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by Karen Winkelman Saturday, November 26, 2016

NCultivate Peace, Patience and a new perspective, November 2 vibrationovember is a 2 vibration, according to numerology, which is about:

Different Perspectives, Duality, Polarity, Peace, Cooperation, Collaboration, Partnerships, Relationships, Balance, Patience, Compromise, and creating Win-Win Scenarios.

Since November is the 11th month of the year, we also have the subtle undertones of the “creative visionary” Master Number 11 working the with the 2 energy.

This brings in the additional aspects of Creativity, Vision, Justice, Confidence, and Diplomacy.

So pay attention to your dreams and intuitive inspirations this month.

They may hold wonderful clues in uncovering what is blocking you or what emotions and situations are being worked on and cleared in the dreamtime.

Your dreams may also be visionary glimpses into possibilities for you to explore as you enter a new 9-year cycle in 2017.

Or perhaps they’ll be precognitive dreams showing you things that may happen in the near or distant future.

Relationships are always front and center whenever the 2 vibration shows up.

This month the focus is on your relationship with you... as well as seeing things from a different perspective.

We often see what we expect to see or believe is going on... this filters out other essential parts of what is truly going on.

Come to a new understanding of duality and suspend judgements so that you may see more clearly what is going on.

This is also a time for regaining or finding your inner balance.

And the balance between your mind and body, the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies, and shedding outdated programming and beliefs and denser emotions like hate, anger, fear, resentment, shame, blame and guilt.

This is part of the letting go process of 2016 that is helping you release the past and raise your vibration.

Here’s a video I channeled for you with more information about November’s energy.


So, What The Heck Is Going On???

Since 2012, we’ve been slogging through intense energy, intense feelings, and intense situations.

All of this intensity is designed to help you to raise your vibration by

  • shedding outdated, obsolete and erroneous programming that hinders you (beliefs, patterns, behaviors, etc.)

  • becoming aware of your unexpressed/unacknowledged feelings and emotions that keep you stuck in old patterns

  • expressing and releasing those old stuck emotions and letting them move through you and out

  • releasing any stuck energy you’re still holding hold onto – this physical and non-physical (mental/emotional) crap is being coaxed to the surface to ultimately liberate you

This churning upsets your equilibrium.

You may feel you are on a rollercoaster or see-saw most of the time.

You’re up, you’re down, you’re swaying in the wind, you’re struggling to find solid footing, and you’re hanging on for dear life.

And when you’re in the middle of this crazy chaotic ride, you may forget you have tools to use to help you through it. I know I forget sometimes!


November is here to remind you that you need to restore or find your balance, your strong and flexible center.

Your Inner Peace.

And often the way the Universe encourages you to find your own inner peace is by giving you opportunities that seem anything but peaceful to navigate.

Choose Peace.

Even if the outside world is going nuts, you don’t have to be dragged into the drama or the circus. You have a choice.

Inner Balance is a form of Power.

Think of Inner Balance as your Teflon Shield… everything going on outside slides off. Nothing sticks to you.

From this inner balance or inner peace you can then open to seeing the nutso world around you from a different perspective. Detached from the goings-on.


Some ways the 2 (November) and the 9 (2016) vibrations may show up for you this month are:

Relationships:  The 2 is the number of relationships... with other people, with situations, jobs, work, and with yourself. Since the 9 energy is cleaning house all year:

  • What relationships are not working for you?

  • What can you do to improve the relationship with yourself and your Spirit?

  • What relationships require forgiveness?

  • What relationships are ending… or needing to end?

  • What new relationships are forming?

  • How can you find balance and support in your relationships going forward?

  • What can you appreciate today about any of your relationships?


Patience: The 2 vibration teaches patience.

If you are normally impatient, you may be given opportunities to learn patience and to go with the flow… especially with the 9 vibration nudging you to let go of what no longer works.

Impatience is a waste of energy and increases stress and often builds frustration which may lead to anger at yourself and others and situations.

Impatience deepens the rut you are in and lengthens the time you spend there.

Patience uses the time and energy productively.

Practice patience and be compassionate with yourself!

An exercise I like to do when I’m stuck in traffic or on a long line (like at the post office!) is to bring myself to a peaceful center and then imagine waves of love and patience spreading out from my heart to everyone in the vicinity.

It can shift the energy.

I’ve had strangers turn around to me a smile. I smile back.

Where are you being impatient?

What are you expecting that might not be realistic?


Duality: We live in a world of duality and the outside world continues to increase the focus on polarity and separateness. 

Duality and Polarity are related: positive-negative, right-wrong, good-bad… and most of these are really judgements and your point of view or perspective.

Learn to tell the difference between judging something and discerning.

Discernment is observation of what is without assigning a judgment around what it “should be” instead.

Find a middle ground, imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes, and seek to see with new eyes, without your preconceived beliefs influencing you.

  • How does that change things?
  • What new awareness do you have?

The 9 seeks the truth. There are infinite shades of grey between black and white.

  • How is polarity or duality showing up in your life?
  • What possibilities arise when you switch from “either this-or that” to “both this and that”… when you are inclusive rather than restrictive?
  • What comes up for you?
  • How do you integrate your masculine and feminine energies? Can you honor both?


Compromise: Keep an open mind and heart to reaching benevolent compromises and healthy collaborations.

Create win-win solutions by looking for ways to honor the needs of all involved.

Find a reasonable middle ground or solution to things that does not diminish anyone in the process.

Strive for balance and peace without succumbing to people-pleasing and codependency.

The 9 will help you come from compassion.


Peering into the Shadows

The 2 and 11 Vibrations also have a Shadow Side, so here are some ways the shadow may appear in your life, especially in a year of letting go and completion. 

  • The shadow of the 2 shows up as complacent, co-dependent, people-pleasing, and impatient.


  • The shadow of the 11 casts a web of illusion and delusion. So be careful that you aren’t buying into a story or belief that simply isn’t true.

When you find yourself in the shadow, pause and understand it’s OK, it is an opportunity for awareness about  a part of you that needs love, is in fear or triggered by a childhood wound.

Pause and Breathe. Find your center.

You are feeling and reacting this way for a reason.

Ask yourself if it’s true, or ask yourself what is really going on, what's this really about.

Then ask yourself what do you really need at this moment…  and give it to yourself in the best way you can.


Bottom Line

2016 is the end of the 9-year cycle that began in 2008. A new cycle begins with January of 2017. 

We’ve been living with and swirling in the 9 vibration of Truth, Integrity, Wisdom, Compassion, Inspiration, Caring, Empathy, Forgiveness, Completion, and Letting Go all of 2016.

We’re almost through it.

Be patient and kind with yourself and everyone one else you interact with.


Choose to connect to your inner peace and inner balance.

Choose every day or every minute if you have to.

Pause and Breathe.

You can still feel heavy emotions and let them pass through, then go back to inner balance.


Be open to collaborating and compromising.

Look for ways to find a middle ground or benevolent solution to things that don’t diminish anyone in the process.


Be aware of any polarity or duality and learn to find a middle ground or balance.

See the abundance in your life instead of focusing on the lack.

Look at the situation from a different perspective.


This is one of my favorite affirmations to use when I know I’ll be entering a drama-rich situation or environment:

“I remain calm and peaceful in the eye of the storm.”


May you find your balance and peaceful center this month and develop a stronger and healthier relationship with yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA. Happy Thanksgiving

And heartfelt gratitude to everyone.


with love & blessings & appreciation for you,


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Note: Parts of this blog post appeared on my monthly numerology post on Sunny Dawn Johnston's website.

Posted by Karen Winkelman on Saturday, November 26, 2016 4:48 PM
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