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by Karen Winkelman Thursday, January 14, 2016

Liberating Your Life, harnessing the 9 vibration; photo of woman at beach arms outstretchedReady or not, here comes the Year of the 9 Vibration!

According to Numerology we move through the spiral of life in 9-year cycles,

on a “universal” level (for our planet, not the entire universe)

and on a personal level (based on our birthdate).

We’ve just entered the home stretch for the current 9-year universal cycle.

We begin a new cycle in 2017.


I call the 9 vibration The Great Liberator.  

The 9, among other things, signals completion, endings and letting go.

It puts you on notice that it is now time to clear the decks and re-evaluate everything in your life… especially your beliefs!

You can watch my 2016 Numerology Forecast & Energy Update video, Embracing the 9 vibration, here:  (and on my homepage too).

 (Although we were experiencing some technical difficulties, the message is still clear. Thanks to the dynamic duo of Mercury’s retrograde shadow and the 9-vibration inviting me to let go of how I thought it needed to be and let go of any need for perfection. It is what it is!)


the light side of the 9 vibrationThe 9 vibration is about Truth, Integrity, Wisdom, Compassion, Inspiration, Caring, Empathy, Forgiveness, Completion, and Letting Go of what no longer serves you.

It is time to release all that no longer serves your highest path (stories, beliefs, behaviors, clutter) and connect more deeply to what is true for you.

The last one is the real kicker.

Connect to what is true for you.

Connect to the true you.

Your authentic self.

I’m sure it is hiding inside of you somewhere itching to break free.

They say the truth will set you free.

Well, the 9 vibration of 2016 is on a mission of truth.


The energy of 2016 can help you release a lot of that stuff that you’ve been hanging on to. 

It will help you become more aware of what crap you have been dragging from lifetime to lifetime, repeating the same pattern.

Don’t you think it’s really time for you to finally let it go? 


Of course, that means you need to start questioning your beliefs, not only what it is that you believe could be true, but where this belief originated. 

The usual suspects are parents, relatives, schools, teachers, neighbors, community, churches, religions, society, ancestry, heritage, culture, and of course my favorite go to place for the deep dark secrets… past lives where the idea, pattern and belief first set up shop.

Usually because you weren’t willing to accept, forgive or let go of something way back when.  And you decided instead to start judging and punishing yourself.

Yeah. It is time to stop now, don’t ya think?!?


Some ways to liberate your life this year

Evaluate or re-evaluate everything from the standpoint of is it true, is this something I really want to do-be-have and does it support who I am becoming?


Since this 9-year cycle began in 2008, look back at the last 9 years and assess what is working what is not working. Decide what tweaks to make and what to dump by the side of the road.


Look back at your entire life and assess what is working what worked, what didn’t or doesn’t, what fits who you now are what doesn’t. Decide if you still keep it or let it go.


Take a good look at your relationships… are they healthy, supportive and worth holding on to – or are they toxic, depleting, energy-sucking, one-sided, disappointing, abusive, codependent, unsupportive and unhealthy.  Include your relationship with yourself in this assessment too! Decide if they can be healed or do you need to end them.


Give yourself permission to be who you really are.  Drop the roll playing, drop the facades, drop all the things you think you have to do, be and have in order to be liked, approved of, and accepted by others. To truly be at peace with yourself and with the world around you and in the relationships that you have, you just need to be you and love and accept yourself as much as you can. 


Face whatever you are still clinging to that holds you down and keeps you in a place of blame, shame, guilt, resentment, and hurt, and judgment of any kind. Acknowledge how you feel and why, and then let it move through you and leave. Stop holding these corrosive energies inside of you.  (BTW, none of these feelings make you less than or a bad person. So it is perfect and good to acknowledge you feel this way. Just don’t let it define you.)


Question if your job, career, and business, or your hobbies and other activities fit who you are now and who you are becoming, or is it time for a change. Perhaps only a minor adjustment or recalibration is needed.


