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by Karen Winkelman Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Girl Playing guitar; words "express Yourself, March's 3 vibrationHow are you expressing yourself?

Joyfully, truthfully, passionately...

quietly, peacefully, creatively…

intermittently, smugly, apologetically…

or are you expressing in other ways or multiple ways?

Are you expressing yourself in a way that others expect you to, or are you being true to you?

Or are you feeling shut down and not really expressing at all?

Well the 3 Vibration of this month (March), combined with the 1 Vibration of all 2017, puts you on notice:

It is time to Express Yourself!  

Your true self.

No more masks and hiding behind what you think others want, need or expect.

It is you, owning your unique form of brilliance, and expressing yourself in ways that make you feel alive.

Just like the girl in the picture blissing with her turquoise (Throat Chakra- expressing!) guitar.

You don’t need to play an instrument, sing or be an artist to express yourself.

Your voice is the most powerful tool of self-expression.

Speaking and writing from your heart are so potent.


February’s 2 vibration was inviting you to create a better relationship with yourself... and cultivate inner peace and balance.

March invites you to express more of your authentic self and nurture yourself… and your Inner Child!  

Reconnect to that playful, creative, innocent, inventive, excited part of yourself.


March is a 3 vibration, according to Numerology.

The number 3 is about Self-Expression (in all forms), Self-Nurturing, Pampering,

Enjoyment, Communicating, Socializing, Passion, Sensuality,

Enthusiasm, Excitement, Sensitivity, Artistic Creation,

Words (written and spoken), Playfulness, Joy,

Light-heartedness, Fun and Humor.

When did it become wrong somehow to fully and honestly express yourself, be silly, and do things because you feel like it?

“Growing up” does not mean shutting down your creative essence.

You are allowed to be happy.

Even in crappy circumstances you can choose to be happy, find the humor in something, and do things that lift and feed your Spirit.


Instead of complaining about things, practice appreciating things.

(OK, you can bitch about it to 2-3 people and then stop!

Each time you use the power of your words (the power of creation) you feed the energy of the thing you don’t want. And, yep, you get more of the uck.

So yes, express yourself honestly and complain if you need to get it out of you… and stop after the 3rd time.

Then choose to focus on something more positive.)

So back to the practice of appreciating:

When you appreciate something, even something simple like a sunset or a cool breeze or a glass of water, your energy lifts up and a smile naturally bubbles to the surface.

Appreciation and gratitude are my two failsafe charms that lift my funk… when I allow myself to do it.

Yes, you read that right...

When I allow myself to do it.

Even with the work I do, and knowing my tools and my connection to Source, sometimes I feel like wallowing in the stew.

When I can’t talk myself out of it and reach for gratitude and appreciation or another tool, then I allow myself to sit in the funk for a little bit longer.

No judgement about it.

It must be serving a purpose even if I don’t know what it is.

Eventually I decide enough is enough and climb back up into the light.

I’m sharing this with you so you don’t think you’re the exception.

We can all go into that sucky stew.

And we can all break free of it too!


One of the things I do is go on an Appreciation Blitz.

I walk around and appreciate everything in my house or environment.

If I’m on the road I appreciate the roads, the people who built the roads, my car, the people who built the car, the songs on the radio, the landscape, the colors, textures, every little thing I see.

And with each item of appreciation, stated out loud, my Spirit lifts higher and higher until my face hurts from smiling.

Yes, it is that powerful a tool.

Give it a go.

Dare ya!


Here are some ways the 3 vibration (March) combined with the 1 vibration (2017) may show up for you this month:


Many of us have been conditioned since we were young that fully expressing ourselves was somehow wrong, undesirable or inappropriate.

Being brilliant at reading the energy of our surroundings (parents, teachers, communities, and so on) you may have morphed who you are and how you express yourself to fit in with what you determined was safe and acceptable at a tender young age.

And you lost touch with you in the process.

But you are still you inside!

The 1 vibration of 2017 is coaxing your true self back up to the surface.

Be bold and fearless and unapologetically you.

If you’ve been afraid to speak up for yourself, this month and year can help you find that courage.

If you’ve been trying to please others with the way you are expressing, this year will not support that behavior anymore.

It is time to be willing to express yourself honestly… and with kindness.

This year and month inspires creativity of all kinds.

What do you want to create? Play with it, no judgment.

What delights you? Do more of that.

