Karen M. Winkelman

The LifeCrafting Guide

Intuitive Consultant for Your Personal,
Professional and Creative Life

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"You're not too late. You're not too old. And yes, you do, too, deserve it."
~ Samantha Bennett


Karen offers a variety of services to help you. Her key areas of expertise are:

Intuitive and Spiritual Counseling

One of Karen’s strengths is listening. Really hearing you and seeing you, without judgment. She asks illuminating questions and offers wise guidance. She also listens to what your guides and angels would like you to know at this time. She does not do predictive work. Her intent is to help you get clear on what is going on and provide you with the tools and insights you might need to shift it for the better.

Past Life Work

Past life therapy has always been one of Karen’s “go-to” modalities to help herself and others. Going back to the cause of a situation, pattern, fear or other issue can really speed up the healing. She offers several options here past life readings, past life regressions, soul retrieval and integration, spiritual hypnosis.


Karen finds numerology to be an extremely insightful and useful tool, when you know how to use it. She has several different numerology services available for you ranging from a complete Soul Blueprint report, to name analysis/ comparisons to help you determine the most fortuitous name to use for your business or for you personally. There are additional numerology services offered to help you understand relationships or your life challenges or to help you pick a good date for an event.


Karen offers personal mentoring programs based on your specific situation or goals. Group programs are also available. Call or email for more information.


Appointments are available in person (office in Phoenix, AZ), over the phone or by Skype.

Appointment fees vary by services. See the services pages for the type of consultation, mentoring, spiritual hypnosis or numerology service you would like.

To set up an appointment, please email Karen@LifeCraftingGuide.com or call (623) 243-7377.

Appointments are available in-person or by phone/Skype on weekdays between 11:00 am (MST/Arizona time) and 8:00 pm (MST). Weekend appointments (in person, phone, or Skype) are available on one Saturday a month or by special request. Generally, weekends are reserved for workshops, classes, retreats and speaking events.

If you choose to have a phone session, payment must to be made prior to the appointment to ensure the confirmation of your appointment.

Payment can be made by PayPal, credit/debit card or by check. If paying by check, check must be received prior to your appointment, unless your appointment is in person, in which case you can pay at the time of your session.

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