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by Karen M. Winkelman Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On Friday night (May 9th) I taught a Number Wisdom class on embracing change.

While I created the class to help people deal with May’s 5 vibration energy of change, adventure, and flexibility (you can read more about May’s energy here or watch a video on it here)Spirit had some additional ideas to include in the mix.

First Spirit gifted me with a divine download of a Sigil that represents change. Actually I received 3 different sigils, the 2 sigils that I used in the class were Embody Change and Change Reveals Truth.

And I’ve been guided to share them with my wonderful readers here today.

Here are the sigils with the descriptions of what they mean

Embody Change Sigil with descriptionChange Reveals Truth Sigil with description














Here are the sigils without the descriptions...

Embody Change SigilChange Reveals Truth Sigil















These sigils are energy infused with the vibration of the element of change they represent.

You can use them to help you to deal with changes happening in your life.

To work with them you can either print them out

or use them right here on the webpage.

Place your hand over the sigil and allow the essence of it to come into your energy field.

If you are having an emotional or spiritual issue around change, then definitely use your left hand (that’s the feminine receptor side).

If you are having a problem or challenge around taking action, making changes or physically dealing with changes in your life, use your right hand (that is the active, masculine aspect).

If you’re not sure or just totally stuck in resistance to change then I invite you to use both hands!

As you work with the sigils, keep an open mind and

allow yourself to be open to aligning with the highest vibration that they represent.

Read the words below the sigils to help your mind understand the vibration you are allowing yourself to receive.

The other addition Spirit added to the class on Friday was a guided meditation, and an energetic clearing and realignment with the vibrations of change, freedom, flexibility, adaptability and adventure.

Complete with some toning to lock it into place. The energy was awesome... you could actually feel it. It was one of those "goose bumps" moments!

It was a really cool class and I am so blessed that I get to do this work!

Looking forward to what Spirit guides me to next.

And learning to get comfortable taking one step at a time rather than needing to see the entire path laid out in front of me before taking that first step.

And yes, that is what embracing and embodying change is about… learning to trust and surrender control to a higher power!

Embrace and Embody Change!

Love & blessings,


PS. If you need some help dealing with change, perhaps a private session with me would help you.

With gratitude for my guides and angels for bringing in these sigils! You are awesome!

And appreciation for my friends, family, clients, teachers, coworkers and students for all the diverse and interesting lessons around change! I love you heart

Posted by Karen M. Winkelman on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 12:00 AM
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Embracing Change
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