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by Karen M. Winkelman Sunday, August 2, 2015

Girl with hand on window, rain drops, and words Breaking Down before Breaking ThroughOr why life seems like it is spinning out of control and you don’t know which end is up anymore.

First, let me assure you that you are not alone in this.

Cosmic forces are helping us shed long held patterns and let go of some of the baggage we’ve held on to for, oh, Lifetimes!

It can be crazy making. You may feel like you are losing your mind.

And it may be painful – physically and emotionally. And it is uncomfortable. At times, excruciatingly so.

It’s almost like abruptly being tossed back into your early hormonal teen years where you had no clue who you were or what you were doing on this blue orb circling the sun.

Life was an emotional rollercoaster.

Your body was doing weird shit.

And you didn’t feel like you fit in your skin anymore, never mind fitting in with your family or community or even your classmates.

Island of lost souls was your new forwarding address.

And now you are an adult and WFT, you feel like an emotional wreck again.

And your body is doing more weird shit.

Breaking out, bloating, and reacting to foods you once loved.

And sleep patterns altered (if you are able to sleep), dreams intensified, nameless anxieties and day-to-day stresses keep you on hair trigger alert and life as you thought you knew it is changing on a daily (if not hourly) basis.

I’m not immune either. This year has challenged me on some of my old wounds and it hasn’t been pretty. I tailspinned into my own mini dark night of the soul about two months ago.

The good news was I recognized where I was and that the only way through was through it.

To sit in the dark, unafraid, until my gut, intuition or a trusted healer switched my flashlight on and illuminated the thing that needed to be dealt with.

Once I recognized the issue…and faced it… I did the inner work and cleared it.

When I came out the other side I felt renewed and alive and ready to go to the next level of my work.

My issue – if you’re interested - was around power. I’ll go into the whole “power-struggle of the lightworker” in another post.

It was so friggin timely, as we are in the 8 vibration (based on numerology) for the entire year of 2015. (you can read more about 2015 here or here or watch my video on it here)

The key aspects of the 8 vibration are:

Fortune: abundance, money, finances, prosperity, profitability

Power: power struggles, giving it away, playing victim, standing in your power

Fame: being seen, recognized, appreciated, success

Material Mastery: mastering your material world through higher guidance rather than logic and ego, mastering being in a physical body.

Other aspects are problem solving, leading, humanitarian causes and systems/organizing.

The energy all year has been intense and a bit wonky as anything out of balance in any of the above areas was pulled front and center for you to look at and get to the root of it and heal it, clear it, release it.

To add to the energy madness, and the whole "breaking down before breaking through" method of growth, two celestial influencers that directly relate to the 8 vibration went into retrograde the same weekend.

Venus and Uranus are pretty much adding some fuel to the fire. Is it getting hot in here?!

Venus retrogrades from July 25 until Sept 6

Astrologically speaking, Venus rules love, relationships, karma, values, beauty, desire, health and money. So while she is retrograde, expect unresolved or ignored issues in these areas to show up for you to address.

And since we are in the 8 vibration, money, health, self-worth, and relationships will demand attention. You may question them or suddenly see them in a new way, and see where you can no longer tolerate what is going on with you in these areas.

Use this time wisely.

Get clear on what makes you happy, get the check-up you’ve been putting off, taking better care of yourself, be a better steward for your money and if a pattern seems karmic, get help to get to the cause and clear it.

Uranus retrogrades from July 26 till December 25… that’s 5 months of pressure to tear down what no longer is working.

This is the rebel planet, instigating change and insisting we take a real hard look at what is and isn’t working…. in your life and in the world.

When Uranus is in retrograde it demands that you face the areas in your life that are crying out for change. Although you might not want to make the required changes.

Tearing down what no longer works so the new can be created. Yeah, it may hurt a bit, but it doesn’t have to.

The energy these two planets introduce is a necessary part in breaking down of the old systems and constructs and ways of being (including beliefs) on a personal, societal and planetary level, to pave way for the birth of a new, healthy, sustainable, liberating way of being.

When Uranus goes direct on December 25th, we stand poised to make a quantum leap forward in the areas we addressed. And at the very least, it can provide the jump start you need to get going on a path more in alignment with your Soul.

If you want to understand more about Venus and Uranus retrograde here are two terrific articles by Alex Myles:

Double Trouble – Venus and Uranus Retrograding Together

Venus Retrograde 2015: Relationship Karma Goes Full Frontal


Now, more than ever, the journey is inward.

And my guides tell me that it is no longer necessary to know or understand "why" to let it go. You can simply decide that whatever the reason is, you no longer require this pattern in your life and you are willing to let it go.

Call on higher self or angels and guides to help you dissolve and uncreate what you created. If all aspects of you are aligned with letting go, it goes quickly. It will require you redefining, or reclaiming who you are, and shedding that which limits and constricts your light.

Indeed, buckle your seatbelts, we're in for a bumpy ride!

For those who have been avoiding the journey in and always looking outside or refusing to take responsibility, well, this may be an intense period.

Look at it this way,

the Universe is conspiring for your highest good and growth.

It may be crazy uncomfortable, so the more you fight and resist the changes, the more intense it will be.

Stop struggling.


And no matter what be kind and gentle with yourself.

Why do we have the breakdown before the breakthrough?

You know, we may just be tough nuts to crack!

with love and blessings,





PS. I'd love to hear your thoughts breaking through and how the energy is showing up for you... share in the comments area below!

PPS. Please share my blog post and help me be of service to others... Thanks a bunch!

Posted by Karen M. Winkelman on Sunday, August 2, 2015 10:49 PM
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