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by Karen M. Winkelman Friday, May 16, 2014

Wave with words: Are Tsunamis of change washing over youI’m obviously on a roll here about change!

Yes, another post in the same week on the topic of change. And yes, it really is that important.

There is so much change going on in the world today.

Everyone is being touched by the ripples and sometimes tsunamis of change.

Aren’t you? I know I am.


Although we are not in a 5 vibration year (that happened in 2012! – nope, no coincidence there!) it still feels like 5 energy all around us.

True, May is a 5 vibrational month, yet changes have been rippling through all year long.

Actually world class changes got set in motion during 2012 and we are still feeling (and in some cases reeling) from the aftershocks and additional change-quakes popping up all over the place.

Get used to change being the new norm.

We are recreating the world, recreating who we are, rediscovering our truth, and reestablishing our connection with Source/Spirit/ Creator… In short, we are undergoing a massive wake-up call across the board.

We are also in what I call the “void of creation.”

Things are falling apart and new systems, new ways of being haven’t firmly gelled yet. So what works one day might not work the next day.

And what worked in the past most likely isn’t working well anymore, unless, of course, it was already aligned with Spirit.

And if it was already aligned with Spirit, chances are you’ve been guided to make subtle or not so subtle tweaks and adjustments along the way so it really isn’t exactly how or what you did in the past, it has adapted (yes, that’s another 5 energy) to what is needed now.

You may even be questioning who you are now and no longer feel like who you were Caution signe with changesfits the bill anymore.

Another way I see changes showing up is in how your body handles foods… and even the types of foods you may want to eat.

While it could be a sign of growing older and the physical changes that come with it, it could also be a sign that your body is changing and evolving and wants a higher vibrational food to use to give it fuel.

We are in this change cycle for at least a few more years.

2017 will start a new 9-year cycle.

By 2017, I think we’ll start seeing signs of new systems coming on line… fledgling at first and not necessarily sustainable.

I do feel that we’ll be in this change soup for decades as we get clearer on who we are at a core level and what it is we wish to co-create in this world that is sustainable, inclusive, and energetically uplifting and life-affirming.

So it's time to embrace change!

It is inevitable and your resistance to it is futile and causing you pain and frustrations galore.

(Yeah, and you thought it was change that was making you feel that way! It's your resistance...)


Here’s an article I wrote for Smart Healthy Woman magazine on the topic of change and our resistance to it. It appeared in their Newsstand Issue 6, March 2014.

The editor just let me know it is now available on their Online Smart Healthy Woman magazine, so you won't need a subscription to the magazine to read it.

Change is Inevitable: Your Resistance is Futile!

girl looking frustrated; words resistance is futile, change inevitableHow do you feel about change?

Do you resist it or open your arms wide to embrace it?

Perhaps you take up residence in the Land of Denial and pretend that everything is going to stay just the way it is forever and it will all be just peachy.

Or maybe you go into hunker-down mode and try to control various aspects of the change... and negotiate with change: “you can change this but not that.”

Where change is concerned, if you’re not opening your arms to it you are resisting it.

Resisting is futile. It won’t stop change from happening, but you might be dragged through the door rather than walking on your own two feet.

You can read the rest of the article here


Some questions to play with on your journey to embracing change:

  • What changes in your life, relationships or work are you resisting?
  • What changes do you know you really need to make now?
  • What is stopping you? What are you afraid of?
  • What scares you about change?
  • Where do you wish you were more flexible?
  • What changes would be freeing or liberating for you?
  • What changes have you gone through in your life that may have scared you when it happened but actually turned out to be a good thing?
  • How is this impending change similar or different?
  • What might the gift be in this change?
  • What small change are you willing to be open to making now?

Stop judging change as bad. Start embracing change...

How about today?

Love & blessings,




Posted by Karen M. Winkelman on Friday, May 16, 2014 12:00 AM
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Are Tsunamis of Change Washing Over You?
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