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"Everything you can imagine is real."
~ Pablo Picasso

Workshops, Classes & Events

I teach a variety of workshops, classes and seminars on numerology, past lives and developing your intuition.

You can check my calendar to see when the next group of classes is scheduled.

If you have a group that might be interested in taking a class on any of the topics I teach, please contact me about setting something up.

And if you are looking for an inspirational speaker for your meeting or event, I speak on these topics as well… and can customize them to fit the venue and audience. Please contact me and see if we’re a fit.

Numerology Classes

  • 2013 A Return to Love
    What’s in store for you in 2013 and how to use the energy of 2013’s 6 Vibration to bring more love, harmony and peace to your life.
  • Understanding Your Life Path (what your date of birth reveals about you)
    This class deals with understanding the foundation of your soul’s blueprint. Your Birth Date reveals your life path & destiny numbers. This is the foundation of who you are and what you come here to do. It also points to good careers for you.
  • Understanding Your Personality and How You Act in the World (what your name reveals about you)
    This class covers the second part of your soul’s blueprint – your name vibrations – and how they help you and effect you on your path. You can even determine if your success might improve by changing the spelling of your name or adding an initial or middle name.
  • Uncovering Your Challenges & Lessons
    What you’re here to learn, what stresses you, and how to move through life with less struggle and more ease.
  • Boosting Your Personal Power with Numerology
    Covers the different ways you can use numerology to empower your life. This is an open forum where I help each person craft a “success plan” based on their personal numbers.
  • Relationships by the Numbers
    This class will help you better understand your relationships with your spouse, kids, family members, co-workers, boss & friends. Numerology can give you the insight you need to improve your relationships.
  • Mastering Numerology
    An Advanced Master Class for people who are serious about using numerology in their life.
  • Numerology Certification Program
    This is a 9 month program that will prepare you to add numerology to your own tool box. In addition to learning how to calculate the numbers, you’ll learn how the numbers interact and how to interpret their interaction so you can help others apply these insights in their life.

Past Life Classes

  • Déjà vu All Over Again: How Your Past (Lives) Influence Your Present
    This workshop will give you an overview of reincarnation and different ways to explore your past lives. You will also take part in a guided Past life Exploration Meditation to help you experience a past life affecting your current life in some way.
  • Past Life Journeys
    These are guided hypnotic meditations to the ancient past. Get a sense of who you were, what you did, what your skills & gifts were, what your lesson was, and how that past life affects your current life. Meet your guides and angels to help release any karma from that lifetime and receive a message to help you now. Some recent destinations: Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome: coming soon Lemuria, and off-world (another planet).
  • Past Life Gallery Readings
    Learn what past life karma, issue or pattern may be intersecting in your current life and steps you can take to heal it in this interactive class.
  • Journey to Meet Your Soul Group
    Hypnotic journey to meet with your soul group and gain insight to what your soul planned to accomplish in this lifetime.
  • Journey to Your Future Self
    Meet your future self and receive guidance on what you truly wanted to do in this life. Learn where you are living and what you are doing and receive tips for getting you aligned with your dreams.
  • Reincarnation, Karma and Soul Mates
    This is an overview on the topic with lots of group discussion and Q&A time

Developing Your Intuitive Abilities

(I offer this class for Kids & Teens as well as Adults. )

  • Working with Spiritual Tools (pendulums, psychometry, oracle cards, reading energy, and more)
  • Grounding and Protecting Your Energy
  • Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides
  • And more…

Recent Events

Women’s Life & Style Expo
Saturday, March 16th – 10am to 5pm
Glendale Civic Plaza, Glendale, AZ
Speaking on “The Power of You: How to embrace your brilliance and stop giving your power away” and “Boost Your Personal Power with Numerology; and the Energy of 2012 – Return to Love” – Stop by my table for a reading or my 2013 Enrichment Guide.

SPRING INTO YOU - Sponsored by The Conscious Community
Saturday March 23rd - 10am to 4pm
Peaceful Spirit Center, New River, AZ
Stop by my table for a reading or my 2013 Enrichment Guide.

February 2013

Year of the Water Snake & 2013 as a 6 vibration with Sandy Sue Feng Shui & Karen M. Winkelman; Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology for the New Year of the Water Snake and Numerology for 2013, Storm Wisdom, Phoenix, AZ, 2/10/13

Elizabeth Hartigan (The Gratitude Girl), Sandy Sue Rector (Balance Your Life with Feng Shui), Karen M. Winkelman (The Life Crafting Guide)

University Career Women Talk with Sandy Sue Rector & Karen M. Winkelman; Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology for the New Year of the Water Snake and Numerology for 2013, ASU, Tempe, AZ 2/7/13

Bring in the Chinese New Year with Sandy Sue (Balance Your Life with Feng Shui) & the Numerology of 2013 with Karen M. Winkelman, Sunlight Alliance Healing Center, Glendale, AZ – 2/4/13

January 2013

New Year New You - Consciously Creating your Life, Phoenix, AZ – 1/26/13

2013 World Angel Day Celebration, Peoria, AZ - 1/19/13

Speaking about 2013 and the 6 Vibration of love at Penelope’s Psychic fair, Glendale, AZ – 1/12/13

2012 - A Few Past Events

Christmas Fundraiser at In-Sights 4 Life

Doing readings in exchange for toys, to be donated to the Children’s Hospital

Speaking on “Careers by the Numbers” at the recent Career Women of ASU Conference, August 3, 2012

Spirit In Motion Expo, Scottsdale, AZ February 25, 2012

Speaking on "Boosting your power with numerology" at the recent Career Women of ASU Mini-Conference, February 8, 2012

World Angel Day with Sunny Dawn Johnston, Peoria, AZ, January 28

Year of the Dragon Festival, January 22, 2012, Storm Wisdom, Phoenix, AZ; Guest Speaker- “Making sense of great cycles and world ages and what changes 2012 may have in store for from a numerology perspective.”

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