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by Karen M. Winkelman Thursday, October 22, 2015

Person upside down on motorcycle with the words "Is you life out of balance?"Over-working, overwhelm, confusion, stress, worry, anger, frustration, avoiding, numbing, escaping, running, hiding, denying, distractions …

all are neon signs of life out of balance.

Why is your life out of balance?

Where are you hobbling yourself?

Why are you doing this to yourself?

Why the pain and struggle?

Why do you think or believe or need it to be hard… be a struggle?

Yeah. Sometimes the good work can be hard. But every blessed day on your journey does not require struggle.

Struggle is a signpost flashing

“this way is resistance and refusal to accept.”

Believe me, I am so down with you in this struggle and resistance trench. I can dig this ditch just as well as you can!  Struggle is one of my shadows. So I recognize it well… in me and in others.

Here’s the thing. Struggle often comes from ego, thinking that it has to be hard to be worthwhile. That’s a lie.

And Resistance has a couple of sides, so that adds to the confusion.

Are you experiencing the “support” side or the “sabotage” side of resistance?

How to tell the difference:


Resistance shows you where you are not in true alignment with doing something….  The thing is simply not resonating with you.

This is the time to poke at it, take a step back and evaluate why you were thinking you should do this thing you are resisting (btw, “should” is usually the big clue here!)


This is “the thing” you are being called to do and you kick up the resistance because of many reasons but mainly boils down to:

1) I don’t think I can (aka who the hell do I think I am),

2) I don’t know how to do it or what it actually is,

3) I need more (support, money, time, and countless other excuses);

4) fear (success, rejection, too old/young, what others will think)

Here’s the thing, they all come down to a belief that you are not

good / wise / smart / talented / (fill in the blank ___) enough “as is”

to do this thing.

It scares the crap out of you because it will push your ass forward and totally out of your comfort zone.

And it is supposed to do this for you.

You need it and you fight it tooth and nail.

Go figure. Hell, I do this too. It is human nature.


And here's the Big Secret you keep from yourself...

you are absolutely good (or whatever) enough to do this thing... It is wired into your DNA.

All you need is there inside of you. Really. Yeah. Really. All you need is inside you - picture of encouraging words and a thumbs up

And you know what else?

I have to friggin remind myself of this too, every time I'm ready to step out or step up to a new level.

Nuts, huh!?!


So back to Life Out of Balance…

How do you restore the precious balance?

Maybe you do it one day or one hour at a time or one tiny moment at a time. Whatever you can manage where you are right now.

You can start by stopping for a few breaths and come up from air.


Look around you. What is your environment and situation telling you, showing you? How does it feel? Is there:

  • Clutter or neatness or sterility (clean to the extreme)

  • Disorganization or “organized clutter” or everything in it’s place (perhaps rigid organization)

  • Disharmony or harmony

  • Density or lightness or a mix

  • Peace, love or something else less supportive


Check within you. Are you ignoring what your body is trying to tell you about:

  • How long you’ve been sitting in the same chair

  • The need for more rest or sleep

  • Body aches and pains that may require more attention or a massage

  • The food are you cramming into your body that may not be the fuel your body needs and wants

  • The need to get up and move your beautiful body

  • The reactions you are having to your food, beverages and environment... including the people and pets


Connect to Your Spirit.  Are you:

  • Missing your signs and messages?

  • Overlooking your guidance?

  • Ignoring or discounting your intuition?

  • Feeling grateful and appreciative?

  • Listening to your heart and your gut or are you letting logic and old programming dictate?

  • Maintaining boundaries or are you allowing fixing and people pleasing to ride roughshod over your soul?


Today, for an hour or more, give to YOU!

Feed your precious spirit instead of your carb cravings.

Acknowledge how far you’ve come.

Are you over the finish line? Of course not, sweetness, you are still alive.

There is no destination or deadline that supersedes your wellbeing.

You have a responsibility to you. Honor that.

Wonan standing in surf at beach with words "Restoring your balance"Come back to center.

Find your balance.

Find YOU again.

Remember or discover what you like,

and what you want.

What do you want?

Permission granted to follow that dream.


Please start seeing your goodness as something greater than any shit you bought into at any time in your life.

Fill yourself up, as best as you can in this place in time.

Give yourself some love… however that looks like for you.

Pamper yourself in some way (you don’t have to break the bank to do this either!).

Slow down. Get present (which means no dwelling in the past or fearing the future).

Allow yourself some breathing room and time to create.

No judgments. Creating stuff feeds the spirit.

Creating can be fixing a delicious meal, baking, sewing, making something, coloring, singing, dancing, making love, painting, sculpting and art of any kind, music, dreaming, writing and a bazillion other things.

Go play. You need this break.

Restore some balance sweet pea.

with my love & blessings,

Karen signature





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Posted by Karen M. Winkelman on Thursday, October 22, 2015 9:15 PM
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1 Comment
On Friday, October 23, 2015 at 6:41 PM
Glenda said...
"Thank you for this message. It spoke to my heart."

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