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"When you value you, you grant others permission to value themselves and you too!"
~ Karen M. Winkelman

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by Karen M. Winkelman Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014 and the start of a new cycle!

So much haJanuary is a 1 vibration, icicles in backgroundppening all at once. There is creation energy all around you waiting for you to mold it into what you wish to experience.

January is a 1 vibration and starts a new cycle into a 7 vibration year.

For 2014 we move from the 6 vibration of love to the 7 vibration of logic and intuition, spiritual growth and deeper understanding. (more on this in an upcomming post)

January fuels this new cycle with the powerful energy of the 1 vibration.

The number 1 is about

Individuality, New Beginnings Leadership, Creativity, Ideas, Inventions, Organization, Independence, Self-focused, Possibilities, Opening, and Initiation

The 1 vibration is a great time to start or explore something new.

1 is the number of beginnings and it is ripe with creative energy wanting to be expressed.

With the metaphysical/spiritual number 7 in play all year this new cycle may be prodding you to go deeper in your spiritual connection and seek out teachings that inspire you.

The Earth sign, Capricorn, will be working with the 1 vibration for most of the month. This means you might be feeling more ambitious than usual. You might want to go for a new job or ask for a raise.

Rather than shoot from the hip (which the 1 vibration often does) Capricorn will be urging you to take a more practical approach with less risk and to have everything planned out as best as possible… along with a contingency plan!

I can do anythingYou may feel like you can tackle anything right now, since the 1 brings in a wave of confidence.

Still check in with your heart and Spirit so ego doesn’t lead you down a bumpy road.

You may also find yourself wanting to control things more than usual… and may believe you know the best way to do something… or what is best for the other person.

When you find yourself wanting to control the world around you or pushing to make something happen, you are in your ego. Simply be aware of this and shift to your heart space.

Stop, take a breath, put your hand on your heart and take 3 deep breaths to return you to center.

From there you can decide whether your actions are aligned with what you truly wish to create.

Allow the ideas and creativity to flow to you and trust your intuitive guidance.

This is a great month to learn to discern the difference between your intuition and your logic mind… which will be something that will show up throughout this year as you learn to balance head and heart.

On the 20th of January we’ll move into the innovative air sign of Aquarius. A perfect mate for the 1 vibration of January.

You might be inspired to explore some new technology (gadget, software program, app, computer, etc.), or want to learn how to improve how you use the technology you already have.

You may also find yourself living in your head more towards the end of the month. You may have grand ideas… but will you take action?

For January, use this powerful 'new beginnings energy' to set the tone for your year.

Here are some things to ask yourself, think about, reflect on and journal about this month:

  • What do you want to start?
  • What new possibilities are opening up for you?girl pondering her options
  • What new possibilities would you like to explore?
  • What do you want to create, invent, initiate?
  • What ideas have you been playing with?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • What do you want to do?
  • What do you want this year to be like for you?
  • How can you take the lead on something (personally or professionally)?
  • How might you step into more of a leader role in your work, your family, your community?
  • How can you better organize your life?
  • How can you be better organized or systematized in your work or business?
  • What improvement, ideas or innovations would help your life run more smoothly for you?
  • Where do you want to express more of your individuality, your uniqueness?
  • Where are you being stubborn?
  • What are you trying to control?
  • Where are you being demanding (of yourself and others)?

This month, focus on what you wish to create, not only for the month but for this year.

And instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, how about a creating a New Year Playbook* or Vision Board that will guide you to manifest what you’d really like to do, be and have in 2014.

*[A playbook is like a workbook only more fun and more pictures... you can use a journal, notebook, spiral book or 3-ring binder.

Inside uou put pictures and words that fit what you are intending to creat and manifest in 2014. You write about what you want and why. You add to it as you feel the urge.

You update your progress and modify your intentions as you get more clear on your desires. You add in affirmations and inspirations to keep you on track.

And you check in and look at it frequently. So it is a more interactive version of a vision board. Feeling inspired to create one for yourself?

And yes, it can be digital, although I prefer to have something I can hold in my hands.]

Extra manifesting mojo tip:

You have 2 new moons this month to help you create your vision for 2014 – January 1 and January 30.

Use at least one of them to write out your intentions, or write a letter to the Universe about what you wish to create for 2014…

...and to help you bring it to fruition, make a simple Vision Board or Vision Playbook (a notebook, journal, or 3-ring binder) with pictures and words that capture the essence of what you wish to manifest.

Create with courage and be inspired!Happy New Year fortune cookie

Happy New Year! Blessings galore,


PS. Chinese New Year is on Friday, January 31 and 2014 is the year of the Wood Horse. So we will say goodbye to the Year of the Snake and Hello to the year of the Horse! (more on that later)

Posted by Karen M. Winkelman on Wednesday, January 1, 2014 12:00 AM
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"I am really grateful to the owner of this website who has shared this wonderful piece of writing at at this place."

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