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by Karen Winkelman Thursday, May 11, 2017

Girl holding a camera at beach; focus on what you want; April's 4 vibrationMarch’s energy was encouraging you to fully express yourself…

     your true self.

How did you do?

Did you get more comfortable being you?

Did you make time to play and have fun?


I hope so, because this month’s energy is grounded in the practical zone.

April’s 4 vibration isn’t into play.

The 4 is the workhorse of the numerology world. The 4 likes to feel confident, productive and secure, so it spends time building a solid foundation.

In numerology, April is a 4 vibration.

The essence of the 4 vibration is Stability, Focus, Process, Security, Detail, Organization, Concentration, Planning, Practical, Responsible, Foundations, Precision, and Dedicated Effort.

And the 4 is a no-nonsense kind of number.

It is reminding you that it is time to be practical and pay attention.

Here’s the theme of the year so far:

  • January’s 1 vibration was encouraging you to own your true self,
  • February’s 2 vibration was inviting you to develop a better and healthier relationship with yourself,
  • March’s 3 vibration was urging you to express yourself honestly,
  • now April’s 4 vibration is asking you focus on what you want in your life.

See how the progression works to help you!

[If you want a refresher on what 2017 is about you can read my blog post or watch the video]


While January through March the energy was on expanding your horizons and opening to the possibilities around you...

April’s energy is putting you on notice that it is now time to narrow your focus down.


You have to focus your energy on a few things at a time in order to bring them to fruition.

If your energy is scattered all over the place, it will be difficult for you to reach your goals and bring your dreams and desires to life.


Ah, so now it’s decision time!


What do you want?

You can’t focus on what you want unless you know what it is, right?!


Spend some time at the beginning of the month (before we go into a Mercury Retrograde on the 9th) to meditate on what you want.

Journal about it,

think about it,

make lists,

talk to a trusted friend (someone who is not a bubble-bursting dream smasher).

Then decide what you want in your life.

Sometimes it helps to determine what you want to feel and experience.

If you have trouble making commitments, then focus on what you want for now.

If you are open to working with the New Cycle creative energy of 2017’s 1 vibration, then decide on what you want this year and going forward.

You can always make changes!

But if you don’t decide, put a stake in the ground, then you won’t make progress.

When you don’t decide,

you keep all options open and swirling in a confused state.

When you want to see all the steps and outcome before deciding,

you keep it cloaked in mystery.

When you make a decision, that’s when the next steps are revealed.

So, get to it this month.

Decide what you want.

Decide to have it.

And decide to take the necessary steps to bring it into your life.

Then Give Yourself PERMISSION to Create it!


Mercury Retrograde Alert:

April 9th kicks off this Mercury retrograde period. It ends on May 3rd. That’s 3 ½ weeks of slowing down.

That also means your taxes will be filed during a Mercury Retrograde (unless you are super on top of things and got them done early!). So take extra time review everything before filing.

Precautions to take:

Mercury affects communications of all kinds, schedules, legal things and electronic gear.

Take extra care and time with all your communications – written and spoken – otherwise, the chance for miscommunication and misunderstanding runs high.

Back up your computers.

Stay flexible with your plans... things may change in a heartbeat, and change again.

Mercury retrograde is a good time for

revisiting, re-visioning, remembering, reconnecting, revising, rethinking, recalibrating, relaxing, renewing, repurposing restoring… and taking things slower. Slow and steady.

This could be somewhat challenging because the April Aries energy wants to go-go-go, and the 4 (April) and 1 (2017) vibrations want to achieve.

Just remember, like in the fable, slow and steady wins the race.

By the way, the shadow of the retrograde may have an affect about a week to ten days before the actual retrograde and extend a week or so after Mercury goes direct.


Here are some other ways the 4 vibration (April) combined with the 1 vibration (2017) may show up for you this month:


Both the 1 and 4 vibration like things organized. Everything in its place. Neat, orderly and dependable. So you may feel pulled to clean out that closet or dresser that’s been bugging you. Or get through that pile-o-papers that you’ve been trying to ignore for months or years.

This is a great time for getting your office and house in tip-top shape. Clear clutter, reorganize, streamline. The combo of 1 and 4 during a Mercury retrograde makes it an excellent time to clear out or sort through old stuff you have lying about and decide what to keep and what to toss. What loose ends are there in any documents? Get them straightened out this month.


Both the 1 and 4 vibrations love to have a detailed plan. (or at least a napkin sketch) of where you’re going and how you are planning to get there. Incorporate strategy plus ideas and timeframes.

And if you are trying to get something done, like a project, then pick a due date. Put it on the calendar, commit to it, then plan backwards from that date to see when you need to start and what you have to do each day or week to reach your goal.


The 4 vibration is concerned with the present and the future. Yet is motivated by past feelings of safety, security and and stability. The 1 is willing to take risks to get where it wants to go. The 4 vibration is risk-averse.

The 4 reminds you to build stable foundations for your life now and going forward and to be practical. A solid foundation in your life and work helps you prevent shifting sands from upsetting your plans.

So take a good look at what you need to take care of that you’ve been neglecting or avoiding. What steps do you need to take to create a more stable foundation in your life? You don’t have to do them all at once yet it would be helpful to at least know what they are and put a plan in place to address them this month!


Now let’s take a look at the flip side of the energy this month…

Here are some common ways the Shadow of 4 (April) and 1 (2017) vibrations may appear in your life: 

The top two are perfectionism and control.


Really notice where you are trying to control things and manage others… including managing other people’s emotions and reactions. Stop it! It is coming from insecurity and possibly fear. Why do you feel you have to control stuff? Look at that instead. Therein lies a path to healing


Many of us suffer from this insidious behavior and its sister resistance. Perfectionism, followed by heavy doses of resistance is one of my weaknesses. There is no perfect because things are always in motion. Aim for good enough or if you have extremely high standards, aim for excellence.

Procrastination is also coming from fear. So when it shows up, ask yourself what are you really afraid of? That you’re not good enough, you’ll be judged in unkind ways, you don’t know how, you want to be right, you’re afraid of making a mistake or looking stupid… these are all common reasons why we procrastinate. Be aware and then be kind to yourself. AND, be willing to explore the real reason why you are doing this.


Ask for some Angel Assistance

You can always ask Archangel Uriel to shine a light of awareness on your need to be perfect or be in control it if you struggle with understanding why you do these things.  


For those of you who like to have questions to journal or ponder about…

  • What do you really want?

  • Where do you need to focus your energy and your efforts now?

  • What details do you need to pay attention to?

  • How can you get better organized?

  • How can you plan better for your future?

  • What do you need?

  • Where does your financial security fit into your plans?

  • What aspects of your life, business or career are on shaky ground?

  • Where do you feel stable?

  • Where do you feel unstable?

  • What would make you feel more stable in life and your work?

  • Where do you need to work harder and apply yourself to get results that you want?

  • Where do you need to be more practical?

  • Where do you need more discipline or a steady routine?

  • What you need to take care of that you’ve been neglecting or avoiding?


Decide what you want and give yourself permission to have it!

with love & blessings & appreciation for you,


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Note: Parts of this blog post appeared on my monthly numerology post on Sunny Dawn Johnston's website in April 2017.


Posted by Karen Winkelman on Thursday, May 11, 2017 2:44 PM
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