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"Yesterday is a cancelled check; tomorrow is a promissory note; today is the only cash you have - so spend it wisely."
~ Kay Lyons

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October was about creating something new, and expressing ideas, individuality, innovation and leadership in some way. Also finding a balance between ego and your higher guidance.

Now we move into November which is a 2 vibration. The number 2 is about Duality, Cooperation, Collaboration, Partnerships, Relationships, Balance, and Patience.

If October was about getting clear on what you wish to create, do or be going forward, and in a way, being captain of your own ship, November is about making connections and working with others.

For in our current world, it is through working together and collaborating and assisting each other that we achieve our true success.

The 1 energy of October wants to do it all, and do it their way.
The 2 energy of November seeks camaraderie, teamwork and cooperation.

And since we are in the water sign of Scorpio for much of the month, deep emotional connections may be presenting themselves to be healed.

Yes, we are still under the 6 influence for all of 2013 that wants to restore to love anything out of alignment with love… or release it.

Throughout November, you might be seeing situations at work, at home or with friends that feel like you may be speaking different languages or that there is some area that is causing irritation, resentment or frustration.

Great! This is an opportunity for you to find a way to see each other’s point of view, find empathy and understanding and reach a compromise…and hopefully heal the relationship.

Try not to lash out in anger or retreat in indifference. Instead silently ask yourself, what would you like someone to tell you if you were in this situation? Then use those words of kindness and compassion with the other person. Or even with yourself!

This month the challenge is to stay centered and not react over-emotionally to everything that happens. Not everything someone does or says is an attack aimed at you! So don’t take everything personally. Patience is another challenge for some this month.

Master Visionary vibe is operating in the background…
We also have the subtle energy of the master visionary number 11 working with the 2 energy here. So if you were acting from ego a lot in October, this month you may find that you are deluding yourself or in denial about what is really going on because you want it to be something else.

If you were allowing yourself to be guided by your heart or intuition/spirit, this month you have access to insights from higher dimensions to help you create your vision. Collaborate with higher vibrational beings and teachers.

All month, be aware of your relationships with others – work, home, family, community – and most importantly, with yourself.

Notice where you are being impatient with yourself or anyone else.

Here are some questions to prompt you in your journaling this month… or to help you become aware of things that may be keeping you stuck or limiting you in some way:

  • Why do you feel this impatience?
  • What are you expecting that might not be realistic?
  • Where are you rejecting asking for support or receiving support?
  • Where are you trying to please others at the cost of yourself?
  • Where else is polarity or duality showing up in your life (thinking one thing but doing the other; you think one way, they think the opposite)?
  • Where are you willing to forgive?
  • Where are you not willing to forgive… and why not?
  • Where are you feeling out-of-balance?
  • How can you invite more peace and understanding into your life?
  • Who might you wish to collaborate with and on what?


This month, focus on your relationships and patience.

You’ll be working with polarity or duality to learn to find a middle ground. This might be with others or within yourself.

Ask for support and be willing to play nice with others.

You may find you can get more done and not feel as overwhelmed.

Be gentle with yourself, especially if deep, old emotions start breaking the surface.

And when we move into a fire sign (Sagittarius) the end of the month, you may feel impatient to take action… however, the timing might not be right.

Before rushing into action (which may feel more productive to you than dealing with the emotional aspects!) check in with yourself and see if this is really about learning patience, or is action really being called for at this time.

And one final note on Communications this month…

We are still dealing with a Mercury Retrograde until November 11th so take extra time and care when communicating, since Mercury rules communications of all kinds (including anything with computers and other electronics), when it is in retrograde things can misfire, be misinterpreted, misunderstood, etc. You get the picture.

Mercury retrograde also has a tendency to s-l-o-w things down… so yet another reason to cultivate patience!

Love & Blessings & Gratitude,

Posted by Karen M. Winkelman on Friday, November 1, 2013 12:00 AM
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Relationships, Patience and Collaboration… Oh My! It’s the Energy of 2 in November
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