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by Karen M. Winkelman Friday, February 24, 2012

Ok, we're almost finished with what to expect this year for each of the personal numbers.

Last post we covered personal year numbers 5 - 7

As a refresher, below is a brief description of the energy at play for personal years 1-7:

1 Year: New Beginnings, Individuality & Leadership

2 Year: Duality, Cooperation & Collaboration

3 Year: Enjoyment, Socializing & Self-Expression

4 Year: Focus, Work & Foundation-building

5 Year: Freedom, Flexibility & Change

6 Year: Love, Harmony & Responsibility

7 Year: Wisdom, Investigation & Spiritual Exploration

Now let’s get into the personal year numbers 8 and 9

If you are in a 8 Year: Personal Power, Recognition & Wealth

The 8 symbolizes the fulfillment of your material goals. Business could be prosperous this year.   

You might also want to help out a charitable organization with your leadership and organizational skills. Maybe put on a fundraiser for them. Your personality is can be powerful this year, as the personal recognition and achievement are part of the energy of the 8. You may even find when you are passionate about your vision you can get others to support you. Only deal with those in charge who can make decisions in your favor. Share your good fortune with others, it will help them as well as increase the flow to you. Avoid trying to get your way by manipulation or using unethical or hurtful means. The 5 energy this year heightens your personal magnetism and persuasiveness. The 5 energy challenges your determined focus on your desired goal or outcome. Stay flexible and adapt to the changes in plans, course correct as necessary to achieve your goal.

If you are in a 9 Year: Reassessing, Releasing & Forgiveness

It is time to put an end to any lingering relationships, affairs or business arrangements that have not proved suitable, positive, or profitable. Put the past behind you and prepare for a whole new beginning as your 1-Year starts next year.  Clean house, remove clutter, let go of anything that no longer suits your best interest or higher good. If it holds you in the past, it’s time to let it go whether it is a person or a thing. Assess everything from the position of “Is it who I was, who I am or who I am becoming?” What do you want your next cycle to be like? Eliminate the things that no longer work for you. Set a clear path for what you want to create going forward, and keep the things that support this. Take care of your health; get any necessary tests or procedures done now. You may find you have become bored with hobbies, sports or friends you once previously enjoyed; it may be time to let them go. Determine now if you are wasting time and energy on the wrong pursuits, and decide to let them go if they no longer serve you

Forgive yourself and anyone else who you feel you need to forgive so you don’t carry that into your next 9-year cycle. The 5 energy supports the 9’s goals, but can cause you to want to change even the things that are working… so don’t rush decisions. Use your intuition, and discernment to make wise decisions and you will be rewarded.

Ok, that wraps up navigating the energy for the year.

May 2012 be a good year for you. And remember to buckle your seatbelts because you may be in for a wild ride. Be flexible, make time to play and laugh.

Blessings for a Beneficent Dragon year of change!

Posted by Karen M. Winkelman on Friday, February 24, 2012 10:12 PM
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