If you aren’t sure, then let curiosity be your guide.

Does it feel light? That’s a go.

Does it feel heavy or constricting? That’s a no.



Start nurturing you!

Each morning check in with yourself on:

1) how you feel, physically and emotionally, and

2) what you need, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Honor how you feel. Give yourself what you need or ask for help if that’s what you need (and be willing to accept that help!).

When I ask my body what it needs each day, I often get “more rest” or “movement” as the answer.

Then I do my best to give my body that rest or movement it desires.

The 1 vibration this year is helping you to become more self-focused, in a positive and healthy way.

You may be excellent at nurturing others. Now it’s time to fill your well first so you stop depleting yourself!

Check in with yourself and determine what self-care you need.

Do you need to get a checkup, modify your diet, get some exercise, more sleep, a massage, energy work, quiet time for reflection, meditation, laughter, fun, play, time in nature, or something else?

Give yourself what you need.

No pushing yourself. TLC is required now. 



Are you allowing time for fun or are you taking everything too seriously?

The energy this month encourages you to lighten up. Have fun.

Do things that make you laugh… or at least smile.

Connect with your inner kid.

You don’t always need to be practical. In fact, if you don’t make room for fun, your personal energy bogs down, and things don’t flow as smoothly.

If you allow a play break, you may have that breakthrough you are looking for.

Inspiration comes from connecting to that childlike playfulness and wonderment.

You can see things with “fresh eyes” and solutions and options appear where you didn’t notice them before.

Schedule some fun and playtime into your life right now!

Then do it!


Now let’s take a look at the flip side of the energy this month…

Here are some common ways the Shadow of 3 (March) and 1 (2017) vibrations may appear in your life: 

  • Being self-indulgent, self-centered, or vain

  • Wanting attention and acting out to get it

  • Being critical, egotistical or manipulative

  • Exaggerating and telling stories that are only partly true

  • Overdoing and over-indulging

  • Withdrawing from everything, or being too social and exhausting yourself

  • Feeling blocked creatively, passionately and sensually

  • Uninspired or apathetic


The Shadow shows you where you are out of alignment in some area of your life.

Often it points to where you aren’t showing up for yourself in some way.

If you find yourself in the Shadow, here are some things that can help you shift it:

  • Create something

  • Make something

  • Color (have colored pencils or crayons on hand along with a fun coloring book)

  • Paint
  • Write, journal about what’s going on
  • Laugh, watch a funny movie

  • Use appreciation or gratitude

  • Make some impromptu art or write about how you feel (spend 5-10 minutes on this; your doodles may give you insight to what is really going on!)

  • Dance

  • Sing
  • Ask your inner child to show you this from innocent eyes of wonder and curiosity… and play
  • Take a play break

  • Take a nap

  • Pamper yourself in some healthy way

You might create a list of 5 things you can easily do and have that on hand, because we often forget when we are in the throes of the Uck!


Ask for some support from the Angelic Realms!

  • Archangel Jophiel is an excellent source to call on for assistance this month to help you reconnect with your sense of beauty, joy, playfulness, creativity and passionate self-expression.

Ask Archangel Jophiel to help you connect to your inspiration, creativity, and joy. Imagine you are surrounded by a vibrant yellow light. Imagine it flowing through you. Appreciate the beauty that surrounds you and know the beauty resides within you as well.


  • Archangel Gabriel is a great source to help you express yourself honestly.

Ask Archangel Gabriel to help you communicate more clearly and have the courage to speak your truth. Imagine a soft white light surrounding you and moving through you. Imagine you are now receiving your messages more clearly and you have the courage and confidence to speak and express yourself.


If you’d like a refresher on the energy of 2017 and what the heck that all means, you can read about it here: Ring in the New”  

And watch my video 2017 A New Cycle Begins


This month, explore what it means to fully and honestly express yourself.

Then expand and improve on it throughout the year.

Play with different ways of expressing yourself:

with art, movement, song, words, writing and whatever else your imagination offers.

Do things that are fun and make you feel alive.

Be silly just because.

Hang out with people that make you feel good.

Go play.

Watch movies that make you laugh.

And pick a couple of ways to nurture yourself and do them regularly.

Create an expressive month that delights you!

Much love and blessings,


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Note: Parts of this blog post appeared on my monthly numerology post on Sunny Dawn Johnston's website.

Posted by Karen Winkelman on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 12:00 AM
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