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Some Thoughts on Reincarnation, Karma and Past Lives

I became fascinated with reincarnation as a young teen and read everything I could find on the subject: Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery, Jess Stern, Dick Sutphen…

But I didn’t know it could be used as a healing tool until I was older.

From the time I was little, I experienced spontaneous regressions if I visited a place where I had lived before or met someone that figured prominently in a past life of mine. I could also see relevant past lives “over-laid” on people I knew or would meet.

It made perfect sense to me that having a series of lifetimes would be a great way for a Soul to experience all there is and thus grow and evolve as a result.

In my teens and 20s I studied reincarnation and Karma, believed in it, and saw some entertainment value in it. But it wasn’t until I was trying to understand why I couldn’t leave a toxic marriage that I discovered the powerful healing ability of going back to the cause through a past life regression.

It was a powerful experience for me to go back to the core reason why I was reluctant to leave my marriage. The reason was nothing like I thought it would be. And once I understood that I was still trying to protect my husband (who was my wife in that lifetime in ancient Persia!) from a threat that no longer existed in this lifetime… and realized the huge weight of guilt I still carried over his death in that long past life… I was able to forgive everyone involved and release it. And shortly after, I was able to leave my marriage.

Lessons from the past, learned in the present…

Because of my early fascination with past lives, I have been a serious student of reincarnation and a past life explorer since I was a teenager (quite a few years ago!). Aside from its initial appeal, the concept of reincarnation rang true to me at a core level. It was also one of the best healing tools I have ever worked with.

When I would reach a point in my life where I felt stuck and unable to move forward, or when I realized I was trapped in a bad or dysfunctional relationship (with others or myself), the answer was always found buried in a past life.

Once I could understand the real cause of the situation, behavior, pattern or belief, and see what actions (or lack of actions) had set the dynamic in motion for future lessons, I could heal the old wounds, release the pain and judgments, forgive all involved and move forward.

Realizing the root cause of a problem, whether it is internal or external, and understanding it from a non-emotional and detached place is both liberating and empowering. It makes it easier to let it go. You get the “aha” moment, and you can choose to be healed. Another lesson learned… on to the next.

After years of study, I became certified in past life regression and spiritual hypnosis so I could help others heal their lives.

The key to your current issues may be buried in a past life…

Issues around body, food, work, relationships, love, sex, abandonment, irrational fears and abuse are frequently carried over from past lives. So are strong beliefs, emotions and ingrained behavior patterns. Our talents and gifts are too.

Knowing where to look for the initial cause of the situation allows you to heal the wound at its source. Rather than heal the surface layers, while the deeper wound remains waiting to be triggered again. It can also help you to learn the underlying lesson of the situation so you don’t need to repeat it. We always have lessons to learn, but if you’re like me, it gets frustrating when you keep repeating the same ones over and over!

A brief overview of Karma

Karma is basically the law of cause and effect and dealing with the resulting consequences of our thoughts, words and actions. No, there are no Lords of Karma handing out punishments and lifetimes worth of sentences. Our Soul is the judge and jury that determine if we are reaping positive rewards or negative results for how we lived our life. You do indeed reap what you sow.

As I understand it, Karma has two main categories: “Self-Reward Karma” and “Self-Punishing Karma.”

Self-Reward Karma is all the good stuff you’ve earned in the past.

Self-Punishing Karma is the result of doing something disharmonious in the past and you’ve decided to learn the consequences of your actions by experiencing them for yourself (if you misused wealth, you might choose a life of poverty).

All Karma can be considered “self-testing”… which means you (at your Soul level) create situations to see if you have learned the intended lesson on every level of your body, mind and spirit.

If you respond to issues and situations with love, compassion and positive thoughts, and take full responsibility for yourself, you’ll probably ace your test. If you respond with blame, guilt, shame, and negativity, you are probably not learning the lesson you intended to learn.

Not all Karma is the same. Karma may fall into a few different categories: Balancing Karma (cause and effect), False-Fear Karma (you live in the desert yet are terrified of polar bears or the ocean), False-Guilt Karma (you take on responsibility for something that you weren’t responsible for), Physical Karma (your attitude or actions from a past life result in a physical affliction or issue in this one), and Developed Ability Karma (the talents and gifts and awareness you acquire from other lifetimes stays with you, even if it is dormant in this life).

In addition to the karma you were born with to work through and hopefully resolve in your current life, you continue to create harmonious and disharmonious karma every day. And you can balance it every day through your thoughts and actions. You may also be able to reactivate talents and abilities that you had in other lifetimes. The gift may be latent but it is not lost.

It is said that wisdom erases karma, and that the Law of Grace supersedes karma. If you respond with love, grace and mercy, the same will be given to you. Forgiveness (usually for yourself) is often the key to clearing your Karma.

Are you ready to go exploring a past life of your own?

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