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by Karen Winkelman Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Doctor exam and the words It's time for a relationships checkupIt’s February and it’s time for your “Relationships Checkup”…

That means the Universe is providing you with opportunities to

Re-visit and Re-examine and Re-evaluate ALL Relationships this month!

Traditionally when you think of relationships you think of you in relation to other people, often family members.

However, your relationships cover more than friends, family, coworkers and other people.

You have a connection with pretty much everything in your life.


Examine your relationship with yourself...

your life, your habits, your thoughts and beliefs, your needs,

your friends and family, your pets, 

the ideas and projects you might be working on or ignoring,

your dreams, desires and creative expression,

your artistic and playful side, your work and career/business,

your home and work environment,

your body and everything associated with it,

your money, community, organizations, and neighbors,

your Spirit, and the Divine.


Part of the whole reassessment thing comes from February's 2 vibration collaborating with the 9 vibration of 2016 and the wild card introduction of the Chinese New Year – Year of the Monkey vibration (begins February 8).

It is time to let go of that which no longer serves your highest and best good.


According to Numerology, February is a 2 vibration.

The Ligth Side of the 2The essence of the number 2 is about Relationships, Peace, Partnerships, Balance, Cooperation, Collaboration, Teamwork, Duality, Patience, Diplomacy Compromise and seeing things from another perspective (or even multiple perspectives, including a higher, over-arching view of the situation).

Normally the 2 vibration deals with relationships of all kinds, and would naturally shift some of your day to day focus on relationships, collaborations, partnerships.

Coupled with 2016’s 9 vibration of letting go brings an even deeper, more transformational aspect to the 2 vibration.

The 9 is a number of completion and compassion, truth and integrity, unconditional love and a higher calling.

The Monkey is a bit of a trickster and he will be playing with you all year long and inviting you to let go. 

So be courageous and re-examine your relationships this month.

Be Honest in your assessments. Stop trying to make them be something they are not.

Let go of the automatic story-telling you create to either rationalize, justify actions (yours or theirs) or the need to create scare tactics that diminish you and feed into a belief you have about yourself.


The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship to examine this month.

Because every other relationship you have ripples out from that one.


Drink that in for a moment.


Every frickin relationship you have is mirroring back to you some aspect of your relationship with yourself.



And since we are in a 9 vibration this year, some relationships may be coming to an end. It may be a natural completion or just time to let it go if it really isn’t supporting you.

You can watch my February 2016 Energy Update & Numerology Forecast on the 2 Vibration here  or on my video page any time.

And you can watch my 2016 forecast video here (or on my homepage).

You may like to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you get my videos as soon as I post them!


Some things you can do to improve your relationships

1. Start with you. Make you a priority in your life. Take care of your needs first.

2. Maintain your balance. Ground and protect your energy. Find ways to restore your inner peace. Refuse to engage in other people’s soap operas. Ask yourself what is true before jumping to conclusions and making assumptions.

3. Fill your well first. Do things that feed your spirit/soul, fill you up, bring joy to your heart, make you smile, nourish you. Retreat in nature or a good book or music. Dance, sing, play, create, color, have fun.

4. Take better care of yourself. Get the sleep you need, eat nourishing foods, allow yourself treats without adding in the guilt, get the support you need, say no when you don’t want to do something, give yourself down time to chill and relax.

5. Treat yourself with compassion and kindness and love. When a judgement arises, smother it in loving thoughts and appreciation. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Go easier on yourself. Stop talking trash to yourself. Choose kind words that you can believe are true about you (that stops the ole BS detector)…keep a cheat sheet if you need to!

6. Connect Up! Create a practice to develop or deepen your relationship with Spirit/Source. 


All these are wonderful ways to improve your relationship with yourself.

Pick 2 or 3 of them to focus on this month.


For some other tips you can read my guest post Numerology for February 2016 – Relationship Awareness on Sunny Dawn Johnston’s blog


The Shadow Side of the 2

The shadow of the 2 vibration may show up in people pleasing, trying to keep the peace and impatience.

Just be aware when it shows up.

See some of the other shadow aspects in the graphic.



Celestial Influences

New moon in Aquarius on February 8th – let the water bearer pour more life and abundance into your life. (new moons = new beginnings, plant your seeds)

Chinese New Year – The Year of the Fire Monkey begins on February 8th too!

Full moon on February 22nd – perfect for releasing what no longer serves your highest path.


Some Questions to Journal on or Ponder

  • What relationships have run their course? Is it time to bless them and release them?
  • What relationships are supporting you in positive ways?
  • What relationships may be supporting you by feeding into an old wound or story?
  • What tweaks, changes and improvements need to be made or can easily be made in some of the relationships in your life (including thoughts, beliefs, patterns, etc.)
  • How can you develop a stronger and healthier relationship with yourself this year?
  • What can you do to create a more peaceful environment for yourself?
  • What small steps can you take to restore or create more balance in your relationship with the different aspects of your life?
  • What areas of your life could benefit from a change in perspective?
  • Where are you feeling out-of-balance in your life?
  • Where do you need to cultivate patience?


Bottom Line

Examine all of your relationships honestly.

With February’s 2 vibration and 2016’s 9 vibration working together, relationships of every kind get shoved under the microscope for a fresh examination and evaluation.

If it is no longer supporting you, perhaps it is finally time to let it go.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you have so really be willing to take an honest look at this.

When you improve your relationship with yourself, other relationships shift as well, and some of the more toxic ones begin to fall away naturally.

Replace the things that diminish you with things that support you.

Treat you in more loving and compassionate ways.

The 2 and 9 working together also bring opportunities to reach a peaceful solution and mutually beneficial compromises and collaboration this month.

May you develop a stronger and healthier relationship with yourself this year!

with love & blessings,



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Posted by Karen Winkelman on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 9:24 PM
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