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"Yesterday is a cancelled check; tomorrow is a promissory note; today is the only cash you have - so spend it wisely."
~ Kay Lyons

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by Karen M. Winkelman Friday, January 2, 2015

uniting heaven & earth - picture of the stars and earthHappy New Year Beautiful Beings!

With the New Year comes a New Cycle in the vibrational world of numerology.

(According to numerology, we live our lives in a series of 9 year cycles, each building upon the last as we spiral into our understanding of self.)

2015 heralds the 8 vibration of material mastery with spiritual guidance.

Which means we will be playing in the energy of the 8 vibration all year long!

The 8 vibration resonates with Abundance, Power, Recognition, and Success.

The balancing act here is often between following ego and listening to spirit.

Last year, 2014, was a journey into balancing the head and heart, blending intuition and intellect, moving from judgment to discernment, and learning to trust yourself.

The journey of 2014 was an inward introspective one.

If you showed up for yourself, things shifted.

If you tried to defer it, well, I bet you’re still stuck and struggling and railing against it.

This year (2015) we will be confronting our money issues, ego issues, and power issues.

Last year (2014) was a journey in, this year (2015) is a journey Up and Out.

The major Chakras being activated in 2015 are the Root & Crown.

Our connection with our core and our security along with our connection to source and our higher guidance.

Uniting Heaven & Earth / Spirit & Ego

Dealing with the 8 Vibration and Material Mastery

Aside from being a number, the 8 contains two symbols in one:

On its side the 8 is an infinity symbol, very powerful.

Standing upright, the eight is two connected circles representing heaven and earth, the divine and the material, spirit and ego.

Ok, well and good, so what can we expect to happen in an 8 year?

Well that depends on your mindset, your beliefs and your relationship with money, power and acknowledgment.

Themes that will likely show up as we learn to master manifesting from a place of “guided by spirit” rather than controlled by ego or fear or past actions:

  • Indulgences of all kinds followed by restrictions

  • Expansions and growth followed by contractions and consolidations

  • Feast and famine across all areas

  • Challenges around being driven by Ego or guided by Spirit

  • Need for recognition, acknowledgement and appreciation

  • Internal and external power struggles of all kinds: at home, work, community, the country, the world

How this may show up for you:

  • Claiming your power, standing in your power, usurping power, giving your power away

  • The struggle between acting out from ego and making aligned choices from Spirit

  • Cash flow highs and lows… aka a money roller-coaster

  • Crashing into your money ceilings… how can you make more money and/or how can you keep more of what you make

  • Spending vs Saving money

  • The struggle between acting out from Ego and making aligned choices from Spirit

  • Feelings of entitlement and expectation

  • Feeling underserving

  • Wanting luxury

  • Champagne taste with a beer wallet

  • Craving attention

  • Wanting to be recognized, acknowledged and appreciated for what you do

  • Learning to recognize, acknowledge and appreciate yourself for who you are as well as what you do

  • Recognizing your mindset and beliefs around abundance and lack

  • Feeling powerful and feeling powerless


Uniting Heaven & Earth / Spirit & Ego

Material Mastery comes from connection to SpiritThe key to material mastery of the 8 vibration is to come from spirit and higher guidance rather than ego.

When you come from ego, you are pulling in the lower essence of the 8 vibration, and while you might succeed in gaining money, and recognition, it will come with a price and you may not enjoy what you have achieved.


Anywhere that you are out of alignment with the 8’s vibration of material mastery will show up in your life this year.

This is to help you dissolve outdated beliefs and programming.

But first you need to be aware that you have a belief, program, mindset or pattern of behaving and thinking before you can shift it to something better.

So the 8 will call attention to the places where you have some lessons to learn or awareness to gain around things that are counterproductive to you thriving.

For some it might be finances that need attention, for others it might be centered on personal power or appreciation.

With finances it may show up like this:

If you are not facing where you are financially and acting responsibly, the 8 will bring that center stage to get your attention.

The Universe is creative, so this can show up all kinds of ways...

For instance you may get a raise and then your car breaks down.

You may have unexpected bills show up or bounce a check because you’re not tracking your money.

Unexpected money, opportunities and job offers may show up out of the blue.

You may also experience a see saw between having enough and worrying about having enough.

Be sure to watch my video on the energy of 2015 for more insights.

Since we live in a world of polarity, there is a light side and shadow side for the 8 vibration... here's a graphic to help you know where the energy is coming from... the light or the shadow ... so you can choose a trait or feeling from the light side to get you back in alignment. smiley

The light side of the 8 vibrationthe shadow side of the 8 vibration










Bottom Line

This year, pay attention to your finances, your career and your personal power.

If you are in denial or ignoring these aspects of your life, challenges may show up to bring them into the spotlight so you can deal with them.

How can you enjoy heaven and earth together?

Check in with your logic mind, thank your ego for its input, and allow your spirit, heart and higher guidance to make the final decisions.

Play with the vibrational energy of the 8: money, power, success, recognition, abundance.

Learn to follow your heart and spirit rather than allow ego and fear to control you.

And remember to check out Part 2 of this 2015 overview for additional tips, journal prompts, things to think about and questions to ask.

Manifesting Magic can be yours in 2015…

Wishing you a wonderful and abundant year!

Love & Blessings,


PS. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences on dealing with the energy of 2015... You can share in the comments area below!

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Posted by Karen M. Winkelman on Friday, January 2, 2015 7:31 PM
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