Walk around your home and office decide clear clutter and release items that no longer delight you. Rearrange things so they suit you better.


Put a plan in place to make whatever changes you need to make. You don’t have to do it all at once. Even 15 minutes a day can do wonders.


Realize that it is time to just let it go (whatever you’ve been holding on to – emotions, people, beliefs, etc.) and move on. Bless them and release them.


Step into surrendered trust. Allow the Divine to work through you and guide you… as much as you can. Yeah, this is a tough one. Most of us think we need to have some control. Ironic, really, because we can’t control much at all. If things aren’t flowing the way you’d like, perhaps it is time to step aside and let the Divine drive!


It is all about love

The 9 resonates with unconditional love.

It is the first number that is anchoring in the vibration of universal unconditional love onto the planet.

The 1 vibration teaches love of self. The 3 vibration introduces sensual, passionate and physical love. The 6 vibration expands love to family and community. The 9 knows all is one and nudges us to reach higher in our ability to love.

Unconditional love is loving yourself no matter what

Unconditional love is also loving yourself enough and loving the other person enough to let them go and do it their way, and not try to make it about you, and not try to have them do it the way you need them to do it or you want them to do it, that you think is the way they need to do it. 

The 9 vibration encourages you to let go of all of that.

Let go of trying to fix and rescue.

Let go of the judgments.

Let go of the imaginary wall you have between you and your connection to Source.

Let go of all the ways you don’t allow yourself to be loved and feel loved.

Be willing to love yourself in all your glorious and messy imperfections.

It’s the quirks that make you more interesting.


the shadow side of the 9 vibrationThe Shadow Side of the 9 can bring up stubbornness, procrastination, disconnectedness, self-pity, going in circles and feeling lost.

Apply some TLC and love the part of you that is encountering the shadow.

It holds a gift for you about what you believe may be true about yourself.

It may be true, and it may not be.

Be willing to face it and move through it.


Some Questions to Ponder or Journal About This Year

What themes have been repeating over and over again?  (Each one of them is pointing you in the direction of truth that lies beneath the story you are telling yourself. )

Where am I blaming myself or someone else?

What am I unwilling to forgive? (others as well as self)

What am I trying to control?

Where do I feel stuck?

Who am I still holding on to?

What am I still clinging to?

What habits, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors no longer serve me in a positive way?

Where am I holding on to past hurts?

Where am I deluding myself?

How can I speak my truth?

What is true for me?

How can I improve my health?

What am I judging wrong, broken, bad, not good enough about myself?

What do I continually judge in others? Why?

What do I fear that people will find out about me and judge me?

Where am I comparing myself to others or some unattainable standard? Why?

How can I show myself more kindness and compassion?

What is coming to an end now? How do I feel about it?

What do I need to complete or finish that I’ve put off?

What actions do I need to take that I have been unwilling to take? 

What dreams, ideas and plans am I still holding on to that I may no longer really want anymore?

Who/what have I been acting like? Why?

Who / what did I think I needed to be? Why?

Who is the real me?

What do I really want?

What do I want to teach?

How do I want to be a light in this world to guide others?

What steps can I take now to trust my intuition and Divine guidance?

How can I show myself love each day?


The 9 reaches everywhere this year

The 9-effect not only impacts people...  shifts, stirrings and rumors of impending collapse will show up in our systems and societies as well.

Old ways need to crumble

to make way for the new to begin to emerge.

Green light on blue background with the words connect to what is true for you

So may the 9 bring you the courage that you need in order to make the heart call to take the next step, to do the tough decision making that you need to do. 

It’s a little bit of tough love. 

Allow yourself the journey within and connect to your truth and treat yourself with compassion and kindness throughout.

Create a wonderful year... and be true to you!

with love & blessings,





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Posted by Karen Winkelman on Thursday, January 14, 2016 10:38 PM
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