks that drain you, such as worry, fear, anxiety, over-thinking, confusion, comparing, avoidance, resistance, and many more.

  • If there’s a “should” involved (I should do this, I should go there, I should feel a certain way), it probably belongs to someone else and you took it on and decided to make it true for you (and gave your power away).

  • If you are blaming anyone or anything for your situation you are not standing in your power.

Check in with yourself:

Are there specific people or kinds of situations that trigger an emotional response in you that triggers you to give your power away?

These emotional responses may be unconscious, are often root-chakra based, and involve fears or concerns around your safety or security.

Owning your power and standing in your power require some courage, trust in yourself and in the Divine, and taking responsibility for your thoughts, actions and situation.

Call your power back to you.

Begin taking steps to reclaim your power and stand strong in it. This means taking responsibility and releasing blame.


Recognition & Appreciation:

I think we all want to be recognized for our contribution in life and the work we do, whether it is small thing or world changing. And we want to be appreciated too.

Have you ever done something for someone and they didn’t appreciate it? I bet you soon went to resentment and being pissed off at them, the situation, and for you in trying to help or do a good job.

That has a double whammy, btw, your resentment or anger block your ability to receive appreciation and interfere with your peace of mind.

You may then create stories about the world is harsh and people are ungrateful.

You might even beat yourself up for foolishly expecting things to be different.

And you unintentionally created a new program or belief about the way things work that will disempower you.

Yes, you just gave your power away and diminished yourself in your own eyes.


See how easy it is to go down that rabbit hole!

So this month I invite you to start with you.

We are in a 1 vibrational year and it is about healthy self-focus after all.

Start by recognizing your own contribution, your own value, your own specialness, your own gifts and talents.

Make a list of all the things you’ve accomplished over your life so far… big things, medium things, and tiny things.

I bet it’s a big list!

Now sit with each thing on your list.

Read it and take it in.

APPRECIATE what you did.

Feel that appreciation build as you go through the list.

You have accomplished so much more than you realize because you are probably discounting all you’ve done and focused instead on all you haven’t done.

When you switch your perspective from what you haven’t done (which drags you down) to all that you have done (which lifts you up) your energy shifts and new possibilities open up for you (including more abundance).

Appreciate You!



Take a look at your relationship with money this month, along with your thoughts, emotions and beliefs about money.

Do you like money?

Do you have money?

Do you judge money?

Do you lack money?

Do you want money?

Do you wish you didn’t have to deal with money or ask for money?

Is it your friend?

Do you treat it like a friend?

Notice where you may be giving your power away around money based on how you are dealing with or not dealing with your financial situation as well as your feelings and beliefs about money.

Be open to honoring and appreciating the energy of money, the money itself, and all the ways money can help you.

I invite you to recognize the contribution money can make in your life and to appreciate the money you have now, and have had over the years.

Appreciate all that money helped you with (food, clothing, school, house, car and everything and anything else you can think of).

Shifting your perspective from lack of money to appreciating all money has done for you so far opens up the flow of abundance energy.

Money Flow Exercise:

Imagine this flow of money and abundance is like the water coming from the faucet in your sink. You can have the water trickle from the faucet or gush, or anything in between.

Close your eyes and imagine you are opening the faucet on your money flow. You can imagine money or water coming from this faucet.

Start with where you feel your own “money flow” is right now. Imagine that flow increasing as your turn the “money faucet”.

Pause each time you turn the faucet to allow more flow and check in with yourself. 

How do you feel – comfortable or uncomfortable, nervous or excited?

Open the money faucet a bit more.

Keep doing this and checking in with yourself.

When the flow of money from the faucet starts to make you feel very uncomfortable (like it’s too much to handle or manage or you want to turn the faucet off) – great, you’ve uncovered your abundance ceiling.

This is the place where you stop your flow.

Exploring why you feel this way will help you identify the hidden issues that are getting in the way of you having all the abundance you desire.



Now on to the shadow of the 8 vibration… 

Here are some common ways the shadow of 8 may appear in your life as it dances with the shadow of the 1 vibration of 2017:

Ego grabs the wheel and tries to drive everything.

As a result, you get bent out of shape if things aren’t going the way you want; you may be bossy, manipulative and controlling to push it back the way you want it.

You feel stuck and impatient more than usual.

You over-indulge (spending, shopping, eating, drinking).

You may experience some financial ups and downs and more drama and chaos.  

When you find yourself in the shadow aspects of the 8 vibration pause and connect with Spirit.

The 8 teaches us to be guided by Spirit rather than ego.

Your ego will not get you where you want to go, but your Spirit can if you are willing to trust the guidance you receive.

Place your hand on your heart to help you return to center and the present. Take 3 deep breaths. And check in with your Spirt, higher self, your guides and angels.  

I often ask Archangel Gabriel to help me receive my messages clearly.

And I sometimes ask that my messages be delivered multiple ways until I “get it.”


Bottom line this month...

This month practice standing in your power. Notice where, when and why you give your power away. Then take steps to call your power back to you.

Appreciate yourself and everything you have. Recognize and appreciate all you do and have done rather than focus on what's lacking or unfinished.

Improve or begin healing your relationship with money. Pay attention to your finances and become a better steward for your money. Become aware of the abundance all around you. And appreciate it!

Here’s to a powerful and abundant month!

My love and deep appreciation,


Thanks in advance for liking and sharing my posts!

PS. I'd love to hear your thoughts... you can share in the comments area below!

Note: Parts of this blog post appeared on my monthly numerology post on Sunny Dawn Johnston's website.

Posted by Karen Winkelman on Monday, August 28, 2017 4:18 PM
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