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by Karen M. Winkelman Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Winter Solstice and New Beginnings!

So a few of my clients have asked me about the significance of 12/12/12 from a Numerology perspective. With all the hoopla going on around the Mayan calendar ending and the world as we know it following on its heels. What does 12/12/12 mean. Is there really a portal opening? Maybe. That's not my area of expertise.

I wasn’t planning on writing or emailing anything about "12/12/12" or "12/21/12" because, being a numerologist, I don’t usually resonate with some of the number interpretations promoted by some other folks in the metaphysical community.

Usually when people attach a message to the double and triple digit numbers they deem to be important (11:11, 12/12/12, 333, etc.) they are speaking about an energetic meaning of some kind, not necessarily the numerological energy vibration of the particular numbers. So I really think these are two different areas of metaphysics. It doesn’t mean they aren’t right in their understanding of the numerical energy, it simply means that I don’t feel it or resonate with it in that way. Enough said!

However, I decided to have a look see, being the curious gal that I am. I found it very interesting to see that 12/12/2012 equals the Master Number vibration of 11. Cool. Keep on mind, in numerology you use the entire date to determine the vibration: month + day + year, adding each number individually. So 12/12/2012 = 11. If I added 12/12/12 it equals 9 which would be a completion. That's cool too, since we will be completing the Mayan calendar shortly!

The Master Number 11 is a master teacher, the visionary, able to synthesize disparate bits of information into understandable meaning for the lay person, discerning the difference between vision and illusion/delusion. The 11 also carries within it the 2 vibration of dealing with duality and cooperation. Finding a way to come to a peaceful agreement. Collaboration is now more important that going it alone.

Now looking at that fated date of the Winter Solstice and Mayan Calendar predictions: 12/21/2012 (rather than 12/21/12) is also the Master Number 11. There's a trend here. 12-12-12 set the ball in motion to usher in the 11 master teacher vibration and 12-21-12 anchors it in place. And yes, if you just added up 12+21+12 it too equals 9. So we are at a completion stage with this date as well planting the seeds for a more humanitarian age.

BTW, there is another date in December I feel has numerological significance: 12/20/2012 (2012 is the year and the inverse is the month and day 1220 or a scrambled 2012 ;-) ) That date is a 10/1 which is wheel of fortune – whatever you envision you create – light or shadow.

Have a Magical Holiday Season...

Blessings and Love to You!

Posted by Karen M. Winkelman on Friday, December 14, 2012 1:21 AM
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12-12-12 & 12-21-2012: Looking at if from a Numerology perspective
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